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IndusInd Bank: Growth Trajectory In Last 5 Years


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IndusInd Bank is one of the front runners in the Indian banking sector. The bank offers a myriad of services ranging from issuing loans and offering forex services to wealth management, online services to ensure maximum customer convenience and more. Additionally, the bank has also gained popularity among NRIs as it allows money transfer and has investment products like international deposits and mutual funds and enables online share trading.

Owing to all these services, IndusInd Bank has shown upward growth in all spheres. Read on to learn more about its growing profits and more.

IndusInd Financial Analysis

The market cap of Rs 1,17,152.72 crores makes IndusInd Bank one of the biggest banks in the country.

For the quarter ending in March 2024, the Net Interest Income (NII) grew by 15% annually. It increased from Rs 4,669 crores to Rs 5,376 crores showing improved profitability and an efficient management of interest rate spreads.

The table below mentions the financial details that show the growth of the company that has happened from 2019 to 2024.

Category (Yearly) March 2024 (In Crores) March 2019 (In Crores)
Total Income 55.136.06 27,907.87
Net Profit 8,949.78 3301.10
Basic Earnings Per Share 115.19 54.90

IndusInd Share Price

The following IndusInd Bank share price chart will further explain the growth trajectory of the bank over the past 5 years.

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Although there has been a 3.59% decrease in IndusInd Bank share price in the past 5 years, the bank witnessed a 60.99% increase in its share price over the last 3 years.

Currently, the shares are trading at Rs 1,5050+. The 52-week high of IndusInd Bank is around Rs 1690 whereas the 52-week low is Rs 1,065.

Is It Smart to Invest in IndusInd Bank in The Current Scenario?

When it comes to who holds equity in this private sector bank, here is the answer. 40.25% of the shareholding is with Foreign Institutional Investors  (FII), 16.4% is with promoters, 14.78% is with public shareholders and 28.58% is with Domestic Institutional Investors (DII).

This investment trend suggests that there is a positive market sentiment among people for the bank. Based on the financial metrics including the increase in NII and the past stock performance, the bank is demonstrating a bullish trend. This makes it a favorable option for long-term investors as well as short-term investors.

However, doing your own research before investing is a must to make sure that investments align with your financial goals.


Over the past 5 years, the bank has demonstrated robust growth and a consistent upward performance. Investments done by foreign and domestic stakeholders add to the credibility of the bank as well and serve as a positive indicator for prospective customers. IndusInd Bank has recorded an increase in its assets, profitability, and customer acquisition, and the steep increase in share price also adds to the reputation of the bank.

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