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GOODSTUPH, A Bad-Ass Social Influence Marketing Agency

The 'accidental creative rebel' of Ogilvy PR's 360° Digital Influence team in Singapore, Pat Law, is now the boss lady of her own little consultancy, GOODSTUPH.

G Element Builds Buildings in 3D

Contributing writer Caroline Yeung asks G Element’s business director Shinwe Yeow about the Singapore-based 3D digital software company's business and its expansion into the regional market.

An Epson 3D Vision Of A Projected Future

At a recent launch event of its EB-4000 and G6000 series of projectors, imaging hardware and solutions company Epson showcased various applications of projection technology in a commercial context that was achievable with the simple use of its high brightness projectors.

VoIP – Why Is It So Lucrative For Small And Medium Businesses?

There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and unified communications. Here's a look at some of the numbers surrounding the space when it comes to small and medium businesses wanting to use it.

Learn Forex With OANDA’s Mobile App

If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of forex trading or simply to understand how it works, trying out an online currency market trading platform like OANDA - and especially its mobile app - may help ease you in.

Christian Arno & Lingo24 – Translating The Language For Success

In just eight years, Christian Arno grew his translation company Lingo24 from a home-based business to a company of 112 full-time employees working across four continents, with clients in over sixty countries and an annual turnover of over US$6m.

8 Online Businesses Disrupting Their Industry

Often the only way for companies to establish themselves in a market is to do something innovative and take the shine off their competitors. Patrick Smith of Housesimple looks at some of the most innovative online businesses disrupting their industries (including his own).

A Chat With Ben Federman of 1SaleADay.com

So you'd think that the online daily deals space is way too overcrowded - and you're probably right. So how does a site like New York-based 1SaleADay.com compete with the rest? We talk to Ben Federman, CEO of 1SaleADay.com.

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) On Dealing With Data Loss

Contributing writer Caroline Yeung speaks to Felix Chang, managing director of data recovery company Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC), about data recovery and loss.

JHAudio – Making An Audiophile’s Dream In-Ear Monitors

JHAudio is a designer and manufacturer of premium, custom in-ear audio monitors for professional musicians, audiophiles and music lovers, as well as avionics equipment for pilots.

ASUS Wants To Transform The Way We Work

Not all manufacturers agree that the tablet device need to be constrained in its existing form. Taiwan-based ASUS has capitalized on Intel's new generation chips to introduce an entire line of computing devices that seek to change the way we work.

Matchmaking Students And Their Startups

It's amazing what ideas people can come up with while taking public transport. Harvard students Vivek Ramaswamy and Travis May were sitting on a...

GIVE.sg – A Better Way to Give

If giving is a blessing, GIVE.sg wants to make it easier to bless others by democratizing the act of giving.

Prince Media Company, King Of Outdoor Advertising?

Philip Kafka hung up his racket at the age of 23 merely months into his professional tennis career to become an entrepreneur instead.

LogoMyWay – Designers Do It Their Way

Columbus, Ohio-based LogoMyWay.com is a community site that revolves around client-commissioned contests for crowd-sourced professional logo designs.

The Nübox Way To Computer Retail

Computer retail is big business in Singapore. That's what personal computer retail chain Newstead Technologies is counting on for its growth, especially with its new Apple-focused Nübox concept stores.

Enterprise Messaging Comes Of Age With sqoope

Everybody’s on an instant messaging app these days. Fast, convenient and almost idiot-proof, they allow us to communicate quickly with each other via text, photos,...

BaseKit Takes Websites From Design To Live Without Coding

BaseKit is a new online platform that allows web design professionals to easily produce and publish websites without writing any HTML code.

[Infographic] A Startup Founder’s Guide To New York

Here's an infographic that takes a look at some of the statistics around startups in New York, and some of the reasons why you may possibly want to base your startup there.

The Philanthropic Efforts Of James Dondero

The Philanthropic Efforts of James Dondero

Baking For Good With A Passion

New York-based Baking For Good is an online bakery with a social mission - it is based around the idea of a bake sale, selling fresh all-natural baked goods such as brownies, cookies and other treats and donating 15 percent of every purchase to a non-profit or community fundraiser of the customer's choice

Supernova Media Comes Out With A Big Bang

Founded in 2011, Singapore-based Supernova Media is a media production company that specializes in production and post production services for feature films, corporate videos, television commercials, and even online media.

Fiverr.com Lets You Buy And Sell Services for Just US$5

Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, founders of e-commerce site Fiverr.com, believes that there can be an entire marketplace where people can purchase and sell services at the fixed price of US$5.

LittleLives – A Social Network For The Little Ones

LittleLives is a social networking site that brings kids together to build global friendships and ignite collaboration, and aims to be one-stop shop for all things education and for children.

Interview with Ong Kok Choong of Hoiio

Contributing writer Caroline Yeung talks to Mr Ong Kok Choong, CEO and founder of Singapore-based Hoiio about its internet telephony and messaging solutions for both consumers and businesses, across all smartphone platforms

Ticketbis, An Online Event Ticket Trading Platform

Ticketbis is an online platform where users can easily and securely buy and sell tickets for every kind of event, such as concerts, festivals, theater plays, art performances or soccer games.

How The 5G Revolution Emerged And How It Will Give Business A Boost

Just as 3G opened up the app market and 4G created a demand for mobile broadband applications, 5G will open up vast economic potential for Internet of Things applications.

Iron Tribe Fitness – From A Garage To A Thriving Business

Iron Tribe Fitness started as an "underground" group fitness training experiment in a garage and today consists of over 720 gym members and 17 employees in four outlets.

CrowdSPRING – A Springboard For Creative Ideas

The creative agency business that insists on its traditional way of sourcing for work could be in peril. Not because of the worsening global economy, although that is one reason, but because of one little company based in Chicago called crowdSPRING.

The Idea Behind Moodler, The Mood Graph Microblog

Here's an interview with the founder of Moodler, an India based micro-blogging platform which tracks the mood of your social network.