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The Startups Taking Over the Floral Industry


Having a business idea is as easy as breathing, but actually getting your dream off the ground can be tough. While the floral industry has been around for centuries, there are still some incredible entrepreneurs that exceed expectations and change the way florals are sold.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting breakthrough stars in the floral industry.

The Bouqs Co.

Bouqs Co. is a subscription-based flower company that offers its customers farm-fresh flowers that deliver the next day all over the United States.

Bouqs Co-founders John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montúfar both grew up working and living on a dairy and rose farm, but it was Juan Pablo that started the business. As a biochemist, Juan Pablo brought his expertise to the floral industry but hated the financial side. He asked his friend John Tabis who handled the e-commerce and business side of the company.

John and Juan built their brand off of honesty and transparency. John expressed his frustration when he would try to send flowers to his mother and how frequently websites would advertise a fake price. He viewed buying flowers as an auction rather than a traditional retail experience. At Bouqs Co., the price that’s advertised is what you get!


PAMPA is a brick and mortar flower shop in Paris that wanted to put a new twist on the French floral industry by creating a more personal experience.

Founders Noélie and Emmanuelle met each other in 2012, and both come from separate careers. Emmanuelle came from a digital advertising background, whereas Noélie oversaw festivals and events. They both got together with the goal of exploring their creativity, and they did this by addressing the shortcomings of other traditional floral brands.

With a bit of research, both founders came to the conclusion that flowers are considered a “comfort zone” gift, something a person will purchase if they don’t know the other person. PAMPA sought to make flowers a “treat yourself” gift, and they succeeded. With the combination of personal deliveries and social media, they created their own niche.

Farmgirl Flowers.

Farmgirl Flowers is an online, national flower delivery service that supports other American businesses by only buying flora from American farmers.

Christina Stembek, the 37-year old founder, has one of the fastest-growing startups in North America. She turned her attention to the floral industry with the want to do something good in the world. With over 80% of flowers sold in the U.S. being imported from other locations, over half of all American farms have gone out of business in the last 25 years.

The founder prides herself in giving her team an affordable wage while also supporting other Americans within her industry. Farmgirl Flowers ensures that their flowers’ quality remains top-notch, but what matters just as much to them is their customer service. Most of their delivery employees bring you their flowers by bicycle.

Rose Bazaar.

Rose Bazaar combines tradition and entrepreneurship to develop a subscription-based model for Indian households to purchase flowers.

Founders Yeshoda and Rhea Katuturi, two sisters growing up in Bengaluru, have lived in multiple countries. At the end of their educational journeys, Yeshoda earned a Masters’s in Accounting, and Rhea earned a Bachelor’s in Science. They used this knowledge to develop their business and create their own unique brand.

Both sisters always had flowers in their lives because of their father’s rose farm business, but they wanted to combine Indian tradition with their company. Rose Bazaar offers an assorted flowers box and puja garden box on their website, and both packages change daily. They also use their experience to reduce turnaround time and to ensure quality packaging.