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small & queen


Usually I rant and rave about poor customer service (such as the one against a particular local bank), but I’d like to share about extraordinary service and savvy marketing when I come across it.

I recently wrote about pushcart businesses. Small&Queen is a pushcart business located on the 2nd floor of Suntec City between Towers 3 & 4, very near giant hypermart Carrefour. It peddles a variety of fashionwear and accessories targeted at women, especailly a range of self-designed ladies’ handbags.  It was this range of handbags that caught my fiancee’s eye, who was on a hunt for a suitable birthday present for her mum.

The two lady operators stood by politely and smiled (i.e. they didn’t harrass us) as even we fingered and rifled through their goods. We were torn between two different designs and just about settled on one when they – whom I’m pretty sure are the owners – complicated things further by politely mentioning that both designs came in two colours each.  They patiently unwrapped these bags – which were kept in storage – and showed them to us. They asked if it was for my fiancee or a gift for someone else, and to cut a long story short both ladies helped us make a smart and informed purchase and made us felt special.

Icing on the cake – they had a gift wrapping service!

Some points I picked out:

1. They had an intimate knowledge of their products, and the type of customers their products appealed to.

2. A gift wrapping service provided convenience, which showed that they had their customer in mind. We didn’t even mind paying for the added service.

3. Politeness and helpfulness (not the kind of eagerness that oozes from overzealous salesmen hungry for a sale) goes a long way.

4. They were well-located outside the restrooms (like I recommended previously), which we spotted after our toilet break.

As Small&Queen has shown, you don’t need to go to be a 5-star hotel to provide great service.  Many bigger businesses should take note and learn.

Ms Elsie Koh and Ms Toh Chin Chin, it was a pleasure being served by you.



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