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10 Economic Concepts Everyone Needs To Understand

Whether you work as an economist or you try your best to ignore the bad financial news and your bank account, economics is at work in your life. Knowing these concepts will benefit you whether you're 18 or 80 and will help you be a better, more informed consumer and employee.

Which Online Advertising Platform Offers The Most Bang For Your Buck?

With various online advertising platforms in the mix, which boasts the most bang for your buck? Jennifer Hahn Masterson shares four metrics for advertising effectiveness.

5 Legal Mistakes To Avoid

Vivek Jayaram, founder and president of Jayaram Law Group highlights five common trademark-related mistakes made by entrepreneurs and tips for how they could have avoided them.

How To Effectively Market Content As A Startup

Startups tend to have a misconception that only bigger businesses with bigger resources can reap the greatest benefits from content marketing. Gary Nissim, Managing Director at Indago Digital, shares how startups can execute a well-crafted content strategy as well.

The Power Of Mind Mapping In Decision Making

Mind maps can help you visualize and document all connected information to a decision, and will guide your analysis of the situation, with clear documentation of pros, cons, risks, resources and outcomes. Joel Roberts of Seavus shares more.

Seven Things Every Leader Should Stop Doing In 2021

If you want to thrive in the new world of work, you’ve got a lot to learn — and a lot to unlearn. Ed Hess suggests you make quitting those outdated (and harmful) leadership behaviors your resolution for the upcoming year.

How To Create Job Families

Job families offer a useful and objective measure to group employees, organise human resource systems, and compare and contrast in a way that really makes sense to every party involved.

How To Build Your Personal Brand – 8 Tips

In today’s ever-connected, cached-forever world, your personal brand affects who hires you, who fires you, who follows you, and who trolls you, which is particularly important to remember as you enter the job market. Pamela Webber, Chief Marketing Officer at 99designs shares some simple steps that can help you create a personal brand to be proud of that reflects who you are and where you’re going.

What Automation Technology Can Do For Your Finance Department

Implementing automation technology into the finance function offers a business’s finance leader and their team the luxury of focusing more on strategy than on processes and deadlines.

The 5 Core Values That All Great Leaders Have

Having strong core values and making sure one’s actions and one’s business aligns with them has a profoundly healthy and positive influence on an organization. Shawn Vij, author of "Moral Fiber: Awakening Corporate Consciousness" shares the five key values that outstanding leaders share.

Starting And Growing A Small Business In The Midst Of Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, a new business owner should carefully evaluate three things: business relationships, business credit, and how to fund current and future operations during a worst-case scenario.

Top 5 Lessons Learned From Tax Season 2018 

Steve Moskowitz of San Francisco-based tax law firm of Moskowitz LLP shares top lessons from this past tax season, offering guidance for the year ahead.

The Effects Of Workplace Bullying On Younger Workers

Workplace bullying has intensified during COVID-19 and can occur in any workplace, or industry. Younger people are certainly more susceptible, says Kate Molloy of Weir Consulting.

3 Reasons Why Failure Is Essential For Success 

There are many upsides to embracing failure and knowing how to manage it. Here are three reasons why failure is essential for success. 

Dealing With Distressed Clients: Nine Ways To Stop Dreading Them… And Start Helping Them

If you’re like most businesspeople, you’d do almost anything to avoid a fearful, tearful, or angry client. Joseph Callaway, who has helped many people through the worst times of their lives, urges you to change the way you view these customers in distress. Not only might you change their lives, you might change yours.

9 Ways To Deal With A Coworker Who Doesn’t Like You

Whether a coworker doesn’t like you or you perceive that you are not liked by a coworker does not change the end result - the work environment will be toxic. Meysa Maleki shares nine ways to deal with a coworker who doesn't like you.

Five Ogres And An Angel: Guarding The Gates Of Organizational Improvement

Who are the ogres guarding the gates organizational improvement? By “ogre” we are referring to obstacles.

Upskilling Your Workforce For Remote Work: 5 Best Practices

Alexandra Goger, SharePoint and Office 365 Evangelist at Iflexion shares five essential practices you can apply to help your staff keep at the top of their game, in and out of the office.

Why Building a Culture of Trust Will Boost Employee Performance — And Maybe Even...

If your employees don’t trust leaders, they won’t feel safe—and when they don’t feel safe, they spend all their creative energy covering their butts. (Hint: This is terrible for business!) The new book, Unusually Excellent, offers some tips on how to build your employee “trust fund”…starting now.

How Brands Can Build A Positive Reputation And Grow Customer Loyalty In 2023

Growing customer loyalty and building a positive brand reputation is more important than ever these days.

5 AI Trends That Will Shape Your Business In 2021

Christa Martin shares some of the fundamental considerations for businesses to understand prior to undertaking the deployment AI for audience segmentation.

The Path To Accomplishing True Scalability In SaaS Applications

Achieving true scalability, and not just pouring money into infrastructure expansion, is the only way a business will survive and grow.  

8 Ways To Keep Employees Motivated After Failed Raise Negotiations

When figuring out how to keep employees motivated, it’s important to consider what staff members need and what the company can do for them.

The Sound Of Your Brand: Auditory Marketing As Part Of A Cohesive Brand 

Music elicits emotion, which contributes to a powerful brand experience. The right music for a brand can forge positive associations and elicit the desired emotional response from consumers.

The Five Most Important Non-Verbal Communications Tactics For The Workplace

Do the top leaders and successful managers use specific non-verbal communications skills and tactics to maximize on-the-job performance & professional success? You bet they do! Darlene Price, author of “Well Said!: Presentations and Conversations That Get Results“, shares five non-verbal communications tactics for achieving maximum performance in the workplace:

Mistakes To Avoid When Pivoting Your Brand Online

Many businesses have been forced to adapt their offering to service customers online. Shayne Tilley, Head of Marketing at 99designs shares the mistakes that come from pivoting too hastily.

20 Hidden Marketing Techniques That Make Consumers Spend More

It's no secret that certain marketing tricks exist to help separate you from more of your money. Take a look at these 20 hidden marketing techniques designed to make you spend more, and be prepared next time you shop.

24 Phrases That Are Totally Holding You Back At Work

May Habib, co-founder and CEO of Writer shares 24 examples of the words and phrases we say that we should catch and fix every day.

10 Top Trends In Branding In 2021

2021 brings a lot of opportunities for brands to shape how they are communicating with their audiences. Danielle Yuthas of SpeedPro shares some trends.

You Got the Job – Now How Do You Negotiate Salary?

Some employers feel that they can probably get away with a lowball offer, and many job hunters will grab it just so they can have a job. The truth is there are ways to get the job and still get what you want.