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Eight Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Serious About Reaching Connected Consumers

Annie Tsai, author of "The Small Business Online Marketing Handbook", explains why all small businesses need to create a thoughtfully crafted online presence and offers eight strategies to help them get started.

Why Startups Should Focus On Software Testing

‘Software Testing’, or specifically the lack thereof, is one of the answers of why startups fail. Hardik Shah, Tech Consultant at Simform insists software testing is critical.

How Efficient Communications Are Damaging Projects

While efficiency in communications is great for busy executives and companies, it is terrible for projects, especially when it comes to communicating about the project with others, says Russell Harley, veteran project manager and Director at PMO.

Consulting Sucks (Sometimes): 15 Ugly Truths To Ponder Before You Take The Leap

You've always thought consulting would be a great way to make money. And it can be. But before you quit your day job, take heed: consulting also has a dark side, and Elaine Biech is here to uncover some of its uglier truths.

Serkan Toto’s Pitching the Press – The Way of the Startup

Techcrunch's first and only Asia-based writer Dr. Serkan Toto gave a talk to local and regional web and tech entrepreneurs on how to pitch their startups to the press at the recent SingTel Accelerate event. Here are his 12 tips.

Nine “Resolutions” For Creating The Best Odds For Business Success In 2013

At the beginning of a new year, many business owners find comfort in performing a post-mortem of the year gone by. Entrepreneur and author Bill McBean explains why it is much more productive to look ahead at what needs to be done in the year to come.

7 Tips For Firing People The Right Way

As a manager or founder, sometimes you have to put your feelings aside to do what’s best for the company. Here are seven tips for firing someone the right way.

Why Website Structure Matters

Without a clearly defined structure, your website will simply be a miscellaneous collection of pages that are impossible to navigate. Joe Cox, Content Director at Superb Digital shares why it's important to look at website structure.

Five Sensible Business Lessons You Must Learn to Embrace — No App Necessary!

No, you can’t download good old-fashioned common sense onto your phone or tablet… but you can develop it with practice. Michael Feuer, author of "The Benevolent Dictator", offers a few commonsense guidelines no one should do business without.

Three Things You’ll Need In Order To Start A Charity

Wanting to start a charitable organization is an honorable pursuit. But you need to make sure you know what you’re doing - co-owner and Chief Strategy Officer at BlueCotton, Brad Wayland shares where to start.

Six Tips For Firing Compassionately

To avoid negative repercussions (such as a wrongful termination lawsuit), all companies large or small should have a procedure in place for properly firing employees. Rob Wilson, CEO of Employco USA, offers a five-step process.

Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone? Then You Can’t Lead In The...

COVID-19 has disrupted the business world. In this new landscape, how business leaders process and react to new challenges will be crucial, says Dr. Jim White, founder and president of JL White International.

Want The Best Business Card Ever? Write A Book

Whenever someone asks Marsha Friedman for advice on the best way to promote their business or themselves, her answer is always the same: Write a book.

Are Your Business’ Marketing Efforts Without Lift-Off? Here’s Why.

For every published case study of successful marketing or advertising, there are hundreds of failed campaigns, muffed trials and fumbled ideas. Denise Kohnke, author of "All Of The Other Marketing Books Are Crap" shares the four possible reasons why marketing efforts never get off the ground.

Hiring New Talent? Seven Ways To Spot Entrepreneurial DNA

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey explain why entrepreneurial DNA is the most important quality a job seeker can possess and share seven ways to identify it during an interview.

4 Tips To Build A Deep Virtual Bench Of Talent

Winning teams – in sports, business and in all areas of life – have deep benches. Keith Johnstone, Head of Marketing of Peak Sales Recruiting shares 4 ways to build a strong virtual bench in your organisation.

How Women In Leadership Roles Can Change The Workplace

Andi Simon, author of "On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights" shares some of the ways women can succeed when leading an organization and make the workplace more attentive to the needs of both men and women.

Should You Build Out Features Or Create A New Product?

When deciding what the next step in your product or app development should be, ask yourself: Do your users really want more features, or are their requests signaling a deeper problem? Adam Root, founder and CTO of Hiplogiq, explains.

How To Choose The Most Efficient Office Layout For Your Business

An efficient office layout is extremely important for any startup company. You want a layout that will save you money now as well as in the future and encourage maximum productivity from your employees and improve their satisfaction in the workplace, says Colby Fisher of Skutchi Designs.

Congrats On Your Acquisition! Some Thoughts On Data Integration And More.

Earlier this year, data management services provider Datacastle acquired another company’s assets. Datacastle CEO Ron Faith shares his company's journey in integrating the data of the two operations.

3 Ways to Protect Your Ideas

Protecting ideas begins with smart decisions before launch. Jordan Erskine shares three actions to lock up ideas and set businesses up for success.

5 ‘P’s” For Your Social Media Marketing Success

by Jeremy Juhasz, social media strategist at EMSI Public Relations Small businesses and nonprofits face a different set of circumstances when it comes to social media marketing...

Disrupt The Disruption: How Businesses Can Meet COVID-Forced Changes Head On

Change that disrupts the economy is nothing new – with or without a pandemic. Juan Riboldi, president of Ascent Advisor shares some ways businesses can meet the changes caused by COVID-19 head on.

10 Ways To Promote Your Small Business For Free

There are plenty of ways to promote your small business for free. Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies shares 10 simple but effective tactics.

How You And Your Staff Can Stand Out In The New Relationship Economy

To stand out in the new Relationship Economy, businesses need to teach staff what kindness looks like and how to show others they care, says John DiJulius, president of The DiJulius Group.

How To Choose The Right Tools To Manage Your Remote Team

Remote work not only benefits employees by cutting down on travel and helping them secure work-life balance but also has a big impact on a firm’s bottom line, says Karthik Sridharan, co-founder & CEO at Flexiple,

Is Your Desk Keeping You From a Promotion? 5 Ways to Show You Mean...

How you decorate and organize your workspace says a lot about you, and it sends a powerful message to your boss and co-workers about your commitment to your job and ability to do your work. Gary Austin of Gary Austin Advertising advises these changes to show that you’re up to the challenge.

4 Of The Best Small Business Tools To Use In 2020

There are a lot of different small business tools out there that can help SMBs maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and run as smoothly as possible.

How To Recruit An All-Star Team For Your Small Business

The first thing that any hiring manger or business owner needs to understand about attracting talent is what today’s job seekers care about. But Nick Murphy, career expert and founder of The Job Lab Podcast says small businesses have advantages in certain areas that can do just that.

Looking For A Reseller? Keep These 3 Tips In Mind To Find The Right...

If you’re in the market for hardware, how do you know what to look for in a reseller? What’s the best way to determine which one is right for you and your company? Tony Tembunde, Director at Network-Guarantee, shares three tips that can help.