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Video Conferencing With iMind Offers Convenient Remote Communication


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One of the most characteristic features of contemporary communication is distance. People solve most questions and problems remotely, and it does not limit to some one-time routine issues. Business tasks are those completed at a distance too – and it’s comfortable. But if a tool is unreliable, people can encounter more troubles than benefits.

That’s why we discuss the iMind video conferencing solution – an easy and multipurpose tool for business. 

The role of video conferencing in business

To clarify why the iMind platform was considered one of the best in 2022, we should define the requirements for business usage. As it is logical to assume, they are much wider than the criteria for personal use and even for studying. This also results from the significance of online meetings today. 

Nowadays, you can observe several tendencies that drive all the activities: globalization, a quest for productivity, and a desire for comfort. These tendencies reflect many phenomena employers and employees face, and one of them is remote work. It stopped being just a necessity (like it was when the pandemic started), and people found other benefits of remote communication. But when it comes to business communication, requirements for IT solutions are immense.

Get to know the iMind platform

The iMind platform is similar to many other video conferencing tools, but it is also one of a kind. When the team developed this software, they utilized an integrated approach and considered almost all the aspects of market demands. 

Thus, we have an easy-to-use, multifunctional, and multipurpose solution that enhances your mobility and provides a robust communication channel for most business goals. It means that you can use a single platform to:

  • organize the internal workflow;
  • schedule regular or one-time team meetings;
  • have quick calls or comprehensive one-on-one meetings;
  • work with the external audience;
  • work with prospects;
  • live stream.

And it is not the complete list. The diversity of features makes it possible to use the tool for the most specific cases you can imagine.

How to use iMind?

The system is to give you more freedom of action. To start with, you can use it in your preferred browser or download the desktop version. The quality does not change. Suppose that you’ve decided to try the web version: 

  1. You go to the iMind.com page and see the “Log In” button in the right upper corner. 
  2. To create an account, you can choose from the given options or register with your e-mail.
  3. When you enter the system for the first time, it gives you a choice: four plans available. The free plan is not just a trial — you can use it on a regular basis.
  4. You see your profile page. It has a minimalist design, so you can instantly explore the core functionality.
  5. To create the new conference room, click the appropriate button, enter the name you want, and click “Create”. 
  6. Share the link with the attendees.

To join the meeting, click “Join” and paste the link you’ve got. To start the meeting in your personal room, click the field of a room, and the new window will open. There, you’ll start the conference. 

The limit for the rooms you can create for free is 10, but you can delete previously created meeting rooms. The Pro plan removes this limit and allows you to create group rooms (when you invite other people to manage the rooms and their settings). Paid subscriptions give more opportunities for more full-scale professional usage. Once you’ve chosen a plan, you can change it right in your account. 

How do people rate iMind?

According to the G2 reviews rate, people are satisfied with the service quality iMind provides. As for the product – the tool for video conferencing – it is intuitive and reliable, as users tell. Most liked unchangeable functionality, connection security, and default features. However, some reviewers considered the absence of online support for free usage as a small inconvenience. 

The iMind platform distinguishes by its ease of use and multifunctional nature. It provides ample room for comfortable work conditions and saves time on many setting issues. So whether you are a freelancer or a team member, this tool can be helpful for your activity.



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