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[Singapore] Buy Artisanal Ice Cream Online – The Inspired Chef


E-commerce works for many products – fashion items, books, even most groceries – but that’s because they don’t, well, melt. And definitely not the way ice cream does. But new artisanal ice cream brand, The Inspired Chef, is doing exactly that – delivering cold, cold ice cream right to your doorstep after you order it online.

Launched by Singapore-based F&B giant Fraser And Neave (F&N)The Inspired Chef looks to provide a first-of-its-kind ice cream experience for consumers, by sparing them the hassle of buying ice cream from the nearest supermarket or ice cream boutique, and rushing home before it dissolves into a horrid, sticky mess. “As fellow ice cream lovers, we are familiar with the desire to enjoy ice cream in the comfort of our home, wihtout having to leave the house,” says Jeffery Ng, business development manager of F&N Creameries Singapore. “With The Inspired Chef, we aim to create the best experience for Singapore consumers, from the ease of purchase to the delivery to the doorstep.” Orders – placed a day in advance – are shuttled to customers’ homes in specially designed cold vans, packed in pint boxes along with metal spoons and serviettes for added convenience.

From L to R: Daniel Tay of Bakerzin, Janice Wong of 2am:dessert bar, Willin Low of Wild Rocket, and Pang Kok Keong of Antoinette

As a way to differentiate itself from the myriad ice cream options available across the island, The Inspired Chef has teamed up with the likes of renown homegrown chefs Daniel Tay from Bakerzin, Pang Kok Keong from Antoinette, Janice Wong of 2am:dessert bar and Willin Low of Wild Rocket to each specially create unique, handcrafted ice cream flavours. In fact there are only four flavors available currently: Tay’s Divine Chocolate Tart, Pang’s Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble, Wong’s Popcorn Caramel Avalanche, and Low’s Double Peanut Fudge. “We chose to work with these four incredible chefs based on their established reputations in the field of experimental and artisanal desserts,” adds Ng.

Although F&N has a huge distribution and logistics supply network, you won’t be able to find these ice cream flavors at your nearest mart – they will only be sold online.