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[Review] CPL One Online Advertising Platform


Newcomers to the wide world of online marketing often find themselves overwhelmed. There are just so many marketing platforms, tools, and strategies available, which makes it hard sometimes to get a foot in the door.

The following review will offer insights into one of those leading platforms, CPLOne.com, to give newbie online marketers and advertisers an idea of whether this platform will be right for them.

What is the CPL One Advertising Platform?

CPL One is an integrated online advertising platform for affiliate marketers that partners with leading CPL (stands for cost-per-lead) advertisers to help members create and run profitable (potentially) ad campaigns with ease. The platform provides an all-in-one dashboard of affiliate marketing tools that makes it easier for newcomers to the field to figure out how to get started without suffering from information overload and technical complexities.

Users can enjoy a variety of products or services in multiple categories to select from and promote, and advanced targeting options, all from the same user-friendly dashboard.

How Can You Earn Money Using the Platform?

CPL One offers affiliate marketers the opportunity to generate commissions from lead generation. In other words, users will get paid a commission for each qualified lead generated by their cost-per-lead (CPL) advertising campaigns. That means the amount of money users make is dependent on how well their ad campaigns perform. Thankfully, CPL One makes it easier to create and manage effective ad campaigns, and in a moment, we’ll explain further how.

How Can You Start Advertising?

Once they sign up, users will be able to start creating and launching banner ad campaigns immediately. The user-friendly platform makes it simple to order (and publish) pre-fabricated ad campaigns or create custom ones from scratch, so even for those who have no previous marketing experience will have no problem using it.

Registered users will have two options for creating CPL campaigns: ‘Marketplace’ campaigns, and ‘Custom Campaigns’. Most start out using ‘Marketplace’ campaigns, so let’s discuss this option first.

Marketplace Campaigns.

Marketplace campaigns are designed to be launched almost instantly so that users can generate leads and make revenue as quickly as possible. All they need to do is select a vertical, which will be the focus of the ad campaign, and then choose from a list of ready-made campaigns from an extensive library of pre-fabricated banners. There are plenty of options when it comes to verticals and banner ads, so it’s easy for users to find topics that appeal to their interests.

Once they’ve chosen a campaign, users can preview it before purchasing. If they decide to buy, they can name the ad campaign and confirm their purchase to launch it and get started. Users can then visit the dashboard to check metrics like ad duration, the number of campaign clicks, and CPL rates.

Custom Campaigns.

Using this feature, CPL One allows users to create their own custom ad campaigns from scratch. The platform breaks down the complex process into a few simple steps. Here’s how to get started:

  • Click on the “Custom Campaign” tab in the dashboard.
  • Input a campaign name and decide how many days (or even weeks) you’d like to let it run.
  • Select a vertical and allot a budget, and then choose an image that fits your new ad campaign.
  • Target specific audiences by geographical location, device use, language, and topic.
  • Choose a headline for your new ad.
  • Preview the ad campaign one last time and launch it.

Once the campaign has been officially launched, users can keep track of its performance on their personal dashboard. It’s that easy.   


All of CPL One’s packages offer access to a variety of bonuses and benefits (note that the minimum initial deposit starts at just $250). Let’s take a look at the packages offered:   

Starter Package.

The ‘Starter’ Package is the base level in CPL One’s tiered system. It provides one live online training session, where you’ll learn how to maximize your return on investment (ROI), a platform guide, and a “welcome” value add-on worth 30%.

Silver Package.

The ‘Silver’ Package gives members access to five extra live training sessions, a monthly Market Review, and a platform guide.

Gold Package.

The premium ‘Gold’ Package offers tons of features and bonuses, including a marketing eBook, an Academy session, a serious of 10 live training sessions, and more. Those who want even more help with getting started can also check out the Platinum and VIP Packages.

The Bottom Line.

CPL One offers users an easy way to get a foot in the door as affiliate marketers. The platform is suitable for both novice and newcomer marketers alike, and perhaps its biggest advantage lays in its simplicity and intuitive interface.