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[Review] Freelancer’s Guide To Finding Clients


“Compared to freelancers, job hunters have it easy. All they have to do is find one employer to hire them, then they’re done,” declares Martha Retallick, author of the e-book “Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients“. “Contrast that with the freelancer, whose success in making a living depends on the ability to land not just one job, but many of them, in a single year.” The Tucson, Arizona native’s own experience as a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and writer – and, by the way, freelancers are also entrepreneurs in their own right – shares her own system and ways of sourcing for clients, including cold-calling (and warm-calling, too), market research, finding leads and handling e-mails. She also provides useful resources such as phone scripts, e-mail templates, and a progress-tracking spreadsheet that other freelancers – and small business owners – can use to solicit business.

While many other commentators tell you to go after “low-hanging fruit”, Retallick is a proponent of cold-calling, and says that her best and most profitable clients are those that she has gotten through cold calls. “At a time when social media and texting are all the rage, working the phone is still a valuable skill,” says Retallick. What’s insanely useful are tips on how to deal with various levels of rejections – the dreaded ‘No’ may not exactly be a no – as well as some very simple, good habits to keep the business pipeline running.

Like all good self-help e-books, “Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients” is short, succinct and easy to finish in an hour or so, but is somewhat pricey at US$24.95 (price revised to US$15 on Oct 6, 2011). The e-book is available for purchase here (link updated Oct 6, 2011). If you’re not quite sure yet, do check out a free sample.