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Which Singapore-based Coupon Startup Gets The Most Buzz?

(Data and image courtesy of www.jamiq.com)

Taking the lead from Daniel’s posts on coupon startups in Asia, we at JamiQ embarked on an experiment to understand the buzz taking place on the Singapore social media around these brands.

Trends & Insights

  1. The best tactic for spreading the word on current offers is best done on the real-time social media. In this case, it’s working for Beeconomic who gets most of its mentions out on Twitter.
  2. BrandsFever gets the most coverage in the news and blog coverage. In fact, it is the only coupon startup in our list that gets mentioned across all media types.
  3. It’s a pity Voucherous and SGsavings.com didn’t get any mentions in the week. In today’s fast moving consumer space of coupons and discounts nothing matters more than buzz on the social media.


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  2. It’s pretty easy to calculate how much coupons they sell each day, and what their turnover is.

    I think that would be interesting if you want to compare coupon startups, more so than ‘Buzz’ :-).

    • @Wouter That’s a great idea. Maybe we should explore than in the next round. There are always many metrics to measure the success. Buzz (mentions of), Traffic (visits/pageviews), Sales (coupons sold), etc. If there’s a way to put them all together, that will make for good research.

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