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A Name By Any Other Name

  I pointed out in a previous post the importance of naming things properly. This sign was spotted in San Francisco:     Oh the name could be totally intended to...

Prima Deli Faces PR Nightmare

  Singapore saw one of its most serious food poisoning cases this year in when some 109 Singaporeans fell seriously ill recently after eating salmonella-laced chocolate cakes...

When Silence Is Not Golden

  PR Tip: When pressed for an answer by the media in the face of negative publicity, a "No Comment" is as good as "We're guilty". Here's an example.

Working Social Networking – LinkedIn For Entrepreneurs

If you think that the social networking space revolves only MySpace, FaceBook, Multiply and Friendster, you're dead wrong - especially if you're an owner...

Twitter – The Potential For Marketers

I didn't used to like Twitter.  After all, who could be interested in using the micro-blogging service (except for egomaniacs who think...

Always Carry Business Cards

I made a great boo-boo during a recent networking session - I didn't bring my business cards. Suffice to say I was crippled without them while...

Content And FaceBook Groups

Note to marketers: Creating a FaceBook group is the easy part. Inviting people to join the group is not too difficult either (especially if there's a...

Entrepreneurs: Think Beyond Product Or Service

Remember this? The Razr made Motorola, but could also break it. I've received quite a few questions from readers about their entrepreneurial ideas and...

Desperately Seeking Sponsorships – A “How-To” Guide

I get a lot of sponsorship requests at work. The ones I receive run the whole gamut from being absolutely atrocious to bloody brilliant,...

Thoughts On Social Media After BlogOut ’09

I was invited to participate in a discussion panel on "Social Media in Business (Case Studies)" at the recent BlogOut '09.

Marketing Lessons From Obama’s Online Campaign

Thanks to the team at ad:tech and Upstream Asia, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Scott Goodstein who stopped by Singapore for the recent ad:tech Singapore.

A Guide To Exchanging Business Cards in Asia

Asian business etiquette can be very confusing to those who are not familiar with the inhabitants from this part of the world. Here’s a general guide when exchanging business cards with Asians.

Your Greatest Networking Weapon? Your Business Card.

So the networking event's over, you're stumbling back half-drunk from all that free booze, and you're half-cursing your arse luck over that pretty agency chick whose number you didn't quite manage to get.

What You Can Learn From Lady Gaga

Plenty, it seems. If you believe the hype, Lady Gaga is the new savior of the modern world.

Serkan Toto’s Pitching the Press – The Way of the Startup

Techcrunch's first and only Asia-based writer Dr. Serkan Toto gave a talk to local and regional web and tech entrepreneurs on how to pitch their startups to the press at the recent SingTel Accelerate event. Here are his 12 tips.

Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Media

You’ve heard everyone telling you how important it is to get your start-up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare and the latest social media platform of the day. It’s a fantastic way to market yourself without having to spend a single cent—or is it?

Impressionist Innovation: What Business Can Learn from Claude Monet and His Peers

What can someone in business learn from the Impressionists, such as Claude Monet? Award-winning painter, photographer and author Alex Hiam tells us how.

Impressionist Innovation: How Does Banksy Measure Up?

Alex Hiam says Banksy, like other media-savvy artists before him, such as Warhol, has a talent for drawing public and media attention to his work, even as it is criticized by the art establishment.

The Next Big Thing Is Not You.

I gave this presentation at The Next Big Bang, addressing what I think are possible trends over the next few years to a group of bloggers, social media enthusiasts and startup folks.

Ari Galper On Overcoming Your Fear Of Selling

Ari Galper's system for selling, Unlock The Game, revolves around encouraging business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to adopt an honest approach to selling.

Roger Dawson’s Power Tips On Negotiation

Roger Dawson, American's premier business negotiator and author of "The Secrets of Power Negotiating", offers some tips that you should share with your sales force and purchasing people.

Matters of the Market: Six Lessons about Capitalism for Entrepreneurs

Before developing and perfecting your product and drafting a solid business plan, you need to understand the principles and workings of market economics. Longtime economist and author Doramas Jorge-Calderon offers explanations to six common misunderstandings about capitalism in an effort to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch successful enterprises.

Six Ways To Get More Respect And Recognition This Year

Author and professional speaker Meryl Runion says there are six things this coming year you can do that will help you get respect and recognition for your personal and professional makeover action plans.

Turning Fool’s Gold into Gold: Sales Tips for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Author and sales expert Kevin Davis shares why slowing down your sales pitch can help you sell faster.

Using Darwin to Build Your Business: Survival of the Fittest Ideas

John Cioffi explores how nurturing Darwinian experiments can help you refine ideas that can change your strategies and lead your company to success.

Hire The Right Person, Not The Right Resume

John Cioffi explains why the time-honored resume may not be the best way of identifying the right candidate.

6 Parts Of Your Company That Should Be Listening To Social Conversations

Businesses need to pay attention to discussions online via social media listening. Authors of The Now Revolution Jay Baer and Amber Nashlund outline six areas of your business that should be listening.

Rocky Recovery for Small-To-Medium Enterprises

The collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered the worst global economic downturn in living memory. Two years on, many parts of the global economy are returning to growth, but research shows many SMEs are still in danger.

Manage Your Prospects, Not Your Sales Quota

In an economy that has made sales much more challenging, David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, offers advice on how to find the ever-elusive hot prospect, and it’s probably not where you think.

13 Biggest Business Blunders Of All Time

From fall-outs that shook an entire economy to laughable attempts at trendy ventures, this list spans nearly 100 years of business failures and scandals.