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AppSumo – Big Deal On Web Tools For Entrepreneurs

Most daily deal sites target consumers who are looking for regular consumer goods and services such as food and beverage offers, travel deals and the like. There are also sites that are more specific or niche in nature – we previously covered business-to-business focused, for example. Here’s a look at another: (, which offers deals on software and applications that are targeted at small businesses.

Founded by Noah Kagan, 29, and David Cramer, 25, figured that a service like Appsumo would be a great opportunity not only to help companies get more customers, but also help other startups discover great web-tools.

AppSumo was inspired by a combination of angry social game customers who wanted more customers and the rise of web-based tools,” explains Kagan, who was an early employee at both and Facebook.  Figured there was a great opportunity to help companies get more customers and startups discover great web-tools.

AppSumo is solving the No. 1 problem of every business, which is getting new customers.”

Kagan says that there is a great need for services that help web entrepreneurs discover new tools to help their businesses. “Right now there aren’t many places online that can solve this,” he says.

The biggest challenge they’re facing, is scale. “We put together deals of amazing services like LinkedIn, Evernote, Heroku and only reach a few thousand people,” laments Kagan. “We need to be reaching a few hundred thousand people to make a serious impact for the companies and customers.”

Kagan says he loves more people are getting into entrepreneurship. “That is becoming acceptable to do after college than a more “traditional” job,” he says. “What’s missing is more theories and schooling like Lean Startup for how to become a successful entrepreneur.”


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