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Content And FaceBook Groups

Note to marketers:

Creating a FaceBook group is the easy part.

Inviting people to join the group is not too difficult either (especially if there’s a really good cause behind it).

Keeping people interested, however, is extremely tough.  Key to keeping people? Content. Regular, relevant content that incite and maintain conversations.

I was invited to join this FaceBook group. It has a great cause. To my disappointment, it was utterly devoid of content – no images, no discussion topics. Nothing.

Needless to say,  there really wasn’t anything for me to join.

Tip: Add some good content that will spark off initial conversations (for the above group, a discussion thread that asks people what are the key reasons they don’t have time to spend with their families), BEFORE you start inviting members. People like to see activity.

Here’s an example, in my opinion, of a great FaceBook group in Singapore.


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