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Waiakea Water Donates Over 3,000 Masks To Essential Workers In Hawaii


Waiakea Water has donated more than 3,000 masks to essential public service sectors throughout Hawaii, including the Hilo Medical Center, Hawai’i News Now, and the Hawai’i Police Department. Waiakea Water is committed to partnering with organizations throughout the United States to help lessen the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on underserved communities, particularly locally in Hawai’i.

While the novel coronavirus pandemic has devastated entire communities and caused what may be a global economic depression, we rely increasingly upon the service and the dedication of our essential workforce. These are the front-line heroes of this crisis, providing medical care, life-saving information, and protection to hundreds of communities around the nation. Unfortunately, though these workers are under constant threat of exposure to a virus we are currently unable to control or even fully understand, far too many do not have the proper protective equipment that can reduce the likelihood of exposure.

As a message of thanks to our invaluable service providers in the healthcare, information, and law enforcement sectors, Waiakea Water has donated over 3,000 masks to the Hilo Medical Center, Hawaii News Now, and the Hawaii Police Department. As we cope with this unprecedented global crisis, we will continue to give our critical workers the support and resources they need to perform these essential services as safely as possible.

The Hilo Medical Center is the Big Island’s premier medical facility, providing both inpatient and outpatient care services to over 51,000 patients every year. One of the leading healthcare facilities in the U.S., Hilo Medical Center is ranked in the top 20 percent of all hospitals nationally by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Hawaii News Now is a collective multimedia news organization that consists of two affiliate television stations – CBS and NBC – and auxiliary news broadcast services for KBFD-DT, a Honolulu-based Korean-language television station. Additionally, Hawaii News Now partners with the Honolulu  Star-Advertiser on local interest stories, investigative journalism, and political polling outreach.

The Hawaii Police Department is the major law enforcement agency on the Big Island, covering approximately 4,000 square miles and serving over 185,000 residents.

To learn more about Waiakea Water’s public service programs and outreach, please visit Waiakea Water’s ethical initiatives page.


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