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Line2 Adds A Phone Line To Your Tablet Device

If the land-line isn't dead yet, here's yet another reason why it should be - San Francisco-based mobile communications technology company Line2 is transforming...

A Detailed List Of 20 Point Of Sale Systems For Small Businesses

When you get started with a small business figuring out the right point of sale systems that do best by you and your business can be a difficult feat.

How To Choose Your Domain Name

Your website represents your online identity, your face to the Internet. As such, the domain name to your website is one of the most important choices you will make for your business, argues Pamelo Ramos of

Free Sales Training Resource By Sandler Training

Sandler Training, a company that provides a range of sales and management training programs, has made available a free multi-media library that provides small businesses and start-ups with sales training tools to help them succeed.

5 Tools To Help You Manage Your Remote Team

Managing your team remotely may seem a difficult task, but there is a host of tools to help you achieve that. Rustam Ahverdiev, VP of Operations at DistantJob has been managing remote teams for over a decade and he shares his current top 5 tools to help you manage your remote team.

Five Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurial Minds Today

Rob Stretch shares on five of the best business- and entrepreneurship-related books for strapping young minds to read.

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers For Essay Writers

In short, plagiarism is an attempt to steal somebody'd ideas and introduce them as your own achievements.

How Microsoft Office 365 Supports The Startup Company

Microsoft Office 365 has been built to empower young companies to aim higher by taking advantage of Microsoft's enterprise-grade solutions.

Choosing A Good Resume Builder

When you are looking for a job or making a career change, it is important to have a well-designed resume. A resume builder can help.
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How An ERP System Can Help You Optimize Supply Chain Management

If you’re looking for ways to improve your business, implementing an ERP system is probably the easiest thing you can do that delivers the biggest impact.

10 Search Engines That Don’t Start With A G, B, Or Y

Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search are indisputably the most widely used. For those who like to run off the beaten path or march to the beat of their own search engine, here are ten alternatives.

Washington Post Launches Web Channel On Small Business

The Washington Post has just launched On Small Business, a new online channel that focuses on entrepreneurship and small business. Interviews – Learn from Web Entrepreneurs

If you're an aspiring web entrepreneur, has a great list of interviews you should listen to.

8 Must Have Tools For Your Next App Build

There are plenty of open source software and commercial software solutions that DevOps teams are using to accelerate app development. Matt Shealy, President of shares eight of them.

Google World: Eight Google Tools Your Company Should Be Using

If you're running a business, Google offers a huge range of resources that are absolutely invaluable for businesses of every size-and most of them won't cost you a cent.

Office Apps For Small Business

The office work organization and self-development is a never-ending story. Here's a list of the main components of the workplace and chose the best office apps accordingly.
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Things To Consider When Choosing Office Chairs For Your Home Office

An important part of setting up any office, whether it’s at home or at a designated workplace, is making sure that you have a good office chair.

4 Benefits Of Using Payroll Management Software For Startups

Payroll processing can be difficult, and usually becomes harder as the number of workers in a company gets bigger. Payroll management software can help.

Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker Keeps Your Sites From Penalization

Google Penalty Checker is a tool that lists all Google updates and indicates whether or not a particular update (such as Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, etc) might affect your sites and the probability of that happening.

Grammer Checker – Free Grammar Check Online Software

The Grammar Checker by is a free web-based tool which helps you to correct all your grammar mistakes in just seconds.

The Small Business Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

This simple interactive guide from Simply Business shows you how you can drive email signups, increase business leads and hence fuel more profit from your website.

Quick Guide: How To Hire The Right SEO Company For Small Business

Search engine optimization can be done on your own, but there is not always time for this. Here's how to choose the right SEO company and what to pay special attention to.

How To Create A Menu For Your New Restaurant

A good restaurant menu promotes your brand, creates a pleasant customer experience, and even helps you maintain your profits.

9 Business Acronyms You Need To Know

The language of business can be hard to understand. For beginners in the field (or the more analog of the bunch), check out these nine business acronyms that you need to know.

Top 5 Apps To Help You Network

If you are a new college graduate, seasoned professional or a top business veteran, the following five networking applications can help you connect your way to the top.

4 Great Tools To Help You Get Started In Your Business

by Tiffany Matthews Every start up business needs all the help it can get. With a only a handful of people juggling multiple tasks, it can...

Call Center Software Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

Adding a call center into your business is an extraordinary method to handle approaching calls from clients and prospects. Here's a look at the various aspects of call center software and their pricing.

Which Singapore-based Coupon Startup Gets The Most Buzz?

JamiQ embarked on an experiment to track the buzz taking place on the Singapore social media around web coupon startups based in Singapore.

The Student’s Playbook for Google+

Wondering where to get started on your own Google+ journey? Sign up for an account and we’ll take you through the steps of making the most of your new G+ capabilities, including getting you ready to network, branding yourself, and even finding a great job.

The Best Form Templates For Freelancers

Freelancers have to collect and organize large amounts of client information, especially for major projects like entire websites or white papers. Form templates can help.