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[Interview] Kevin Hobbs Of Vancouver’s Vanbex Group


Kevin Hobbs is a Canadian entrepreneur and experienced executive working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  As CEO of Vanbex Group, a professional services and development company specializing in everything blockchain, Kevin’s mission is to further the education and adoption of blockchain, DLT, and Smart Contract technology into everyday real world applications.

With over a decade of management experience, Kevin is a strategic thinker with a proactive, creative and collaborative approach.  His colleagues look to him as a leader with extensive knowledge in B2B and B2C.

Kevin Hobbs answered our questions about himself, the company, and what we can expect for the future of blockchain.

FinSMEs: First, can you give us a brief overview about your background and experience and what initially inspired you to enter the blockchain field?

Kevin Hobbs: I was always interested in reading about the early days of Bitcoin and the entire cryptosphere. After Ethereum launched in 2016, that was a key turning point for the market. Projects started to become ubiquitous due to the lack of complexity in creating and deploying smart contracts.

My own journey in the crypto space began in 2015 when I began to realize the potential for growth in the blockchain industry and eagerly wanted to contribute.  I became the CEO of Vanbex Group where my responsibilities range from client and project management (business development, framing of key approaches, high-quality client delivery, written products) to administration (information technology, reporting, facilities), and human capital (HR/recruiting, mentoring, career progression).

FinSMEs:  What makes Vanbex Group different from other blockchain investment firms?

Kevin Hobbs: Vanbex Group was established in 2013 as a strategic communications organization to better tell the story of the companies in the blockchain industry. Since its inception, the company has evolved into a professional services firm that specializes in all aspects of the blockchain industry. We work with everyone from technology startups to insurance companies and charities. From grassroots marketing, application development, communications, strategy, public relations and operations consulting, we can assist at any stage of growth.

FinSMEs: How do you advise companies, who are new to the space, on implementing blockchain technology?

Kevin Hobbs: The goal is to get the basics right.  Companies moving to public or multicloud environments should establish a strategy for encryption before expanding to more advanced crypto technologies.  Cryptography services can benefit any enterprise, small or large, and you can learn from those who were successful or failed before you by simply doing an internet search to find out which ICOs raised decent amounts of money and what they did to accomplish it.

FinSMEs: What is the importance of working with a broker-dealer? Tell us a little more about the partnership between Vanbex and Entoro? What will the partnership ultimately lead to?

Kevin Hobbs:  Entoro is a licensed broker-dealer, which allows them to compliantly trade securities on behalf of other entities.  Since tokenized securities are seriously regulated, either acquiring or working with a broker-dealer is a must for companies wishing to enter the security token space.  The partnership between Vanbex and Entoro will enable companies to utilize our Rocket 2.0 product to its fullest capacity under compliance. Providing issuers of Rocket 2.0 with vetted and trustworthy solutions that lower the barriers to entry and minimize friction is the reason our companies intersected with one another.

FinSMEs: Is 2020 going to be a big year for bitcoin?

Kevin Hobbs: Without a doubt.  In fact, Bitcoin and crypto experts are predicting a sudden price surge which suggests 2020 could be a monumental year for bitcoin. Due to its volatility, the price is very difficult to predict, however, cyber security pioneer John McAfee’s predicts that  it will reach $1 million by the end of 2020.  I am personally keeping an upbeat attitude about the year ahead, as I predict China’s growing interest in blockchain technology and new money flowing into crypto markets will reach new highs.