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[Review] The $100 Startup

How do we escape the 9-5 shackles of corporate drudgery to build a life of adventure, meaning and purpose? Can we do this with $100 (or less) in our pocket? The answer to both questions is yes. At least according to Chris Guillebeau, author of "The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future".

10 Best Books About Excellence

Here are 10 arenas of everyday life and a pick for the best book on excellence in that area. Some are how-tos and some are stories of people who achieved excellence, but all of them can inspire you to be the best.

[Review] Inbound Marketing

Part of the New Rules of Social Media series, "Inbound Marketing" by co-founders of HubSpot Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah is an essential guide to B2B marketers keen to embrace inbound and content marketing.

[Review] The Rise Of The New East

Spanning halfway round the globe - from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates to India, South East Asia and China - Ben Simpfendorfer's "The Rise of the New East: Business Strategies for Success in a World of Increasing Complexity" brings one on a fascinating tour of the complex business characteristics governing this part of the woods.

[Review] The Blue Book Of Grammar And Punctuation

Handbooks on English grammar are too numerous, yet few are written with keeping in mind the usual problems of students. Among such rare grammar books is the one written by Jane Straus, named as "The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation".

20 Best Biographies For Tech-Minded Students

If you consider yourself at all tech-savvy, here are the 20 best biographies you'll want to check out.

25 Books To Sharpen Your Social Skills (And Transform Your Career)

These 25 books can help you take your social skills to the next level and earn you huge payoffs in both your personal and professional lives.

[Review] The Cultural Intelligence Difference

Comprehensive and systematic,"The Cultural Intelligence Difference" by cultural intelligence thought leader David Livermore provides a useful roadmap to anybody seeking to navigate the unchartered oceans of diverse cross-cultural situations. Backed by research and case studies, it tackles an important yet oft neglected element of management and leadership.

[Review] Truebill, An Expense Tracking App

Truebill is an app that helps you organize your spending habits. It breaks down your finances and enables you to understand what you are spending on, how much you are spending, and how often you spend.

[Review] The Social Customer

In a nutshell,"The Social Customer" provides a comprehensive guide to the emerging world of social CRM, social commerce and customer experience management.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy Note 3

One of the most popular phablets is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Contributor Jessica Oaks reviews the device.

[Review] The Cowshed: Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

The author of "The Cowshed: Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution", Ji Xianlin (1911-2009), was one of those persons who became victim of the Cultural Revolution and was made to suffer the torture even worse than from the cruel emperors of China.

[Review] The Goal: A Process Of Ongoing Improvement

"The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement" written by Israeli physicist Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt is a read for those interested in business and success.

[Review] Optimize

Comprehensive and detailed,"Optimize" is an invaluable resource for digital marketers trying to understand how the new wave of content marketing rides on to its older predecessors.

[Review] Twitter Is Not A Strategy

How do we build strong brands in the digital age? Should brand marketers “bow to algorithmic salvation”, allowing data and process to ride roughshod over inspiration and creativity? Chairman of JWT Asia Pacific Tom Doctoroff provides compelling answers to these burning questions in his latest book "Twitter is Not a Strategy: Rediscovering the Art of Brand Marketing".

[Review] Social Physics

Why do ideas spread from person to person? How do we marry the worlds of social influence, big data, and behavioural economics? Enter 'Social Physics', a new theory of human social interaction coined by MIT Professor Alex Pentland and explained in his book "Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread-The Lessons from a New Science".

[Review] CloudMounter For Mac

Here's a review of CloudMounter to give you an idea why you should mount and encrypt cloud services as a local disk on any Mac platform.

[Review] Taking Down Goliath

Targeted at small and medium sized businesses, "Taking Down Goliath" by Kevin M Ryan and Rob “Spider” Graham acts as a 101 guide to the world of digital marketing, covering topics like email marketing, online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, mobile marketing and more.

[Review] Commander One FTP Client

Commander One is a free software that has a dual-panel file manager. It has the capability to seamlessly merge an FTP client for Mac with an Amazon S3 browser.

[Review] Life Without Limits

Nick Vujicic's bestselling book "Life Without Limits" is part autobiography part motivational book, chronicling various episodes of his life - childhood, teenage, to adulthood - and weaves personal heartfelt stories with valuable life lessons.

[Review] The Lean Startup

"The Lean Startup" is an invaluable resource for anybody charged with starting a new business venture - be they entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. By embracing the philosophy of thinking big and starting small coupled with a meticulous step-by-step analysis of what went right or wrong, startups can improve their chances of success.

[Review] Gamestorming

Written in an easily digestible format laced with useful illustrations and examples, "Gamestorming" provides a useful blend of theory, tools, and techniques that anybody tasked with collective problem solving can adopt.

[Review] Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers cloud computing with a number of affordable plans for businesses of all sizes. It’s a major overhaul for the recognized platform which a multitude of firms already rely on and the business packages in particular aim to make file sharing and collaboration easier in the workplace.

[Review] Talent is Overrated

How does one become a world class performer in any field? Can we improve our chances of success despite being born to adverse conditions? With an eye-catching title and an alluring subtitle – "What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else" – Fortune editor-at-large Geoff Colvin’s book "Talent is Overrated" provides excellent food for thought in today’s knowledge economy.

How To Purchase Books At Online Stores

Buying books online gives the ardent readers ultimate shopping experience as they get to find a huge variety of books. Here are several ways by which you can save a lot of money buying books at a lesser price.

[Review] The Entrepreneur Mind

"The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs" by 33 year-old serial entrepreneur Kevin D. Johnson, president of Johnson Media Inc, looks at some of the ways how elite, successful entrepreneurs think.

[Review] The Art Of Social Media

Providing over 120 'power tips for power users', the "The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users" co-authored by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick provides practical hands-on “tips, tricks and insights” culled from their years of battle-hardened experience at the forefront of social media and content marketing.

[Review] The Art Of Social Media

Providing over 120 'power tips for power users', "The Art of Social Media" by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick provides practical hands-on “tips, tricks and insights” culled from Guy and Peg’s years of battle-hardened experience at the forefront of social media and content marketing.

[Review] Zag: The Number One Strategy Of High-Performance Brands

"In a world of extreme clutter you need more than differentiation. You need RADICAL differentiation. The new rule: When everyone zigs, zag."

[Review] The Three Rules – How Exceptional Companies Think

"The Three Rules - How Exceptional Companies Think", written by Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed, argues that it's how exceptional companies think, and not what they do or how they act, that really determines their success. #thethreerules