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Resources Archives - Page 10 of 11 - Young Upstarts


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Reviewed: Upstarts

Small business and entrepreneurship expert Donna Fenn interviewed more than 150 young entrepreneurs from across the United States and various industries to put together her book Upstarts!.

Startups: Manage Employee Performance Right from the Start

When we're in startup mode, we often forget to focus on is setting up basic employee performance management processes to support the growth and success of both our business and our staff.

The Official Success Guide

The Official Success Guide advises how you should consider the needs of your business - from developing your idea to research to prototyping, for example - before it guides you, step-by-step, through the various functions and features on the site.

Five Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurial Minds Today

Rob Stretch shares on five of the best business- and entrepreneurship-related books for strapping young minds to read.

Legal River’s ToS and Privacy Generator To Wash Your Website Sins Away

Startup Legal River and law firm General Counsel PC has launched a website Terms of Service Generator and a Privacy Policy Generator designed for use by small businesses and startups.

Get Your Questions Answered On Network, Inc. earlier this month announced the launch of, a collaborative startup community that lets aspiring and experienced startup entrepreneurs share information and answers concerning their businesses.

Monocle’s Guide To Small Business

The latest issue of business and current affairs magazine Monocle (issue 28) is a must-have for anybody thinking about starting their own business.

Design For Enterprise Centre – Design Thinking for Businesses

If you run a startup or enterprise, you owe it to yourself to learn how design thinking can help set you apart from your competitors.

Get Startup Answers on

Where do you go if you have a question about startups? may have the answer.

Absolute Must-Reads for Web Entrepreneurs

Here are some books which I highly recommend for all aspiring or new web entrepreneurs. Heck, I recommend them to all entrepreneurs.

The Trouble With HR

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr, who speaks extensively on business leadership and human resources, has a new book out called The Trouble with HR, which (as you can imagine) covers some real issues with HR.

Starting a Business in the Current Economic Downturn

Here's a great e-guide on starting a business during the current economic downturn by Irish entrepreneur Feargal Byrne, the founder of e-learning software company Brain Power Ltd.

Innovative New Business Ideas To Beat The Recession's latest briefing "Innovation Jubilation" contains some great insights into innovation, and looks at over 50 interesting ideas to help spur your thinking about your new (or next) venture. Interviews – Learn from Web Entrepreneurs

If you're an aspiring web entrepreneur, has a great list of interviews you should listen to.

Advice For Young Entrepreneurs On Building A Business

Kelly Sonora shares one of the latest posts from One College Degree, "100 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs". It's a useful resource for those...

Achieving A Breakthrough In Fundraising

Chris Mottau of North Venture Partners contacted me to share the venture firm's latest e-guidebook, Breaking Through The Broken: The Transparent Guide To Overcoming...

Learn From The Best

One of the greatest resources for budding entrepreneurs is Stanford University's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders seminar series. Every week, the program invites thought leaders from... – Sharing Your Mind(Maps) is an amazing online collaborative mind-mapping tool that allows for multiple users to create and share mindmaps with one another. Integration with Skype...

41 New Business Ideas From's Innovation Avalanche introduces 41 innovative business ideas that may inspire you. You can read the article here, or download a PDF copy here.

Guy Kawasaki’s The Art Of The Start

I finally got down to reading Guy Kawasaki's "The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything", and my only...

Free Word-Of-Mouth Marketing e-Book!

Dave Balter has written a new book on word-of-mouth marketing called The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II. You can buy it on at...

Increase Your Sales, Not Your Blood Pressure

Authors Sant Qiu and Thomas Fernandez. If you think your business needs a boost, consider attending the upcoming "Secrets To Dominate Your Niche Revealed"...

Renting A Pushcart In Singapore

List of places in Singapore to rent pushcarts.

Review: Entrepreneur’s Blueprint – Strategies and Lessons for Success

I usually approach locally-written books (especially business ones) with some skepticism.  They are usually not very well thought-through and written, and most of them...

The Realistic Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Venture Capital

I like Seth Godin's "The Realistic Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Venture Capital", a rather frank and accurate wake-up call. No. 4 is precious - "Being...

Unleashing Your Own Epidemic

Marketing guru Seth Godin is a God to many in the marketing world.  On the other hand, he's also considered a Devil in many...

Book: Be An Entrepreneur!

Dr. Michael Leong gave up a lucrative career as a medical professional and a corporate suit to pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur.  The founder...

Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible

It has been about five years since marketing guru Seth Godin first published The Bootstrapper's Bible: Volume 1, but the advice enshrined within those pages is...

From Acorns… How to Build Your Brilliant Business from Scratch

"Let me hold your Balls for you" - if you think that sounds funny, it's actually the name of author Caspian Woods' first start-up...