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[Review] Social Physics

Why do ideas spread from person to person? How do we marry the worlds of social influence, big data, and behavioural economics? Enter 'Social Physics', a new theory of human social interaction coined by MIT Professor Alex Pentland and explained in his book "Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread-The Lessons from a New Science".

[Review] Brewing Up A Business

Sam Calagione's book "Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Beer from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery" is as much an insightful look into history and business of Dogfish Head Brewery as the American beer industry.

[Review] What Keeps Leaders Up At Night

"What Keeps Leaders Up at Night" is going to be a very painful read for leaders, not because it's poorly written but because it will cruelly expose you for the inadequate leader that you are. It will help you recognize your own leadership and management fallibility... and then help build you back up to be the better leader you can be.

[Review] Put That Cell Phone Down And Look Me In The Eye

"Put That Cell Phone Down and Look Me In The Eye" is no one-man anti-technology Luddite crusade to turn people away from their technological follies. Instead author Brian Haggerty focuses on the various soft skills and character traits he believes can help a person on their goal to success.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy Note 3

One of the most popular phablets is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Contributor Jessica Oaks reviews the device.

[Review] Likeable Business

The world of business is like a cocktail party. At least according to Dave Kerpen, author of "Likeable Business: Why Today's Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver".

[Review] Success By Design

If following tried-and-true processes and templates for your small business can lead to success, then perhaps Richard B. Sanford's "Success By Design: How to Create Ever-Increasing Income, Profit & Wealth in the World of Small Business" may be the answer.

[Review] The Rebel Entrepreneur

You know the conventional advice that can now be found everywhere, in books, blogs, newspapers and entrepreneur magazines? Jonathan Moules, who has devoted six years to interviewing and reporting on successful entrepreneurs as the Enterprise Editor for The Financial Times, tries to turn some of this advice on its head with his book "The Rebel Entrepreneur".

[Review] Uprising

To win over increasingly cynical consumers who expects nothing less than total transparency, what should companies and businesses do? Enter "movement marketing". Scott Goodson's book "Uprising: How to Build a Brand - and Change the World - By Sparking Cultural Movements" argues that the future of business is seeded in revolutions both big and small.

[Review] Gamification By Design: Implementing Game Mechanics In Web And Mobile Apps

"Gamification by Design" by gamification expert and chair of the Gamification Summit Gabe Zimmerman, and entrepreneur and veteran technologist Christopher Cunningham, is targeted at more than just games or application designers. If you are a brand marketer, a user experience architect or even a client-facing suit from a creative agency, understanding the concepts within will make you that much better a professional in your own space.

[Review] Disciplined Dreaming

According to Josh Linkner, CEO of ePrize, anybody in any profession can be creative and it doesn't just happen by accident. In his book "Disciplined Dreaming", the business innovator and jazz musician shows that creativity isn't born but made.

[Review] Optimize

Comprehensive and detailed,"Optimize" is an invaluable resource for digital marketers trying to understand how the new wave of content marketing rides on to its older predecessors.

[Review] Citizen Marketers: When People Are The Message

Admittedly, the social media universe have changed since Citizen Marketers was published in 2007. However, some of its principles are still enduring.

[Review] The Social Customer

In a nutshell,"The Social Customer" provides a comprehensive guide to the emerging world of social CRM, social commerce and customer experience management.

[Review] Rock Your Business

Music industry veteran David Fishof combines his hard-earned experience and channels that wisdom into his book "Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll".

[Review] Our Iceberg Is Melting

"Our Iceberg Is Melting" is a fable by Harvard professor John Kotter about a penguin colony in Antarctica that weaves Kotter's eight steps of leading change to the lives of a group of emperor penguins.

[Review] The Mindful Marketer

Part self-help book, part management manual, "The Mindful Marketer" by Lisa Nirell is packed with practical and useful advice for senior marketers of all stripes. Drawing wisdom from diverse sources – Buddhism, organisational behaviour, psychology, digital marketing and much more – it covers the breadth and depth of scenarios in the working life of a marketer.

[Review] Freelancer’s Guide To Finding Clients

Freelance writer, graphic designer and photographer Martha Retallick shares her own system and ways of sourcing for clients in her e-book "Freelancer's Guide to Finding Clients".

[Review] Start With Why

What is the magic ingredient embodied by those icons of business we so admire? The answer, according to Simon Sinek, is that they inspire others to take action by beginning with "Why".

[Review] Guide To Getting Paid

If collecting credit is a problem that is plaguing your small business, then "The Guide to Getting Paid: Weed Out Bad Paying Customers, Collect on Past Due Balances, and Avoid Bad Debt" by Michelle Dunn is the book for you.

[Review] Small Business, Big Vision

For the new small business entrepreneur, "Small Business, Big Vision" by Adam and Matthew Toren is a handy, easy-to-read, and useful tome to start you off thinking how you can tweak your own business for the better.

[Review] Unusually Excellent

Are you an unusually excellent leader? Leadership expert John Hamm's book, "Unusually Excellent: The Necessary Nine Skills Required for the Practice of Great Leadership" delves deep into the key aspects that defines a great leader and sets a framework for helping you apply these fundamentals of leadership.

[Review] The Supermanager

"The Supermanager" by Greg Blencoe reveals seven timeless management principles that should be in the toolkit of every manager.

[Review] Six Pixels of Separation

Published in 2009, Mitch Joel's book on business strategy in the age of social media titled "Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone" is a laudable effort to tie in the disparate threads of the online world for those keen to experiment in this space.

[Review] The Mesh: Why The Future Of Business Is Sharing

Every now and then, you pick up a book which offer such a compelling new idea that you simply cannot put down. "The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing" by Lisa Gansky is one such title.

[Review] Work Women Want

"Work Women Want" a good read for women who want the best of both their private and professional worlds; it's probably most suited for those women who are planning a mid-career change due to an impending life-changing situation such as the coming birth of a baby.

[Review] Harry Potter: The Story Of A Global Business Phenomenon

Can Susan Gunelius' book "Harry Potter: The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon" offer some insight into how we can replicate some of the success experienced by Harry Potter, the world's most bankable fantasy brand with an estimated brand value of US$15 billion?

[Review] The Face-To-Face Book

The problem with the prophetic proclamations about the rise of social media and its impending dominance? It's that we can focus too much on the media part of 'social media', instead of the 'social' aspect, according to the authors of 'The Face-to-Face Book".

[Review] Commander One FTP Client

Commander One is a free software that has a dual-panel file manager. It has the capability to seamlessly merge an FTP client for Mac with an Amazon S3 browser.

[Review] Return On Influence

Written by marketing consultant Mark Schaefer, "Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing" traces the origins of "citizen influence" on the social web, delves deeply into the world of Klout, and provides tips on how one can navigate this new digital landscape.