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Today’s Cold Chain – Connecting The World Of Care

Just as modern medicine allows us to see inside and monitor the human body in real time, cold chain logistics is doing the same for healthcare shipments vital to the future well-being of all of us. Dr. Karen M. Reddington, president, FedEx Express Asia Pacific explains why today’s cold chain is the ultimate game changer for healthcare.

Humanization And Monetization Of Data

The statistical collection and analysis of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of human beings is data. When your company takes those insights and applies them to creating products, services, or anything that people will purchase, you’ve just created value out of data, says Daniel Haurey, president of Exigent Technologies.

Eight Ways To Ensure That Your Talent Won’t Quit You

The economy is on a hot streak, and that means your top employees have lots of options. The good news? People are less likely to leave great bosses. The authors of Mind Tools for Managers pinpoint a few of the skills you need to master to be one.

8 Ways To Deal With A Boss You Don’t Get Along With

Not every boss in your career will see eye to eye with you on work issues, and some might have a management style that clashes with your personality. If you’re stuck in this position, try some of these tips for dealing with a difficult boss.

Top Tips On How A Company Can Adopt A Culture Of Safety

Organisations keen to adopt a positive safety culture should avoid generally blaming the workers for industrial mishaps, says Simon Bliss, Managing Director of Principal People.

How To Save Money On Video Marketing

Video marketing has become essential to every business out there, no matter whether it is a small startup or a big corporation. Roman Daneghyan, Chief Marketing Officer of Renderforest shares how you can make videos on a budget.

6 Ways OKRs Can Help Your Startup Achieve World Domination

Born out of Intel and then later fully actualized at Google with the help of John Doerr, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) have ushered in a new goal-setting framework that empowers every size business — but especially new ventures — to set out and stay on the right path to drive organizational success. Kris Duggan, CEO and co-founder of BetterWorks, shares how startups can adopt that practice.

4 Ways To Improve Your Business Credit Profile

To increase your chances of a loan approval, you need to prove that you’re able to manage your money and sustain positive cash flow. Ben Gold, President at QuickBridge shares four ways you can improve your business credit profile.

What To Do When Your Trusted Employees Defect To The Competition

When employees leave, they can carry precious company secrets with them. Here, trade secret expert James Pooley provides a few tips on information security that could help protect you from losing your share of modern business's most valuable currency: information.

The Five Myths Of Leadership

Many myths about leadership cause significant problems and can throw you off course in your leadership journey. Ken Pasch, author of "On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar!" looks at five top leadership myths.

Cleanliness Starts At The Top: How You Can Keep A Tidy Business

cleanliness doesn't just impact a customer's perception of a business — it also has a direct impact on the business as a whole. Cris Burnam, president of StorageMart shares six ways cleanliness can lay the foundation for business success.

The 5 Best Accounting Tools For Improving Your Payment Workflow

by Ralph Perdomo, research analyst at Nvoicepay Many organizations may be unable to "go all in" with AP automation. Either it’s pricing that keeps them at...

Ten Critical Steps To Achieving Magnetic Leadership

Dianne Durkin, author of "The Power of Magnetic Leadership", offers ten top actions I recommend to people seeking to improve their success as a leader.

Nail Your Sales Pitch By Catering To Personality

There is no perfect sales pitch. But there are better and worse sales pitches for different personality types. The key to nailing your sales pitch is to adapt your message and delivery to the prospect’s personality, says Merrick Rosenberg, CEO of Take Flight Learning and author of "The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does".

The All-New Innovation Culture: 6 Ways To Involve Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day

What’s needed to keep up in today’s digital and global economy is a culture in which innovation is the mission of everyone, everywhere, every day, insists by Doug Hall, author of "Driving Eureka!".

How To Get Actionable Feedback And Find Out What Clients Really Think

Some businesses absolutely rely on client feedback and collaboration in order to do their jobs. Katie Lundin of crowdspring shares some techniques for collecting actionable client feedback.

Six Myths That Undermine Customer Satisfaction

Many leaders dislike the “improving customer satisfaction” aspect of their jobs because (they think!) this goal is so difficult to achieve. But according to Liz Jazwiec, service excellence isn’t about improving outcomes and results; nor is it about treating customers like royalty. Here, she spotlights six myths about customer satisfaction that may be keeping you from receiving the excellent customer satisfaction ratings you deserve.

Six Things You Do (Or Don’t Do) That Make Employees Feel Unloved

Few leaders set out to make their employees feel like they don’t matter. But Christine Comaford says even the most well meaning among us may be doing it accidentally — and the repercussions can be severe.

5 Ways To Manage Intellectual Property For Startups

Keep your intellectual property safe by taking necessary steps during your startup process.

The 5 Cs That Can Help Businesses Ride Out Tough Times

Marsha Friedman, author of "Celebritize Yourself" and "Gaining The Publicity Edge", shares what she calls the 5 Cs for building and maintaining a successful business.

Protecting Your “A” Factor: 16 Accountability Killers To Avoid

It’s easy to assume that you’re an accountable person if you don’t tell outrageous lies and generally follow through on your commitments. But Julie Miller and Brian Bedford say that even small lapses can affect the way others see you. Here, they list 16 common “accountability killers” you might otherwise be tempted to overlook.

10 Tips for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints During The Holiday Rush

The holiday shopping season is a veritable minefield of potential customer complaints. Ron Kaufman offers advice on how to handle those complaints so that your unhappy customers become customers for life.

5 Truths Of Competing With Big Box Stores

Many independent retailers despair when faced with superstores taking chunks of their market; meanwhile those determined to stay and willing to adapt find ways to coexist and thrive. Here are five retail truths local retailers can employ in competing against big box stores.

Why Consumer Brands Need To Keep An Eye On Their eCommerce Channel

If you’re a brand that is utilising eCommerce sites, don’t sit back and assume things are taken care of. Shailendra Nagarajan of DataWeave shares that with effective brand analytics, you can gain back control of your brand and of your products.

Thinking About Starting A Creative Agency? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Have you been freelancing for a while and haven’t grown to your full potential? This article will get you on the path toward your own creative agency.

13 Habits That May Be Sabotaging Your Career

Some of your bad habits may actually be sabotaging your career. Whether it’s office gossip or playing around on Facebook, it’s time to kick these bad habits to the curb. Read on, and discover which bad work habits may be getting in the way of your next promotion.

3 Ways A Business Leader Gets People To Follow

Don Rheem, author of "Thrive By Design: The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures", looks at three ways a company leader can get people to follow, and do so without being punitive and domineering.

Cash Crunch? 5 Unconventional Ways To Fund Your Startup

If you have the proper motivation, standards, hustle, and a dash of imagination, you can find funding in streams most people never consider, says Daniel Pigg of Indiana State University.

How To Be A Dog Of A Leader… In A Good Way

The old adage of ‘one bad apple makes the whole bunch go bad’ really does apply when it comes to work culture, says Dr. Warren Harmer, author of "Business Planning for Small Business".

7 Tips To Follow When Hiring Start-Up Employees

Searching for the right employee can be as difficult as finding the perfect partner. There are, however, some useful tips to follow when hiring staff members. Nicole Davies, online content executive at, offers some.