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Andrey Khovratov Unveils NEEW – The New Economic Evolution Of The World


Andrey Khovratov

Andrey Khovratov, professional business and personal coach with over 20 years of experience in investments and business training, has announced the launch of the NEEW program – The New Economic Evolution of the World.

Andrey Khovratov is a career coach and business trainer who has spent the last 20 years providing and sharing his extensive professional experience with thousands of people seeking to improve their business performance and unlock their true investment potential. Andrey Khovratov has extensively worked on the investment market in the industrial, commercial and real estate sectors and is eager to share his financial expertise throughout the courses he teaches. The knowledge underlying the courses is a condensation of Andrey Khovratov’s experience and observations. Andrey Khovratov knows how to teach not only the specific skills of managing one’s financial condition, but also form the right investment mindset without which long-term financial success is simply impossible.

The latest undertaking that Andrey Khovratov has decided to launch is the New Economic Evolution of the World. The NEEW program that Andrey Khovratov has built on the basis of his previous experience and vast network of thousands of community members who have partaken in his advanced training in financial and investment literacy. The CryptoUnit program will be part of the NEEW undertaking and will act as the underlying basis for generating revenues and sharing them with the participants.

The New Economic Evolution of the World is intended to be a state and mindset that will help many people become financially independent and achieve prosperity. The educational goal of the program is to share the experience of successful investors and give people the knowledge they need to be able to make sound and profitable financial decisions that help them achieve financial freedom, and overcome the financial barriers that are currently attainable by only the super-rich.

Thanks to the efforts of all of the program’s participants, Andrey Khovratov believes that the NEEW will be able to provide the necessary educational platform to help people take the first step towards the implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World starting with the CryptoUnit Program.

By giving people the education they need to understand the basics and intricacies of the financial world, Andrey Khovratov believes that many of the modern problems can be alleviated. The abundance of opportunities available for investments has to be opened to people and the NEEW program is designed to make it happen.