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[ADV] The Stand-Out SME e-Book: Trends, Technologies And Tips For Successful Sales And Marketing

"The Stand Out SME: Trends, Technologies and Tips for Successful Sales and Marketing" is a free 20-page e-book is a great primer for small- and medium-sized business owners to learn about consumer online trends and how to put together an effective online marketing plan.

Four Technologies That You Absolutely Need In Your Office

There are things that every office is going to need. From a technology standpoint, what can you afford to leave off the shopping list and what is right up there at the top? Halit Bozdogan highlights some of the essentials.

A Startup’s Guide To Setting Up An Accounting System

A proper accounting system not only keeps your books clean and taxes sorted, it also leads to higher employee satisfaction.

5 Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read

Business books can provide some of the best insight to the path of entrepreneurship. Here are some good reads for any business owner.

Tools For Time Management, Data Storage & Team Communication

Running a project and organizing team effort is never an easy thing to do. But with smart tools at hand, you can always do the magic happen and transform your small company into something big, meaningful, and profitable.

What Is The Profits Unlimited Online Course And Is It Any Good?

Profits Unlimited is a ‘newsletter’ which is produced by a team of ‘experts’ in the field of investing and edited by Paul Mampilly.

Top Free Alternatives For Windows Media Player In 2019

If you are still using Windows Media Player on your Windows 10 you are really missing out on a lot of exciting features that other Windows supported Media Players can offer you.

Benefits Of Building Materials Delivery

Contractors today have access to many innovative tech products and platforms, one of which is building materials that can be delivered to the job site.

BigWebStats Provides Useful Overview On Site Statistics

Here's a useful resource for those in the fields of public relations, social media and online marketing - BigWebStats ( is provides detailed statistics on just about any website.

Following The Social Train Of Thought Leaders

Earlier this week LinkedIn announced that members can now "follow" a list of global thought leaders, starting with 150 of the most influential and prominent LinkedIn members from various fields.

[Infographic] Apps For Work Productivity

Here's an infographic that lists some of the best applications, as well as some general tips, that you can use to enhance your work productivity.

What To Look For In Accounting Software For Small Business

If you want to invest in tools that can contribute to your business success, start with accounting software. Here are some tips when choosing one for your small business.

47 Incredible iPad Apps for MBAs

Business applications for the iPad are becoming a huge section of the market. If you need a tool to enhance your MBA instruction or to clue you in on a subject the curriculum never covered, here are 47 great apps with a AAA investment grade.

5 Must-Have Apps For Non-Profit Offices

The lifeblood of nonprofits lies in effective planning, management and fund raising. These 5 top must-have apps are specifically designed to eliminate wasted time and make nonprofits more efficient at achieving their goals.

How To Work Online Safely

Most VPNs for personal use are not suitable for the business world due to the limited account capabilities, servers reliability, or some other factors. Here are some that work for businesses.

GramercyOne Offers Free Cloud-Based Appointment Management And Marketing Tool, GoSuite

GoSuite is a cloud-based business management and marketing software being offered for free by GramercyOne that helps you manage your business' appointments and marketing efforts.

Free Sales Training Resource By Sandler Training

Sandler Training, a company that provides a range of sales and management training programs, has made available a free multi-media library that provides small businesses and start-ups with sales training tools to help them succeed.

How To Choose Appropriate Online Software Tools To Be Used In Your Startup

Now is the perfect time to start a company and an associated website that represents the business. We have access to so many online tools that can reduce startup costs and help the company to grow at a much faster rate than it could in the past.

Achieving A Breakthrough In Fundraising

Chris Mottau of North Venture Partners contacted me to share the venture firm's latest e-guidebook, Breaking Through The Broken: The Transparent Guide To Overcoming...

Top 5 Apps To Help You Network

If you are a new college graduate, seasoned professional or a top business veteran, the following five networking applications can help you connect your way to the top.

Office Apps For Small Business

The office work organization and self-development is a never-ending story. Here's a list of the main components of the workplace and chose the best office apps accordingly.

10 Awesome DIY Tools To Create Your Own Mobile App

Gaurav Sharma, a founder of Antipull and digital strategist at Nine Hertz shares 10 DIY app development tools that lets you to craft your own mobile app in a very short span of time and within a limited budget.

Learn To Code With One Month Rails

One Month Rails is an online training platform offers aspiring entrepreneurs, students and professionals seeking to expand their career skills by offering a series of online video lessons, hands-on exercises, code samples and additional resources to learn web development with Ruby on Rails.

The Online Consignment Business

No longer limited to offline stores, the online consignment counterpart can offer the new business owner a host of benefits, one of which is a greater degree of control over several aspects of the business, including profits and fees.

A Primer On Google Primer

Google Primer, a free app from Google, has developed a number of small business and marketing lessons — each of which you can complete in a manageable five minutes. Rhonda Adams, president and founder of PlanningShop and author of "Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies" shares how she created her own to help small businesses.

We Love Entrepreneur Stories!

Founders of Entrepreneur Stories Connor Ritchey and Josh Haynam started the site as a place where they interview entrepreneurs and small business owners "who have never been interviewed before".
gold bars

5 Best Precious Metals IRA Companies

While most IRA investors put their money in standard assets like equities, bonds, and mutual funds, the tax legislation also allows the purchase of precious metals like gold and silver through specialist IRA accounts.

Full Time YouTube Artist: A Business Guide

YouTube is a great place to build a customer base as well as expand brand value. Creating a channel and maintaining it requires a clear plan and dedicated hours of work.

Essential Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

Use our strategies to maximize your reach for a fledgling startup! We cover everything from defining your UVP to purchasing a Gmail extension for mass emails.

Renting A Pushcart In Singapore

List of places in Singapore to rent pushcarts.