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Three Tools To Button Up Your Business

Small businesses are always looking for improvements to help their businesses run effectively while maintaining a positive reputation in the community. Max Yoder, co-founder and CEO of shares four tools your business can start using today to enhance outside perspective.

10 Awesome DIY Tools To Create Your Own Mobile App

Gaurav Sharma, a founder of Antipull and digital strategist at Nine Hertz shares 10 DIY app development tools that lets you to craft your own mobile app in a very short span of time and within a limited budget.

5 Productivity Apps For Startup Entrepreneurs

For everything else, there are apps made to simplify your life which, as any small business owner will tell you, is very appreciated. Ann Smarty recommends five must-have apps for any entrepreneur.

Learn To Code With One Month Rails

One Month Rails is an online training platform offers aspiring entrepreneurs, students and professionals seeking to expand their career skills by offering a series of online video lessons, hands-on exercises, code samples and additional resources to learn web development with Ruby on Rails.
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5 Best Precious Metals IRA Companies

While most IRA investors put their money in standard assets like equities, bonds, and mutual funds, the tax legislation also allows the purchase of precious metals like gold and silver through specialist IRA accounts.

A Blogger’s Guide To Trademarks And Copyrights

Alright, so you’re a blogger. Or you plan to start your own blog. Or perhaps you’re a company looking into establishing your online presence?...

The 20 Essential LinkedIn Groups for Aspiring Writers

Making it as a writer can be hard, so it's important to reach out to other writers and people in the publishing industry to learn all you can, get support, and gain an understanding of how the business works. One of the best places to do that is on LinkedIn - check out these LinkedIn groups.

A Primer On Google Primer

Google Primer, a free app from Google, has developed a number of small business and marketing lessons — each of which you can complete in a manageable five minutes. Rhonda Adams, president and founder of PlanningShop and author of "Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies" shares how she created her own to help small businesses.

Tools For Time Management, Data Storage & Team Communication

Running a project and organizing team effort is never an easy thing to do. But with smart tools at hand, you can always do the magic happen and transform your small company into something big, meaningful, and profitable.

Five Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurial Minds Today

Rob Stretch shares on five of the best business- and entrepreneurship-related books for strapping young minds to read.

Basic Applications And Tools That No Business Should Ever Be Without

Here’s a list of the most basic but essential tools and applications that your business should have.

[Infographic] Differences Of US Legal Business Forms

The first step in starting up a company - registering a business - may sound easy, but aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand that opting for a specific business legal form over others can mean specific unique advantages relevant for the business you intend.

Communication In A Multi-Location, Multi-Team, Multi-Project Business

A multi-location, multi-team and multi-project business is very difficult to control but it's not impossible when you use the right business tools.

6 Tips For Finding An Office To Rent For Your Business

If you’re starting up a business and looking for an office space to rent, it’s important to take some factors into consideration. Here are six tips for finding that perfect office space.

How Not To Run Your Own Technology Startup

The world has changed a lot lately and just about every aspect of a technology company can be “moved out” to a web-based application provider at a lower cost than doing it yourself. Ian Smith of Captricity shares some of the tools being employed at the data digitization startup.

Five Tech Solutions For Client Retention And Communication For Freelancers

There are technological tools that can maximize working time by making meetings more efficient, improving your office workflow, and better managing client interactions.

Kauffman Founders School Compiles Entrepreneurship Knowledge Into Online Video Curriculum

The Kauffman Founders School is an online video education resource and entrepreneurship curriculum put together by the Kaufman Foundation that's targeted at entrepreneurs to help them learn the critical lessons anytime, anywhere that will help them and their business succeed.

Free Word-Of-Mouth Marketing e-Book!

Dave Balter has written a new book on word-of-mouth marketing called The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II. You can buy it on at... To Relieve Small Business Licensing Headaches is a U.S-based online resource that aggregates relevant licensing information to help small business owners and entrepreneurs make sure what they are running is actually legit.

Complete Guide To LinkedIn Lead Generation Outreach

LinkedIn is often underutilized, especially in terms of cold outreach, as a tool for B2B lead generation, argues Yana Bilokin.

Outsourcing For Startups: A Quick Guide

startups can effectively outsource certain tasks or services to external vendors, while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of their business.

Top 5 Apps To Help You Network

If you are a new college graduate, seasoned professional or a top business veteran, the following five networking applications can help you connect your way to the top.

Increase Your Sales, Not Your Blood Pressure

Authors Sant Qiu and Thomas Fernandez. If you think your business needs a boost, consider attending the upcoming "Secrets To Dominate Your Niche Revealed"...

[White Paper] Social Media Newsroom – A Snapshot Of Your Brand

Your online newsroom should be a snapshot of your brand. Check out this white paper on how to make your online newsroom the go-to place for journalists, customers and other influencers.

The 50 Best Blogs By Business Professors

There are dozens of blogs written by MBA professors that can let you see into their professional lives, get commentary on the latest news, and even find advice for starting a career in business. We’ve listed just a few of the best here to get you started.
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Step By Step Guide Starting A New Print Business

Starting your own printing business can be overwhelming. This guide can help you prepare a business plan to start your profitable and successful print business.

6 Best Apps For Business Owners In 2018

Mobile apps can provide many benefits to almost all businesses. Any business should thrive for development and stay tuned to the latest technologies and respond to innovations that make it more efficient, and mobile app development can effectively assist in achieving these goals.

Best SaaS Products For Startups

These SaaS products have been chosen for their versatility, affordability, and ability to help startups streamline their operations and improve their productivity.

Making PayPal Work for Your Business

Here are some tips on how to use PayPal to improve your online business.

A Startup’s Guide To Setting Up An Accounting System

A proper accounting system not only keeps your books clean and taxes sorted, it also leads to higher employee satisfaction.