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MyMonero Wallet – Review And Complete Guide



MyMonero is ultimately the most refined wallet for investors seeking lightweight options. It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency run through a network of users signifying the system is highly protected. Entire transactions are executed through a spread out consensus, and without alterations, they are registered on the blockchain. This wallet utilizes private ring transactions, stealth addresses, and ring signatures to consolidate the amounts, sources, and the intended target of the transactions.

Mymonero wallet was put into operation in 2014 by Riccardo Spagni, a Monero project steward, to provide options to Monero GUI. The wallet strives to tackle various obstacles frustrating Monero GUI users, improve the processing rate of the transactions, run through the user’s computer memory, and enhance the battery duration.

Still, the background and android app is labeled sweet spot due to its stunning features and tight security on its web page. Good news, the development team has sorted various technical issues, hence investors may use this wallet with much ease. 

Main features of MyMonero.


This wallet is incredibly light since it transfers the enormous tasks entirely to the servers. This is a good move for users since the necessity of downloading the Monero blockchain is expunged. Further, they get to save space, Ram, and overall prolong their android devices or computers’ battery durations.

Cross-platform support.

Despite being a considerably multifaceted crypto wallet, it also supports several operating systems. Mymonero wallet is accessible as a background app, web wallet, and even as an iOS android app.

Smart contacts management tool.

MyMonero cores a Rolodex, which enables users to monitor their confidential addresses, OpenAlis addresses, and payment IDs. This impressive Rolodex also facilitates them to run wallet contacts.

Fast transfers.

The significant uniqueness of this crypto wallet is its ability to process transactions quickly. It shortens the lengthy periods needed for users to synchronize wallets in order to set up Monero transactions.

Sync cross-platform experience.

This feature is quite useful for the user as they can easily track their wallet accounts, check their balances, and recent activities using their gadgets.

How to initiate MyMonero wallet.

Step 1.

One needs to download the wallet from the MyMonero official website, which is likely to run entirely with their devices.

Step 2.

Upon a successful download, the user may install the app to commence the registration part.

Step 3.

It’s essential to state that the app needs no registration information. Instead, the app gives users a private key consisting of 12 random words, which also acts as the wallet recovery measure, and finally, the user will need to provide a strong password.

Additionally, the user may have to record the private login key on paper since this information will be required when using a different device or during the private key recovery.

Step 4.

Here, the user will have to reenter the private keys to confirm they have been accurately recorded.

Step 5.

The user can then choose the language of his/her choice and will be able to log in on the MyMonero wallet.

MyMonero wallet service fees.

MyMonero offers excellent services and is pocket friendly to users. It’s completely free to download and install the wallet, and similarly, it’s easy for users to store XMR altcoins in their wallets. Regardless, users will have to pay a small fee when they trade or move XMR altcoins to a different wallet.

Basically, XMR transactions involve two kinds of fees. The initial one is levied according to the range of data used to execute the transaction.This is estimated in terms of kilobytes. The other one is the miner’s fee that is about half of the transaction cost.

Comparing Monero GUI to MyMonero wallet.

MyMonero wallet is outlined as a scaled model of the Monero GUI. These wallets are comparable in many aspects as they both hold XMR coins and perform Monero transactions. The distinguishing feature among them is that MyMonero is a background app, and the other is a full node desktop client. This makes MyMonero more user friendly as compared to Monero GUI.


MyMonero is safe since it utilizes the Monero blockchain in running the transactions. Users do not have to provide private information, and the data held on the wallet is totally secure. This wallet has stunning features such as mining and validating signatures, which makes it convenient for users.