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[Review] Commander One FTP Client


In case you’re wondering which File Transfer Protocol software to use for your work, you’re at the right place. With an array of software available in the market, you’re bound to get confused.

Today, we’re going to delve into details of an FTP software that is just perfect.

Why Commander One? Why Should I use FTP software at all?

The first question that will definitely pop into your head is why should I use a Commander One software? Before we dive into this, let’s first assess why you require an FTP software at all. An FTP or File Transfer Protocol software is used to exchange large files between computers on the same network. It also makes transfers between computer accounts, accounts, and a computer and accessing of software archives in the cloud possible.

So, let us get back to the first question. Once you realize how helpful an FTP software is for your work, it is easier to realize that Commander One is one of the best for this purpose. Not only it is free file manager, but it also has an array of other awesome features, especially in a PRO Pack edition.

What is so special about Commander One?

Commander One is a free software that has a dual-panel file manager. It has the capability to seamlessly merge an FTP client for Mac with an Amazon S3 browser. Moreover, it has a built-in Mac Terminal emulator that makes managing system processes a breeze. It is not only available free, but you can also download a PRO version and get your own personal MAC license. You can also purchase a team package or a company package. These are for a total of five and fifty MAC computers respectively.

Dual panel versatility with Commander One.

Let us now dive into deeper detail of the dual-panel versatility. With this feature, you can open up an unlimited number of tabs. Any file format is easy to work with, and you can set up your personalized hotkeys for any command or action. Hotkey combos can be created to make the software process commands in a single click instantly. Moreover, the command line feature allows easy access and control over all your files.

Can I easily view and make operations on my files?

Definitely, yes! The Commander One software allows you to not only view but also easily copy, move, delete and transfer files. There isn’t an end to what you can do with the Commander One features.

What else can this software do for me?

With this software, not only do you save time but you also save disk space. The dual-panel feature, as discussed earlier, allows you to speed up your file operations tremendously. The cloud files that are created aren’t stored on your hard drive. This prevents the software from taking up too much system space. Plus, the software easily works with cloud mounting services. These include Dropbox that offers 2GB, Google Drive that offers 15GB, and Microsoft OneDrive that offers a whopping 30GB. It can also easily work with other similar services as well.

Why is Commander One the best FTP client for me?

The software has a built-in file transfer protocol manager that can also easily connect to other servers. Without any issue, you can connect to FTP, SFTP, and even FTPS servers. The software does not limit you in any way and makes your work extremely fluid. Commander One enables accuracy, efficiency, and lightning speed. Not only this, but it also lines up files perfectly for operation. It also helps you organize them in a neat and precise manner.

Other features that the software offers.

Commander One also offers a night theme. This is easy to customize and personalize. It helps you pick from your favorite colors as it has a limitless color palette.

The software also promises to support plugins in the near future. With this added feature, you will then be able to work with plugins that are supported by third-party developers. Eventually, this will enable you to work with extra functions, and the software’s usefulness will then, have no end.

What about compatibility?

Commander One is compatible with Mac operating systems. It works seamlessly with MacOS 10.10 and later versions.

Final verdict.

Very few software offer what Commander One does and that too for free. Not only this, but the license is also easy and cheap to purchase for total control. In addition, the dual panel and FTP-client  feature make it an easy and perfect choice. It is not only super compatible with all servers; it also promises to support plugins in the future.

The only drawback is for Window users, as this awesome software does not offer a Windows version. It is also, sadly, not compatible with MacOS versions older than 10.10.

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