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GramercyOne Offers Free Cloud-Based Appointment Management And Marketing Tool, GoSuite

GoSuite is a cloud-based business management and marketing software being offered for free by GramercyOne that helps you manage your business' appointments and marketing efforts.

Business Ethics: 3 Modern Startups Built On Moral Principles

Transparency and ethical business practices can be profitable – and businesses like Cred, Milani, and SmartGlamour demonstrate that every day.

What Every Co-Working Space Needs And Most Lack

Office phone booths like a soundproof booth for open-plan offices can help provide privacy and space for important phone calls.

Rock Stars — 3 Cool Companies Making Money From Stone

Follow these rock stars to gain a foothold in the stone industry and you could have a smash hit business on your hands.

Swedish Start-Up to Fight China’s Polluted Air – But The Movement Is Nation-Wide

Airinum, a Swedish start-up, wants to make a difference and improve people’s lives. But we shouldn't be surprised - Sweden has proven on numerous occasions how ahead of other nations it is in terms of sustainability and recycling measures.

2014’s Top 6 Hot Tech Startups

Here we'll check out some of the top tech start-ups that might have a chance of really breaking through this year.

VisitorsCafe – Video Chat On Any Site

Boston-based VisitorsCafe ( is a web feature that enables visitors coming on a given website to talk to each other via video chat, which lets site owners to "socialize" their community.

4 Trends Pushing Fashion Startups Forward

What’s remarkable about recent changes in the fashion industry is that the real game changers come from fashion startups – people who are thinking differently about what it means to look good. Because Men Can Afford To Dress More Sharply

Sharpmen ( is an online fashion magazine cum e-commerce site that lets men browse, shop, and buy fashion and other lifestyle items online.

Boating Industry Innovation

Looking for new and innovative ideas will put your company ahead of your competitors who continue to do the same things year after year.

Create Your Business Logos With GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is a beautiful and intuitive app that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to create your professional logos. It's a rather fuss-free way to brainstorm a logo for your startup, and affordable to boot.

4 Practical Insights For Creating A Profitable Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio

This piece provides practical insights on building a potentially profitable crypto portfolio for the long term. – Replacing The Middleman In India’s Retail Scene

Founded by two young intrepid entrepreneurs from India, New Delhi-based ShopAtPlaces aggregates popular regional products all over India that showcase the country's colorful culture and lifestyle.

Founder2be Helps You Find Co-Founders

Founder2be is an online community that connects people in the entrepreneurial space - designers, programmers, marketers, for example - together.

New Crowdfunding Site CrowdIt To Incorporate Mentoring, Networking

CrowdIt ( aims to take a different approach to crowdfunding by also incorporating elements of building an online community, as well as adding peer review and business networking.

Goodzer Shows You The Goodz

Real-time shopping search engine Goodzer ( lets shoppers find any product in 15,000 brick-and-mortar stores throughout New York, and has plans to expand to other markets soon.

ExTreme ReTrailers – Retail On The Move

ExTreme ReTrailers™ ( aims to solve the age-old retail challenge of "location, location, location" by customizing and designing an entire 7-foot by 14-foot trailer for use for any kind of retail business.

Identity Verification Tool Usertify Aims To Promote An Online Environment Safe From Trolls

Usertify is an online identity verification tool that allows users to certify themselves online, but also to verify the identity of other users for the purpose of building a safe and trustworthy web environment.

Leisure Attraction Sentosa Introduces MySentosa Mobile App

You don't usually think of leisure attractions as being on the bleeding edge of technology, but Singapore’s premier island resort getaway Sentosa recently introduced an iPhone application.

Mobile Marketplace Carousell Launches In Singapore

Carousell is a mobile marketplace that connects buyers and sellers socially.

PlacePop – Another Location-Based Service Pops Out

What happens when you combine a location-based service like Foursquare or Gowalla with a mobile photo-sharing service Mobipicture? You get PlacePop.

CoatChex – Changing The Bailment Industry With QR Codes

Indianapolis-based startup CoatChex looks to use QR codes to change the entire bailment industry. Read on to see how.

Students To Make Biodegradable Plastic Bags A Reality

Most plastic bags we use today will either get incinerated or end up in a landfill somewhere. But not if four University of Arkansas student have anything to say about that - the founders of cycleWood Solutions Inc. intends to make biodegradable plastic shopping bags into reality.

America’s Farmstand, The Online Farmer’s Market

America's Farmstand is an online grocery retailer that connects consumers to a network of independently-run family farms from which organic, natural, artisanal fresh produce can be bought directly from.

KidsPark – Childcare By The Hour

KidsPark is a U.S-based licensed hourly childcare company that was founded in Silicon Valley in 1988 and today has more than 11 centers around the country.

Slyde Handboards – Shredding A New Wave For Surfing

Venice, California-based Slyde Handboards is a small company founded in 2010 that aims to create an entirely new innovative and design driven brand and subculture centered around the sport of handboarding or bodysurfing.

Simple PR With

Small and mid-sized companies who are unsure about spending money on public relations for their businesses - especially those who may baulk at the usual prices charged by large PR firms - can try the recently launched

How To Enter The DasCoin Ecosystem

DasCoin is the brainchild of Michael Mathias, the company’s visionary CEO. What are some of the characteristics and features of this new cryptocurrency ecosystem?

Singapore Startup Picky Launches Famous Eats, A Hawker Food Guide

Singapore startup Picky has launched Famous Eats, an interactive food guide that maps out the best hawker food in Singapore.

[Malaysia] Startups Unite To Form Launchpad, An Intern Matching Platform

Launchpad, an online service that aggregates and provides information on startup internship positions in Asia to help graduates and students to decide which jobs are the best fit for them.