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From Acorns… How to Build Your Brilliant Business from Scratch

Acorns by Caspian Woods “Let me hold your Balls for you” – if you think that sounds funny, it’s actually the name of author Caspian Woods’ first start-up business, which was an event company.  This entrepreneur’s how-to guide, From Acorns…: …How To Build Your Brilliant Business From Scratchis an utterly enjoyable read, livened up by the author’s quick wit and surprising business insights.

Author Caspian Woods is one funny writer.  It is not often that you can finish a business book in a day, but I did.  Woods had somehow managed to turn the normally boring subject of starting your own business into an extremely light read.  It’s not to say that the book is all fluff – on the contrary, even hardened entrepreneurs may pick up a tip or two from Woods.

He covers the typical issues faced by a new-found entrepreneur, from putting together a business plan and soliciting for funding, to identifying the common causes of failure and how to avoid them.  Packed with practical wisdom, Acorns doesn’t preach like most books of its ilk.  Instead, Woods prefers to highlight issues which may have escaped most new business owners.

The most important lesson and key takeaway from this book?  Woods argues that most entrepreneurs are terrible when it comes to figures.  His answer? He champions the need to employ a dragon – a good book-keeper to safeguard your cash flow and breathe heavily down your spine before you get into financial trouble.

We say that’s sound advice, good for any occasion.


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