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Simply Business’ Interactive Visualization Compares Startup Ecosystems Across The World

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San Francisco and the Bay Area – Silicon Valley to those more startup inclined – may be known as the best startup ecosystem in the world, but while it’s difficult to supplant Silicon Valley as the hotbed of technology innovation many cities around the world are beginning to compete when it comes to building their own centers of entrepreneurship.

The folks from Simply Business, inspired by a series of posts on startup hubs that Mark Suster – an American entrepreneur, angel investor and investment partner at Upfront Ventures – wrote earlier this year, compiled data from AngelList and LinkedIn to see how the startup hubs mentioned by Suster stacked up versus the Bay, and determine which cities offered interesting opportunities for startups, investors and developers. For example, they found out that startups seeking talent, as opposed to funding, should look at cities like Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. If you’re an investor or a developer looking for work, London and Greater Los Angeles actually offer favorable conditions.

Seattle and Singapore, on the other hand, boast strong investor to startup ratios and rich talent pools, making them attractive locations for startups. Hong Kong also looks favourable but is faced with a limited pool of developer talent.

They put all that information into a convenient interactive data visualization chart – check it out:

(via Simply Business).


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