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This Company Lets You Create Stunning Art With Your Own DNA


Humans and technology share an inseparable bond. It would not be wrong to say that technology has been a savior to humankind in different circumstances. Understanding the relationship between humans and technology is the key to responsible development and acceptance of future technologies in almost every application field, be it energy, health, work, learning, or entertainment. In the area of art, too, technology has taken control by introducing the concept of DNA art to the world.

By using different developmental techniques to isolate DNA, DNA art produces various marvelous images by implementing your choice of color, canvas, and prints. A unique self-portrait – “portrait of you by you” DNA art lets you create stunning art with your DNA. 

The World Of DNA Art.

When two friends Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed, DNA art came into existence, accidentally combining their love of art and science into one. In an interview with THE HINDU, Dna11’s Co-founder Nazim Ahmed shares that “I was working for a California-based biotech company, and had some templates of DNA images. Adrian thought they looked more like art. I took samples of our DNA to a lab and created images. We printed them on canvas and hung them. Over time, people started asking us to make portraits for them”.

Seeing the growing popularity of this unique and original artwork, they soon launched a platform as DNA11, thereby giving DNA art its complete configuration.

What makes this firm’s DNA portraits unique is that they display only the 0.1% of DNA that makes someone an individual – which makes a truly personal image.

Finding that 0.1% inevitably involves several time-consuming procedures; these take six to eight hours per person.

For those wanting an even more individual self-portrait, the firm’s laboratory can also identify several characteristics.

The traces of some of the stunning art sculptures found in the UK capital are among the best examples of art imitating life.

Leading artists, designers, and sculptors such as including Ai WeiWei, Thierry Noir, Zaha Hadid, Orla Kiely, Jane Morgan, and twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken from across the world have brought the DNA double helix to life in a series of dramatic sculptures across the streets of London. They resulted in multiple brilliant combinations of beautiful and thought-provoking designs.

The initial base designs of all 21 sculptures exhibited in London was created by London design practice SomeOne. This company used 3D printing to develop prototypes for the sculptures, which then the artists took as a base sculpture and created unique designs.

Story of DNA art in India.

In India, the DNA art was brought up by Qadir Rangawala in September. Qadir says that as soon as he heard about dna11 and its authentic artwork, he ordered one of the canvases. He found it fascinating and unique and decided that if it works for him, then it could work for anyone else in the world. He was firm that this idea would be received well in India.

He, along with the founders of DNA11, researched and established a partnership, thereby welcoming DNA art in India.

When it comes to the response, Rangwala accepts that “The response has been phenomenal.” The company has tied up with hospitals and luxury apartment builders to build its client base, and maternity homes are next inline

Procedures to get art from the swab.

To get a canvas of your choice, you are sent a swab or a collection kit to be mailed to you by the company. It consists of some pages of easy-to-understand step by step instructions on how to proceed.

It is a foam-tipped instrument that resembles the same as an earbud. You just have to swab the inside of your cheek to collect a cell sample, then transfer the model to a chemical patch in the kit and mail it back to the company. The company then sends this sample to its laboratory located in New York for DNA analysis.

The team of 8 different workers analyze this sample and start their work by sharpening the genome sequence, adding colors to it, replicating it using dyes, and passing it through the electric current, which prints the required genetic design or art. The finished artwork is then sent back to the customers within a month or so of the order placed.

Get the features of Fingerprint and kissing portraits.

The basic procedure for fingerprint and kiss portraits is almost the same. The only difference is in the samples. In fingerprint portraits, a kit with an ink pad is used, while kissing pictures requires lipstick samples for the prints.

Some extra personal touch.

We know that every person’s signature is as unique as they are. But what makes this artwork even more unique and beautiful is giving a choice to get personalized signature portraits. It gives you an outstanding range of color, framing, and size options that perfectly fit your painting.


Once you get to know something interesting such as DNA art, you would dream of having it with you. Definitely, the cost price comes to one’s mind. But believe me, it is much affordable in terms of price. It starts from $199 and can range up to $2000 as per your demands. The company also gives the facility of product delivery in an average of 4-5 days.