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[ADV] Fuel Up, Rev Up And Get Your Business Roaring

Learn about Singapore’s most effective funding method for youth entrepreneurs.

[ADV] The Stand-Out SME e-Book: Trends, Technologies And Tips For Successful Sales And Marketing

"The Stand Out SME: Trends, Technologies and Tips for Successful Sales and Marketing" is a free 20-page e-book is a great primer for small- and medium-sized business owners to learn about consumer online trends and how to put together an effective online marketing plan.

Seth Godin’s The Bootstrapper’s Bible

It has been about five years since marketing guru Seth Godin first published The Bootstrapper's Bible: Volume 1, but the advice enshrined within those pages is...

The Best Life Coach Certification Programs In America

Explore the following nationally-recognized certification programs as you decide which is the best life coach certification program for you.

From Acorns… How to Build Your Brilliant Business from Scratch

"Let me hold your Balls for you" - if you think that sounds funny, it's actually the name of author Caspian Woods' first start-up...


If you enjoy listening to and learning from the experiences of remarkable people - if you're a fan of TED, for example - do check out ZURBsoapbox as well., A Simple Collaborative Task List Web App is a simple collaborative task list web application that's made for the creation and sharing of any kind of list, and shines where collaboration for task completion is required.

[White Paper] Social Media Newsroom – A Snapshot Of Your Brand

Your online newsroom should be a snapshot of your brand. Check out this white paper on how to make your online newsroom the go-to place for journalists, customers and other influencers.

Benefits Of A Business VPN

A VPN allows a secure route through which your users can remotely connect to your network and resources.

The Trouble With HR

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr, who speaks extensively on business leadership and human resources, has a new book out called The Trouble with HR, which (as you can imagine) covers some real issues with HR.

Morgan Stanley Says Dawn of Mobile Internet Is Nigh

If you're a developer - or, heck, anyone who's interested in the Internet, mobile, media or technology space, Morgan Stanley has recently released an Internet Trends presentation with some insightful data.

SCORE With e-Business Now

SCORE, a U.S.-based nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small business start, grow and succeed nationwide, has launched e-Business Now, a new small business learning website for entrepreneurs.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Using Storage Units

Whatever the reason, storage units are quickly becoming something for small business owners to consider using. Let’s first take a look at some of the benefits.

Smarter Not Harder: Twelve Ways To Tame Windows 8

Struggling with your new Windows 8 device? Here are top twelve tips on how to master Windows 8 from Lance Whitney, author of "Windows 8 Five Minutes at a Time", so that you can control it rather than the other way around.

Three Tools To Button Up Your Business

Small businesses are always looking for improvements to help their businesses run effectively while maintaining a positive reputation in the community. Max Yoder, co-founder and CEO of shares four tools your business can start using today to enhance outside perspective.

[US] Startup Atlanta Looks To Support Entrepreneurial Ecosystem With New Online Presence

Founded in May 2013 by Atlanta Technology Angels, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Invest Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Startup Atlanta is a non-profit dedicated to making the A known nationally and internationally for entrepreneurship.

21 Time-Saving Chrome Extensions For Students

Here are 21 time-saving Chrome extensions that students can put to use, from note-taking apps to books, citations, and reminders.

MightyDeals Gets Creative On Daily Bargains runs daily deals on products and services such as applications, graphics, WordPress themes, templates and fonts, etc. where designers can find the best deals, as well as for businesses to reach new customers.

Shortening The Small Business Software Selection Process

Tim Handorf, Co-Founder and President of G2 Crowd shares a list of the top ten products listed on their site, ranked on customer satisfaction, by small business owners and employees.

What Is The Profits Unlimited Online Course And Is It Any Good?

Profits Unlimited is a ‘newsletter’ which is produced by a team of ‘experts’ in the field of investing and edited by Paul Mampilly.

Line2 Adds A Phone Line To Your Tablet Device

If the land-line isn't dead yet, here's yet another reason why it should be - San Francisco-based mobile communications technology company Line2 is transforming...

An Ultimate List Of Online Tools For Your Startup Growth

Gaurav Sharma recommends some must-have digital marketing tools to grow your startup. These handy tools can be used in all major areas of digital marketing including content research, marketing, SEO, email marketing, and more.

Follow This Six-Point Checklist To Strengthen Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding necessitates individual checkpoints that make the process beneficial for the company. Here are six ways to do so.

Six Best Time Tracking Software For Accountants

Finding it difficult to track time and money at the same time? Here are six time tracking software particularly helpful for accountants.

Branding And Marketing Your Blog For Business: Act-On

Act-On's "Branding and Marketing Your Blog for Business" e-book is an expert guide that offers great professional insight into how you can brand and market yourself, or your business big or small, online.

10 Digital Startup Conferences You Should Attend This Year

Thomas Smale, founder of FE International shares his list of the top digital conferences he believes are the most valuable for a startup founder to attend.

[Resource] Ask Your Budget eBook From

Here's a useful resource for those of us entrepreneurs who aren't too good with our financials - the "Ask Your Budget: Amazing Questions a Small-Business Budget Can Answer" e-Book is currently going for free on online small business community

The 50 Best Blogs By Business Professors

There are dozens of blogs written by MBA professors that can let you see into their professional lives, get commentary on the latest news, and even find advice for starting a career in business. We’ve listed just a few of the best here to get you started.

PressIt, An Easy Way To Convert Original Content Into Merchandise

Louisville, Kentucky-based CafePress has launched PressIt, a simple and effective way for bloggers or small businesses to monetize their original images and other content, by making it simple to put them on merchandise.

10 Apple Watch Apps That Help Startups To Grow

Pete McCain, startup mentor at AppVelocity shares some Apple Watch apps that can be helpful to achieve your startup goals.