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[Review] Truebill, An Expense Tracking App



Truebill is an app that helps you organize your spending habits. It breaks down your finances and enables you to understand what you are spending on, how much you are spending, and how often you spend. It also negotiates certain expenditures on your behalf and will recommend cutting out some subscriptions and memberships that may not be a necessity.

In the long-run, this app can help you save a lot of money and can make you more organized. It also saves you time that you would otherwise spend negotiating deals with numerous vendors and service providers. Truebill aims to save that extra money you overspend with every item you buy and subscription you make.

How It Works.

To become a user, you can either download the app on your smartphone or register via a web form. After that, you will create an account and link it to your bank account and credit cards. That way, Truebill will have access to your deposits, withdrawals, and expenditure.

Canceling Unnecessary Bills.

When you allow the app access to your finances, Truebill will have the authority to track any automatic payments that leave your bank account every month. Then it will identify all transactions, assess them, and then prompt you to review the results.

After your review, you can decide what you want to do, negotiate a better price, or even cancel a subscription. You can do with ease by simply pressing a button. For example, if you want to cancel, you only press the “cancel key,” then you will get prompts that lead you to the next steps.

Smart Savings.

Truebill also has a Smart Savings feature that helps you make better budgeting decisions and save money. With it, you can make financial milestones and keep a budget to maintain and cut expenses. To begin your savings plan, go to the app and click on the Start My Budget button on the Reports tab. After that, you will get a prompt leading you to confirm your income and recurrent expenditure and finally add your budgets. To finish, you allow Truebill to track your budget and keep you in check.


Truebill comes in both free and premium versions. You can access some basic features for free, but the premium versions provide all the bells and whistles.  Here is what you get when you pay.

Premium Service Membership.

As a premium service member, you pay a monthly subscription fee of $3 to $12 or an annual fee of $36 or $48. With that, you get access to custom spend categories, cancellation, budgeting tools, concierge help services, chat support, and much more.

Bill negotiation.

With bill negotiation, you do not pay any additional fees, but the app does deduct 40% on every saving you make. It makes this deduction lump sum, although it can accommodate a payment plan extending to six months. It is important to note that the app charges this fee upfront once it reduces the automated payments. Plus, Truebill only charges these amounts if it manages to save you money; otherwise, you pay nothing.

Advantages of Truebill.

Easy to use.

Once you synchronize your bank accounts, the app becomes easy to navigate and use. It has an intuitive user interface with well-laid out features that makes it easy to choose the options you want. Essential features like canceling and negotiating bills only require you to click a single button, and you are good to go.

Automated Savings Plan.

With Truebill you do not need to be checking on the app now and then. The saving features work together with budgeting tools to enable you to cut your expenses.



The Truebill free version comes with many disadvantages, notably they will charge a percentage on your savings. While the app can save you money, the 40% fee is significant, especially when similar apps charge lower amounts. The same applies to its monthly subscription fee, which is higher than competitors like BillSharks and Trim.

Final Take.

Truebill is ideal if you have some subscriptions and bills that you do not need but do not have time to cancel. You can use it as a good savings plan where you reduce expenditure on unnecessary items and services. It is a great app, and the few disadvantages cannot downplay the positives.