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Book: Be An Entrepreneur!


Dr. Michael Leong gave up a lucrative career as a medical professional and a corporate suit to pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur.  The founder and chairman of Shareinvestor Holdings shares his entrepreneurial journey in his book, Be An Entrepreneur.

Despite the grinning self-portrait on the cover, Be An Entrepreneur is no “I have made it” or “pat myself on my back”-type biography. Although Dr. Leong does share his experiences in starting up his own business, he does it in a “If I can do it, so can you” manner.

What I like about the book:

1. It is very Singaporean – filled with local flavour and easily identifiable. He even tells of how our education system makes graduates who are primed to work for others, and a society that frowns on entrepreneurship.

2. The book is very easy to read, and the language is simple. Thanks, Dr. Leong, for avoiding Singlish.

3. Dr. Leong does highlight some of the more challenging aspects of business. Many other motivational-type books on entrepreneurship gloss over some of the tough issues faced by startups. One of the issues he pointed out was that entrepreneurs should be prepared to face rejection – from former colleagues, business partners and even friends.

What I don’t like about the book:

1. It’s not in-depth enough, maybe due to a desire to make the book as readable as possible.  I would have loved to read more on his chapter “Seeing Opportunities in Crisis”, of which he only devoted three pages to.

2. Dr. Leong could have highlighted more on his personal entrepreneurial journey.  It would make perfect sense for him to put personal case studies into each of the relevant chapters in his book, highlighting the decisions he made during the course of his business.

But thanks for the effort, Dr. Leong. Not many would have taken the step that you did in starting your business, and far less who would have written on book about it.

The book is difficult to find in bookstores, but is readily available at the National Library.