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[Infographic] [Singapore] The Nine New Faces Of The Singapore Consumer

Experian Mosaic Singapore breaks down the Singaporean consumer into 30 unique segments and nine groups that share similar demographic and socioeconomic traits such as the "Affluent Elegance", "Cosmopolitan Central", "Cautious Community", and even "Kopitiam Lifestyles".

Denmark’s Startups Are Ready To Switch To The Circular Economy Model

Focusing on the importance of reusing and recycling materials instead of throwing them away, the circular economy is the main long-term strategy for reducing waste in Denmark.

Tech Industry Hiring In Canada Continues To Grow

The tech job landscape across Canada has continued to grow. We take a look at the state of hiring within the Canadian tech industry across different cities in the country.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Wins Big At Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards

The Sinclair Broadcast Group had 18 of their newsrooms honored with the RTDNA Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Journalism.

Angel’s Gate Opens For Aspiring Entrepreneurs With New Business Ideas

Asia’s first 360-degree reality show, Angel's Gate, opens doors to budding entrepreneurs from around the world.

Millennials In Asia Are Ambitious And Entrepreneurial: VISA Study

VISA, through research firm Milward Brown, recently conducted a study on the Millennial Generation in the Asia Pacific that found some interesting statistics which may surprise you.

Ten Made-with-Singapore Audio Productions Debut On Audible

The Audible Accelerator Singapore programme identified and worked with 10 SMEs to produce original made-with-Singapore audio stories for the Audible platform.

[Infographic] 2013 Is The Year Skilled Workers Are In Demand Again

The jobs scene is once again looking brighter in 2013. Here's an infographic from PayScale's 2013 Compensation Best Practices Report that reveals some of that business optimism.

SkyCap Financial Introduces Financial Literacy Course: Why Young Entrepreneurs Should Take Note

SkyCap Financial believes financial literacy is so important that it recently launched SkyCap University, a free educational course designed to help its clients improve their understanding of money management principles.

New Zealand Introducing World’s First Climate Legislation For Finance Firms

New Zealand is about to become the first country to introduce climate legislation requiring banks, insurers, and investment managers to assess and report on the environmental impact of their investments.

The Rise Of The Antiwork Movement

The antiwork movement isn’t about salaries. What today’s job seekers really want is, in part, a better work-life balance, respect, and opportunities for growth.

[Singapore] SiTF Awards 2013 Celebrates New Ideas, Launches The Portal

The Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) earlier this month celebrated over 40 innovative technology solutions - across various categories including the best start-up, cloud solution, digital media, e-government, and infocomm productivity - at an awards ceremony that attracted over 290 submissions in total.

Support For Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennial entrepreneurs are brimming with activity and energy. And there are plenty of programs designed to help get them started.

Founder Institute Singapore Extends Deadline; Adds New Mentors

Founder Institute has extended its application deadline for its program in Singapore to 7 March 2010 and has also added four new mentors to guide startup founders.

Three Memorable Moments From Danish “Shark Tank”

With the fifth season of Danish “Shark Tank” coming to an end, here are three memorable moments from the first five seasons.

Why Is The Cost Of Living Rising?

The cost of living has skyrocketed worldwide since the end of the global pandemic, and there are many reasons for this.

Money Expert Calls For Regulation In Buy Now Pay Later Market

The UK’s leading money expert, Martin Lewis, has called for more regulation in the sector of ‘buy now, pay later.’ Buy Now Pay Later products...

[Singapore] Online Car Rental Marketplace Drive.SG Launches Mobile App

Singapore's largest online car rental marketplace Drive.SG launches a mobile application to tap on smartphone-using customers.

The Success Story Of Kartikeya Sharma And iTV Media Network

Kartikeya Sharma is one of the youngest and most popular entrepreneurs in India right now who has managed to accomplish a lot in a short span of time.

Spotify And Deezer Bust Moves In Aggressive Music Streaming Space

Spotify's recent move to give free access across all mobile devices is likely to spark off another frantic phase in the music streaming app wars, right after competitor Deezer revealed that it has more than doubled the number of its paid subscribers in a year.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Projected To Enjoy Growth In The Next Five To Seven Years

Here's a look at some highly solicited anti-aging treatments that are predicted to continue attracting clients over the next five to seven years.

[Singapore] eBay And SingPost Introduces New ePAC Enhanced Shipping Service

Singapore-based eBay sellers rejoice - eBay Singapore has partnered with SingPost, and in collaboration with US Postal Service, to launch a new shipping service for delivering goods from Singapore to the United States.

Crowdsourcing Smart Grid Tech – Backed With Cash

Getting funding for your innovative ideas can be even tough. That’s why competitions – like GE’s Ecomagination Challenge – are vital to eco entrepreneurs: they promote and fund some of the world’s best and brightest ideas for sustainability.
payday loan

Avoid High-Cost Loans During Christmas – Startup Founders Urge

One startup founder urges consumers not to go down the path of payday loans this season, as expensive forms of credit can end you up in more severe financial problems. 

Financial Literacy Across Asia Declining: Mastercard

Financial services provider MasterCard has announced the results of its MasterCard Financial Literacy Index, which revealed that progress towards improving basic finance knowledge and skills across Asia Pacific has stalled as 12 of 16 countries record lower scores in financial literacy.

[Singapore] [Infographic] Top Childhood Dream Jobs: LinkedIn

Online professional network LinkedIn earlier today released data from its "Dream Jobs" survey about the most popular childhood dream jobs, surveyed from 393 professionals in Singapore, and more than 8,000 globally to find out the most common childhood career aspirations and how many professionals actually are in that dream job.

Waiakea Water Donates Over 3,000 Masks To Essential Workers In Hawaii

Waiakea Water has donated more than 3,000 masks to essential public service sectors throughout Hawaii, including the Hilo Medical Center, Hawai’i News Now, and the Hawai’i Police Department.

Making Panama Bitcoin-Compatible Is A Significant Undertaking

With the formal adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador serving as a model, Panama is considering a quick follow-up in what might be the start of a worldwide trend.

Entrepreneur Lee Hnetinka And Wilson Lee Start New Venture Darkstore

Entrepeneurs Lee Hnetinka and Wilson Lee have started a new venture together, Darkstore that aims at improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of delivering goods for e-commerce sites.

“Pandora Papers” – Leak Of Offshore Data And Financial Secrets

The "Pandora Papers" reveal previously unseen deals of the elite as well as the corrupt, and also how they've made use of offshore accounts to hide assets worth trillions of dollars.