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[Singapore] Play(Book) It With Music


You don’t normally think of using a Blackberry device to play music, much less on a tablet, but Research In Motion (RIM) and digital media delivery company 7digital have teamed up to bring over nine million tracks to BlackBerry® PlayBook™ users in Singapore through a new Music Store app.

The app is included as part of the latest free software update for the BlackBerry® Tablet™ OS (v 1.0.7). It pretty much works like any digital media store – users can search for songs, albums and artists as well as preview tracks before making a purchase. They can also discover and download new music through a recommendation feature that highlights tracks from the catalog of high-quality (320kbps) MP3s.

“The Music Store app is a perfect fit for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s high performance multimedia features, providing users in Singapore with fast searches and downloads, and a slick interface that makes it very easy to discover, preview, purchase and enjoy music,” says Gregory Wade, RIM‘s regional managing director for East Asia.

“Using the 7digital API, RIM has developed a quality music application that allows users to purchase highquality MP3s from our extensive catalog,” adds Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital. “The BlackBerry PlayBook is an incredibly high-performance tablet, and we’re pleased to have extended our partnership with RIM to include Singapore in addition to existing international territories.”