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[Review] Say Yes, And!

The author of "Say "Yes, And!": 2 Little Words That Will Transform Your Career, Organization, and Life!", Avish Parashar, believes that just by saying two simple words - "Yes, And" - can have a profound impact on your life.

[Review] Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

Why are some folks blessed with riches while others struggle to make ends meet? What is the magic formula to wealth? The answer, according to renowned millionaire guru and author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" T. Harv Eker, is found in one's money blueprint.

[Review] What Keeps Leaders Up At Night

"What Keeps Leaders Up at Night" is going to be a very painful read for leaders, not because it's poorly written but because it will cruelly expose you for the inadequate leader that you are. It will help you recognize your own leadership and management fallibility... and then help build you back up to be the better leader you can be.

[Review] The World’s Richest Man: Carlos Slim In His Own Words

"The World's Richest Man: Carlos Slim In His Own Words" gives a look into the mind of a modern yet elusive business icon - the first non-American to breach the list of the world's wealthiest people - and the empire he has created.

[Review] The Economy Of You

"The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life" despite its title doesn't quite exhort everyone to ditch their current jobs and turn their latent passions into money-making endeavors. Author Kimberly Palmer, does, however, promote the idea of "side-gigging".

[Review] The Art Of Social Media

Providing over 120 'power tips for power users', "The Art of Social Media" by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick provides practical hands-on “tips, tricks and insights” culled from Guy and Peg’s years of battle-hardened experience at the forefront of social media and content marketing.

25 Books To Sharpen Your Social Skills (And Transform Your Career)

These 25 books can help you take your social skills to the next level and earn you huge payoffs in both your personal and professional lives.

[Review] Heart, Smarts, Guts, And Luck

"Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck" captures the essence of personal leadership. Delving deeply into the heart and soul of what true entrepreneurship is about, it questions fundamental tenets of our beliefs as business builders, leaders and managers.

[Review] The Book of Business Awesome/The Book Of Business UnAwesome

Written in tongue-in-cheek fashion with unabashed directness, "The Book of Business Awesome / The Book of Business UnAwesome" is a unique two-in-one volume by "UnMarketing" consultant Scott Stratten that's laced with numerous case studies on what worked - and sucked - in the fields of social media, PR, customer service, HR, branding and other related areas.

[Review] StoryBranding

"StoryBranding: Creating Stand-out Brands Through the Power of Story" by advertising veteran Jim Signorelli provides a useful way to think about how advertisements should be created.

[Review] Put That Cell Phone Down And Look Me In The Eye

"Put That Cell Phone Down and Look Me In The Eye" is no one-man anti-technology Luddite crusade to turn people away from their technological follies. Instead author Brian Haggerty focuses on the various soft skills and character traits he believes can help a person on their goal to success.

[Review] The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Whether you are an established or aspiring entrepreneur with the desire to promote positive change, "The Social Entrepreneur's Handbook" is for you.

[Review] Extreme Focus

How does one truly achieve one's dreams? What are the secrets behind ultra-successful folks who make a "dent in the Universe"? The answer according to NBA Orlando Magic's Senior Vice President Pat Williams and author Jim Denney is "Extreme Focus".

[Review] Truebill, An Expense Tracking App

Truebill is an app that helps you organize your spending habits. It breaks down your finances and enables you to understand what you are spending on, how much you are spending, and how often you spend.

[Review] The Entrepreneur Mind

"The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs" by 33 year-old serial entrepreneur Kevin D. Johnson, president of Johnson Media Inc, looks at some of the ways how elite, successful entrepreneurs think.

[Review] The Goal: A Process Of Ongoing Improvement

"The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement" written by Israeli physicist Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt is a read for those interested in business and success.

[Review] Zag: The Number One Strategy Of High-Performance Brands

"In a world of extreme clutter you need more than differentiation. You need RADICAL differentiation. The new rule: When everyone zigs, zag."

[Review] The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies For Growing Your Small Business

In "The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies For Growing Your Small Business", author and certified sales trainer Tom Abbott recommends 21 strategies that you can employ - one for each week - to help you increase sales.

[Review] Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams

If your company is under-performing despite having a A team, you may be suffering from a case of "unilateral control mindset", asserts Roger Schwarz, author of "Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams".

[Review] The Supermanager

"The Supermanager" by Greg Blencoe reveals seven timeless management principles that should be in the toolkit of every manager.

[Review] No Fear: Business Leadership In The Age Of Digital Cowboys

Leading business information architect and IT entrepreneur Pekka A. Viljakainen's book "No Fear: Business Leadership for the Digital Age" looks at how business leaders can attract and harness Digital Cowboys, essentially the crème de la crème of a new generation of digital natives, in order to future-proof their organizations.

[Review] Innovate The Pixar Way

"Innovate The Pixar Way" relates how Ed Catmull, Alvy Ray Smith and lengendary animator John Lasseter created a company which captures the imagination of childhood while making dreams come alive.

[Review] David And Goliath

Why do underdogs triumph over mightier enemies? How does one turn a weakness into a strength? In yet another entertaining trip of the intellect, Malcolm Gladwell's latest volume "David and Goliath" tackles perennial paradoxes with much aplomb.

[Review] The Mindful Marketer

Part self-help book, part management manual, "The Mindful Marketer" by Lisa Nirell is packed with practical and useful advice for senior marketers of all stripes. Drawing wisdom from diverse sources – Buddhism, organisational behaviour, psychology, digital marketing and much more – it covers the breadth and depth of scenarios in the working life of a marketer.

[Review] Rock Your Business

Music industry veteran David Fishof combines his hard-earned experience and channels that wisdom into his book "Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll".

Persistence – The Only Difference

An extract from "The ABCs of Success: The Essential Principles from America's Greatest Prosperity Teacher" by Bob Proctor to be published June 9 by Tarcher, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2015, Bob Proctor.

[Review] Superfreakonomics

Creators of the highly popular book "Freakonomics", hosts of the Freakonomics radio podcasts, University of Chicago economist Steven D. Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner join forces yet again in "SuperFreakonomics".

[Review] The Transformational Entrepreneur

Many startup books focus on the nitty-gritties of actually setting up, running and growing a business. "The Transformational Entrepreneur: Igniting The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success", by Terry Murray, takes a different approach.

[Review] Howard’s Gift

Entrepreneur Eric C. Sinoway's book "Howard's Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work" is a tribute to his mentor Howard Stephenson, one of the key figures at Harvard Business School, who has taught thousands of bright young minds over 40 years.

[Review] HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Change

Harvard Business Review's latest compilation "HBR's 10 Must Reads" is a selection of carefully selected journal articles centered on the most pressing issues of management.