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Be A Manager And A Leader: A Win-Win Formula For Startups

Paul Naybour looks at the differences between managers and leaders, and what you can do to lead and be great at both because getting it together is better for everyone.

5 Ways Small Business Owners Plan Intelligently For Retirement

Preparing financially for retirement can be complicated for anyone, but for small business owners the process often poses even more challenges, points out Troy Bender, President and CEO at Asset Retention Insurance Services Inc.

Leadership Through A Transparent Lens

By Conor Delaney, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Good Life Advisors Fiduciary responsibility is a two-way street paved with trust. Trust that the client is...

Tips For The Best Employee Onboarding

A poor employee onboarding experience only promotes disconnection and disloyalty in the workplace, leading to an increase in staff turnover and hiring expenses, and a simultaneous decline in productivity and total revenue.

The Human Factor In Disruptive Leadership: 5 Tips To Help Your Team In Transition

Here are five tips on disruptive leadership that can help CEOs manage employees, company leaders and board members when leading a business through disruption.

Theft In Your Own Business: Some Practical Tips

If you own a business and you've begun to hire employees, it's time to start worrying about employee theft, if only because there are some issues you should contemplate before serious problems arise.

8 Ways To Deal With A Boss You Don’t Get Along With

Not every boss in your career will see eye to eye with you on work issues, and some might have a management style that clashes with your personality. If you’re stuck in this position, try some of these tips for dealing with a difficult boss.

Do You Put Clients Last? Ten Ways You May Be Failing Your Customers

Joseph Callaway points out ten ways well-meaning business owners may be selling their customers short — and shares the deceptively simple solution to erasing these habits once and for all.

Five Strategies To Grow Your Business And Get More Clients

Growing your business, or trying to get new clients, can be hard. It doesn’t always have to be. Maureen Gharrity, CEO and founder of Finding Your Way Coaching shares a few strategies to take your business revenue to the next level.

Three Ways To Prevent Data Loss And Strengthen Cyber Security

Cybercrime is a growing problem worldwide, with small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures also vulnerable. That’s why preparing ahead of time is a good idea for small business owners and leaders of new startups. Here are three tips from Bill Carey, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Siber Systems Inc. , that can help you avoid data loss.

What Does High-Impact Mentoring Look Like? 15 Critical Insights That Make The Difference

Connecting experienced leaders with emerging talent in your organization is one of the best ways to attract, retain, and develop high performers. Here's what high-impact mentoring looks like.

Tips For Finding The Right Candidate For Your Company

Finding the right kind of employee might seem challenging at first, but there are of course a few things that can help make this process easier.

How SMBs And Startups Can Utilize The Cloud To Increase Their Bottom Line

Cloud computing offers many compelling advantages that can be game-changers. Mitch Wainer of DigitalOcean shares why.

Segmentation Is Killing Your Brand: Five Reasons To Find Your Unicorn Customer

Segmentation is a fine marketing tactic but it can work against a brand by diluting the brand identity, argues Deb Gabor, author of "Branding Is Sex: Get Your Customers Laid and Sell the Hell Out of Anything".

Knowing When To Outsource Your Customer Service Department

When it comes to outsourcing, it may be easier for the entrepreneur to eventually relinquish brewing the morning coffee to a new receptionist but much harder to know when they should turn over the reins of their company’s lifeblood — their customers.

How To Recruit An All-Star Team For Your Small Business

The first thing that any hiring manger or business owner needs to understand about attracting talent is what today’s job seekers care about. But Nick Murphy, career expert and founder of The Job Lab Podcast says small businesses have advantages in certain areas that can do just that.

Does Your New Year’s Resolution Include Reorganizing Your Data? Cross That Off The List...

Looking to organise your data? Downloading a search engine is a more realistic option to finding data, says Elizabeth Thede, director of sales at dtSearch.

Never Trust And Always Verify

Always clearly understand the specific actions someone wants you to take and the details associated with them when it relates to your performance and your career development, says Francine Parham.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) For Small Business

For SMEs (small-medium sized enterprise), efficiency and integration are key to managing time and processes. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, integrates internal and external information across your entire organization. Monica Shepherd shares how ERP work for small businesses.

A Closer Look At Different Materials Used In 3D Printing

3D printing has come a long way since its inception and has made numerous contributions in the field of manufacturing and medicine. Gaurav Sharma of CG Trader looks at the most popular 3D printing materials to give you a clear idea of what you should choose depending on how you’re using it.

How Automation Can Help You Optimize Your Organization’s Spend 

Automation allows leverages in several ways through which organizations can optimize their spend and have greater control.

Customer Success Metrics: More Than A Number

SaaS companies must invest in their relationships with their customers, determining what success looks like for each company and aligning on shared goals and metrics, says Allison Yount, Director of Customer Success at Scout RFP.

Leading Creativity – How To Capitalize On Creativity And Drive Innovation (Part I)

Being creative is sexy, says Nigel Collin. Collin will be speaking at the upcoming ad:tech Singapore conference, happening on Jun 16-17 next week.
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Convert Your Unique Selling Proposition To Their Reality 

Your unique selling proposition should succinctly capture the essence, strengths, and uniqueness of your product or service.   

Taking The Plunge – 5 Steps To Recruiting Your First Employees For Your Business

One of the crucial steps in getting your business up and running is to hire your first employees. How do you find the exact person that you are looking for? Maria Borg, director of Thinking Forward shares 5 key steps to help you get started.

Technology Gives Remote Workers A Way To Communicate, But Something Is Missing

One of the fundamental components to successful teamwork is communication, even for remote work. Clint Padgett shares some tips to help you manage and lead remote workers.

6 Ways Your Business Processes Could Be Hurting Your Business

In today’s world of hyper-connectivity and soaring customer expectations, streamlined and transparent business processes are more important than ever. Nick Candito, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Progressly looks at a few business process challenges that plague companies across nearly every industry.

So You’re Not The Boss? Here’s How You Can Still Be A Leader

Can an employee who holds no supervisory job title be an effective leader — before being entrusted with managing people? Grant Parr, author of "The Next One Up Mindset: How To Prepare For The Unknown"

No More Drama: How To Get Accountability Right In The Workplace

Getting accountability right in the workplace continues to be a challenge in organizations of all sizes, Jennifer T Long shares some tips.

Every Brand Name Sucks: How To Choose A Great Brand Name Despite Its Flaws

There are only so many names out there in today’s competitive world of business - don’t lose a great name over a small issue that may not impact your business at all, says Grant Polachek, Director of Marketing at