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The Next Big Thing Is Not You.


I gave this presentation at the The Next Big Bang event over the weekend, addressing what I think are possible trends over the next few years to a group of bloggers, social media enthusiasts and startup folks. Actually I didn’t think of putting it up here, but the presentation got some decent mileage on SlideShare, so I thought – what the heck.

My The Digital Movement buddy Howie Chang presented on how designed experiences will play a big role in the future, whatever the future may bring. I was also captivated by Jon Yongfook Cockle‘s latest project Littlecosm, which is essentially a mashup of Twitter with sentiment analysis and incorporated into a casual game featuring retro 8-bit graphics. It’s gamification working at play (or playing at work?).

The future is starting to look really fun.

A big thanks to Claudia of 24seven Communications for organizing the event.



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