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Enterprise Messaging Comes Of Age With sqoope

Everybody’s on an instant messaging app these days. Fast, convenient and almost idiot-proof, they allow us to communicate quickly with each other via text, photos,...

[Infographic] Secrets To Creating A Viral Infographic

Justin Beegel, CEO of Infographic World and author of just-released book ‘Infographics For Dummies,’ gives five tips to achieve critical mass.

Castlewood Group – Build It, And They Will Come And Invest.

Castlewood Group offers investors an opportunity to own a part of Nikki Beach Hotel & Spa in Phuket that's due to officially open in early 2015 as the first of its five projects here in Asia.

Shane Smith: Gonzo-Gunslinger

Teddy Hunt explores Canadian-American journalist and web entrepreneur Shane Smith’s style and technique for getting a story, as well as his push to reach a young audience.

NakedWines.com Connects Winemakers And Wine Drinkers Via Crowdfunding

NakedWines.com uses crowdfunding to raise funds from a wine-loving public and channels that money towards a bunch of talented winemakers so that they can focus on making quality wines exclusively for funders.

VentureBoard Helps Universities Help Startups

VentureBoard is a higher education software platform where students can start their ventures, but also allow universities to create and manage their own entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Ticketbis, An Online Event Ticket Trading Platform

Ticketbis is an online platform where users can easily and securely buy and sell tickets for every kind of event, such as concerts, festivals, theater plays, art performances or soccer games.

10 Companies Want To Show You The Money

Is your holiday gift-giving list becoming longer and pricier than your current wallet can handle? Pabla Ayala, cofounder of pFunk Media shares 10 online platforms that help you make extra cash and help with those expensive holiday costs.

[Singapore] Daylight Studios To Tap Growing Mobile Games Market With Two New Titles

Homegrown mobile games developer Daylight Studios aims to have a piece of the growing mobile gaming market with two newly-launched mobile games, Conquest Age and Spirit Horizon.

Learn Forex With OANDA’s Mobile App

If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of forex trading or simply to understand how it works, trying out an online currency market trading platform like OANDA - and especially its mobile app - may help ease you in.

[Sponsored] MyTransport.SG – A One-Stop Source For Commuting Info In Singapore

LTA's MyTransport.SG combines many transport-related features into a single mobile app, aimed at enabling commuters, motorists and even cyclists in the country to check relevant, real-time traffic information to plan their journeys.

ASUS Wants To Transform The Way We Work

Not all manufacturers agree that the tablet device need to be constrained in its existing form. Taiwan-based ASUS has capitalized on Intel's new generation chips to introduce an entire line of computing devices that seek to change the way we work.

Giift.com – Playing The Right Cards

Touted as the world's largest loyalty and card program network, Giift.com allows users to combine many of the card programs available globally onto one platform, and keep track and manage their accumulated rewards such as points or air miles in one place.

[Singapore] GrabTaxi – Disrupting The Singapore Cab Industry, One Cab At A Time

GrabTaxi is a third-party taxi booking mobile application that can connect cab drivers directly with commuters through the driver's personal mobile phone, thereby complementing (or bypassing) the cab company's booking systems.

Four Of The Most Influential People In Business Technology

Several up-and-coming business leaders emerged within just the past few years, marking the waves of change in the world of business and technology. Morgan Sims shares her favorite four.

An Epson 3D Vision Of A Projected Future

At a recent launch event of its EB-4000 and G6000 series of projectors, imaging hardware and solutions company Epson showcased various applications of projection technology in a commercial context that was achievable with the simple use of its high brightness projectors.

[Singapore] Broadband Provider MyRepublic Expands Into Enterprise Space

Singapore Internet service provider MyRepublic announced another weapon in its growing arsenal - its entrance into the enterprise broadband space, with a three-tiered product offering for small, medium and large companies.

[Singapore] Buy Artisanal Ice Cream Online – The Inspired Chef

New artisanal ice cream brand, The Inspired Chef, aims to deliver cold, cold ice cream right to your doorstep after you order it online.

[Singapore] The Future Of Singapore Retail May Come From The Void

The Singapore retail landscape is changing, but are schools preparing students for new ways of doing business?

[Singapore] Remote, Freelance, Online Work Taking Off Here

If the numbers in Elance's Global Online Employment are anything to go by, the demand for and the supply of online talent - buoyed by corresponding trends like cloudworking (or the "human cloud" if you will) - have been surging across Asia, signalling an increasing preference for more casual, freelance work.

[Singapore] Crowdsourcing Week – Crowdsourcing Soon To Come Of Age In Asia

Crowdsourcing Week was an inaugural event in Singapore which aimed to bring together a diverse audience from various industries - creative, government, startup and technology - and bring about discussion on the issues surrounding crowdsourcing and how that can apply in their individual environments.

Meet Dusty Revenge – A Singapore-Made Video Game On Kickstarter

by Ade Putra Singapore is no stranger to the magic of crowdfunding. We’ve seen local filmmakers, musicians and product designers leverage on the new medium...

[Asia] Small Businesses Look To The Internet For Growth Opportunities

Senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, Anu Madgavkar shared during a sharing session organized by search giant Google the impact of the Internet on small businesses in Asia, and highlighted how a country's infrastructure can aid or limit the impact of small business on its economy.

Rhuby – An Entrepreneurial Gem In The Spirits Business

Ylva Binder, the founder of Rhuby - an all-natural liqueur made from the humble rhubarb, a vegetable more commonly used in pies - talks about running her own liqueur business after 25 years in the spirits industry.

OWA Beer – From Europe And Japan, With Love.

Most people are surprised to learn that OWA Beer, with bold Japanese Kanji characters emblazoned across its washi-like bottle labels, is actually Belgian in origin.

PBS Digital Studios’ ‘Inventors’ Chronicles Stories of Various Innovators

PBS Digital Studios's biweekly series called "Inventors" features videos by filmmaker and photographer David Friedman, interviewing and chronicling the work of contemporary inventors from all walks of life.

Singapore Image Recognition Technology Used by Asia’s Newspapers

A Singapore-based start-up company will soon have its technology adopted by a number of leading Asian newspapers, including Thailand's The Nation, Hong Kong's China Daily and The Star of Malaysia.

Autumn Dynasty – A (Brush) Stroke Of Success

Singapore-based Touch Dimensions's Autumn Dynasty is a real-time strategy (RTS) game for iOS and BlackBerry 10 set in a fantasy world heavily influenced by China's Three Kingdoms period.

[Singapore] MyRepublic Continues To Disrupt Telco Industry With Teleport

MyRepublic celebrates its one year anniversary by introducing Teleport, a new VPN-like service that lets its users stream content from online services from around the world like Hulu, Pandora, Netflix and BBC iPlayer without the need for cumbersome traditional VPN methods.

Elephanti – Stomping Into The Mobile Marketing Space

CEO of mobile marketing solution provider Elephanti, Lalin Michael Jinasena, explains why he doesn't believe that his industry will go the way of the floundering daily deals industry.