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Ari Galper On Overcoming Your Fear Of Selling

Sales expert Ari Galper.
Sales expert Ari Galper.

If it takes balls to make a cold sales call, surely it must take balls of steel to do so with hundreds of people watching and listening in.  But that’s exactly what sales expert Ari Galper did during a recent “Sales Breakthrough” event in Los Angeles. In front of a live audience, Ari turned dead-end leads into warm sales prospects, and supposedly demonstrated that it is possible to eliminate the fear of rejection in sales.

Galper has developed a system for selling – called Unlock The Game – that revolves around encouraging business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to adopt an honest approach to selling. “The fears people feel with regards to selling come from their old sales belief system,” says Galper.  “Unlock The Game eliminates the need for sales scripts and outdated sales methods completely.  It is no longer what you are selling, it’s about the way in which you sell that matters.”

“The secret is to not get nervous and to remain centered in the mindset of overcoming rejection and realizing it can be eliminated,” adds Galper.

If you’re involved in selling – and any startup founder should be – but suck at it, check out Galper’s Unlock The Game.


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