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Students To Make Biodegradable Plastic Bags A Reality

Most plastic bags we use today will either get incinerated or end up in a landfill somewhere. But not if four University of Arkansas student have anything to say about that - the founders of cycleWood Solutions Inc. intends to make biodegradable plastic shopping bags into reality.

Gamin’ Ride Brings Gaming To Your Doorstep

A huge trailer rolls up to a suburban neighbourhood, the peace and quiet suddenly and inexplicably shattered by its blaring sirens and loud music. Enter Gamin' Ride.

SeatQuest Helps You Find The Best Seats At Events

Chicago-based SeatQuest ( is a new, low-to-no fees visual search engine for purchasing and comparing ticket prices for concerts, sports events or theatre performances across different online ticket marketplaces.

CoatChex – Changing The Bailment Industry With QR Codes

Indianapolis-based startup CoatChex looks to use QR codes to change the entire bailment industry. Read on to see how.

7 Fintech Start-up Companies Changing Our Relationship With Money

Money makes the world go round and humans love it, almost as much as they love innovation. Here are 7 fintech start-ups looking to change how we save, spend, invest and create money.

4 Trends Pushing Fashion Startups Forward

What’s remarkable about recent changes in the fashion industry is that the real game changers come from fashion startups – people who are thinking differently about what it means to look good.

iRise Studio MX Lets You Prototype iPhone, iPad Apps

iRise Studio MX is a free visual prototyping software allows you to build iPhone or iPad app prototypes that can nearly simulate an actual working version so people have a real idea of what your product is about.

Great Clip’s Online Check-In Service For A Less Hairy Time

Minneapolis-based Great Clips, Inc has launched the industry's first-ever online check-in service, so those looking to get a fuss-free, convenient hair cut can simply check in for an appointment via the computer or a smartphone.

ExTreme ReTrailers – Retail On The Move

ExTreme ReTrailers™ ( aims to solve the age-old retail challenge of "location, location, location" by customizing and designing an entire 7-foot by 14-foot trailer for use for any kind of retail business.

2014’s Top 6 Hot Tech Startups

Here we'll check out some of the top tech start-ups that might have a chance of really breaking through this year.

Swedish Start-Up to Fight China’s Polluted Air – But The Movement Is Nation-Wide

Airinum, a Swedish start-up, wants to make a difference and improve people’s lives. But we shouldn't be surprised - Sweden has proven on numerous occasions how ahead of other nations it is in terms of sustainability and recycling measures.

Online Store SEA Citizen Reinterprets High Street Fashion For Southeast Asia

Online fashion store SEA Citizen look to outfit Singapore and Malaysia fashionistas with the latest fashion items just days after they are seen on the catwalks of Milan, London and New York.

Girlfluence To Harness Women Power Online Using Video

Founded within Manhattan's Silicon Alley - which is seeing an explosion of entrepreneurship in the digital space - New York City-based Girlfluence aims to gather the support of and speak to the new generation of female entrepreneurs, influencers and consumers and thereby harnessing and nurturing female empowerment.

Business Ethics: 3 Modern Startups Built On Moral Principles

Transparency and ethical business practices can be profitable – and businesses like Cred, Milani, and SmartGlamour demonstrate that every day.

[Malaysia] Startups Unite To Form Launchpad, An Intern Matching Platform

Launchpad, an online service that aggregates and provides information on startup internship positions in Asia to help graduates and students to decide which jobs are the best fit for them.

Spread Your Wings With The Innovative Spotivity Platform For After School Programs

Spotivity supports several types of meaningful after school activities for teenagers including sports, education, arts, mentoring, health, volunteerism etc.’s Textbook Move To Save Students Money is a site targeting college students that lists courses and the required textbooks for those courses in hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States.

[Singapore] GoBear Lets You Compare Insurance Policies Easily

GoBear is a free-to-use meta search engine for insurance (on both desktop and mobile) that allows consumers to search and compare hundreds of car and travel insurance policies in seconds., Your Virtual Talent Manager

TalentSplash ( is a talent network that aims to help creative talents launch and build their professional careers.

Strideline Puts City Skylines On Your Socks

Founded by Riley Goodman and Jake Director in 2009 when they were both high school seniors in a Seattle school, Strideline makes a range of crew socks that come with a design of city skylines.

Leisure Attraction Sentosa Introduces MySentosa Mobile App

You don't usually think of leisure attractions as being on the bleeding edge of technology, but Singapore’s premier island resort getaway Sentosa recently introduced an iPhone application.

Motion Doctor iPad App – Therapy On The Move

Require physical therapy but the nearest therapist is far away in the next town? Never fear - if you have an iPad, check out the Motion Doctor iPad app.

[Singapore] The French Cellar Brings Quality Vintages To Your Doorstep

The French Cellar is a subscription box service where they will deliver you a box of carefully-curated premium French wines right to your doorstep every month.

Create Your Business Logos With GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is a beautiful and intuitive app that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to create your professional logos. It's a rather fuss-free way to brainstorm a logo for your startup, and affordable to boot.

How To Enter The DasCoin Ecosystem

DasCoin is the brainchild of Michael Mathias, the company’s visionary CEO. What are some of the characteristics and features of this new cryptocurrency ecosystem?

What Every Co-Working Space Needs And Most Lack

Office phone booths like a soundproof booth for open-plan offices can help provide privacy and space for important phone calls.

Mobile App Quit Pro Aims To Help You Quit Smoking

Quit Pro, developed by Singapore-based Bitsmedia, is a mobile-based application - on both iOS and Android - lets an individual track and manage their way towards quitting smoking.

Goodzer Shows You The Goodz

Real-time shopping search engine Goodzer ( lets shoppers find any product in 15,000 brick-and-mortar stores throughout New York, and has plans to expand to other markets soon.

AvaCare Medical Revolutionizes The Medical Supply Industry

AvaCare Medical, a leading medical supplies company headquartered in Lakewood, NJ strives to meet the demands of customers by ensuring that they get streamlined services when they need medical equipment and supplies.’s The Business Card Project Redesigns Your Ugly Cards

UK-based online stationer has announced The Business Card Project to give 500 small businesses a makeover for their business cards.