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Property Finds A New Home



What: Findpropertysg, a new online portal for Singapore property buyers and sellers. The site provides home owners, sellers and real estate agents DIY (Do-It-Yourself) marketing tools to gain more exposure online for their properties.

Who: Started by Alvin Tan and Laurent Ho, two 27 year-olds who work in IT-related industries. “We had difficulties searching through messy classified ads in the papers for property advertisements and decided that there was a more interactive and user-friendly way to do it,” Alvin said.

Why: Like the founders pointed out, it’s far easier to search online than pore through the classifieds. The latest property news adds real value, while community features such as live chat makes it a little more interesting than plain vanilla, interest-group sites. Best of all, it’s currently free to use, although things may change in the future. The site is also looking at contributing a certain percentage of transactions to charity.

We say: It’s still early days – Findpropertysg is in beta – but the site should be see a lot more traffic and activity once it’s officially launched and when the local property market gets out of the current doldrums. Paying some attention to branding should help too – It’s a pity to limit its own growth to the local market, as it may scale a lot better if it includes properties in the region as well.


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