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How One Digital Marketplace Disrupted The Real Estate Industry


Disruptors in every sector look to be the ultimate game-changer their rivals copy to achieve success. After all, Uber’s domination of the taxi industry set the standard for digital disruption.

Recently – but significantly – the real estate industry has been upended by Nobul, a digital marketplace created by Regan McGee to give North American home buyers a major leg up. Let’s learn more about the online digital marketplace and how it’s flipped the script for the real estate industry.

Incentivized Agents.

Homebuyers need to save money wherever they can. Real estate has always been the largest purchase most people make in their life, and the price of housing today is a substantial barrier.

Homebuyers using Nobul benefit from incentivized agents offering cash back or free additional services. Users can compare agent profiles, see whose offers, rates, and experience they like best, and select whichever agent they prefer.

You won’t get such a good deal by walking into a brick-and-mortar real estate agency. Many platforms have digital razzle-dazzle, but saving homebuyers money is the ultimate value proposition.

Transparent Data.

The vetted, verified real estate agents all have profiles users can read to understand who they are and what they’ll deliver. If a first-time buyer wants an agent offering competitive prices, they can find them.

More experienced buyers can select an agent whose fees, services, experience, and reviews line up with their needs. You don’t need to waste time guessing, as the platform puts this information at your fingertips right away.

Communication is Simple.

Tech is all about keeping people connected, which Nobul does seamlessly. Once a user has selected an agent, they can send and receive messages and share listings through the app.

Show friends a property you’re considering buying to get their feedback. You can also connect with Nobul’s live advisers for questions and support throughout the homebuying process.

Stay empowered with reliable information and fully connected with a proptech app that promotes easy communication and information sharing. Any aspiring disrupter needs to deliver what people want most, and sending photos and keeping in touch effortlessly nearly tops the list.

Privacy Matters.

If a tech company wants to take over a sector, they need to value privacy and, in a way, more importantly, they need to create the perception of security. Users who feel like their privacy is under attack may leave the platform.

Nobul doesn’t give the agents on their platform users’ personal contact information, so it can’t get into the wrong hands. Some digital platforms actively sell sensitive user data to third parties — don’t! It’s a bad long-term strategy that can backfire hard and quickly.

The nature of disruption makes it impossible for there to be one universal formula or a single path it can take. In the case of real estate technology, Nobul delivers what users truly want and need by offering a secure platform that saves them money and makes their life easier. If you have a similar focus on what matters and execute the vision well, you may cause some ripples in your sector.


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