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The Tech65 crew celebrating the recording of their 65th podcast. (From L-R): Jerrick, Daniel, Farinelli, Kai Yi and NTT.

Who? Tech65.org, featuring Tech65bits and Channel65.

What? Tech65 covers the latest consumer technology news through their weekly videocast channel Channel65 and podcast channel Tech65bits, from a uniquely Singaporean perspective.

Why? The Tech65 crew – co-founders Daniel Tsou and Jerrick Lim, along with Wong “Farinelli” Renhao, Chinmay “NTT” Pendharkar and Kai Yi – brings an almost irreverent, wacky feel to amateur tech journalism. Think Gizmodo on a video/audio channel, or CNET on LSD.

We interview the boys after the break.

YUP: So guys, why Tech65?

Daniel: 65 is Singapore’s country code, so Tech65 is basically technology information, whether news, discussions or how-tos, from a Singaporean perspective! Oh, you mean why we did it? Well, we love to talk about technology, and personally I’ve been in more than 1 situation where what I know about technology has improved the life of somebody else, so I know this is something we should be doing with this gift we have.

Jerrick: Tech65 was created as a labour of love. We love technology, and informing the masses. It’s not only meant to provide the latest news, but also to be a place where people can share and express their thoughts on technology and how it can affect them and their communities.

Farinelli: I got to know about Tech65 because Daniel was my church mate, and after he linked my online alias to my cute round face he invited me onto the show. I’ve been there ever since. In Tech65, I join forces with fellow audiophile NTT to rule with 4 iron ears, as well as help out with video production, as well as shamelessly turn up at most of the events we’re invited to.

NTT: I’ve been listening to many podcasts during my university days, and was looking for some local content to listen to. I found Tech65 when I was googling for Singaporean podcasts and I started following them. Dan and Jerrick asked their listeners to join in recording which they used to do on a MacBook at the Starbucks in Suntec. So I went down to meet the guys, and ended up joining the discussion. Our passion for technology gave rise to a great chemistry and thus I requested and joined Tech65.

YUP: What’s the game plan for Tech65?

Daniel: We’re going to focus on our content. Today, what Tech65 provides is just the tip of the iceberg of the tips, tricks, and experiences with consumer products that would greatly aid people in deciding which is the best product to buy, or, more importantly, help people get the most out of what they already own. And we’ll keep enlarging that container, which is our shows, that we use to share that knowledge.

Jerrick: Tech65’s plan all along is just to provide the best content possible to our customers. Whether it be a video, a podcast, or article, we’re simply looking to provide the best that we can to anyone and everyone interested. The future will hold many exciting opportunities and we’re looking to multiple means to continually improve our content and expand the repertoire. Keep your eyes peeled!

Farinelli: I think as technology improves, we also wish to gradually offer options of higher-quality content to listeners, higher bit rate audio and higher resolution videos.

NTT: When it comes to audio and sound, we take it upon ourselves, the duty to correct and make worth listening, ALL audio in the world. I am the guy who you’d see cringing at a concert when one of the speaker distorts, and the one who’d run to the mixing console to level the mic properly when you can’t hear the vocals. A bit extreme maybe, but we like it that way.

YUP: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Daniel: I’m the one in the group that’s most obsessed with mobile gadgets like mobile phones, mp3 players etc. So much so I surf the net on my phone more than on my Mac! Like Jerrick, I’m currently serving my national service.

Jerrick: I’m 19 turning 20 this year, am the most passionate one of the group and can be a little bit of dramatic. My varied interests include music, international affairs, Italian food and bad American sitcoms. I’m also tech65’s co-founder with Daniel and am basically the show’s chilli padi. I may look freaking ugly, but I pack quite a punch. 😉

Farinelli: Like Daniel and Jerrick I’m also 19.5 years old… I like tech (can’t be helped, really), music (where I got my audiophilic nature) and anime (where I found my love for most things Japanese). I’m the next most dramatic person after Jerrick, often joining him when he randomly breaks out in song and dance.

NTT: I am an underpaid overworked software engineer who loves technology beyond his job. My affair with technology started when I was in the university and I have never looked back since. My background in computers and embedded systems does show a lot in the shows, when I tend to go on tangents dealing with technical details and “cheem” stuff. Along with the hardcore technical stuff, I also like to dabble in the internet technologies, social networks, photography, and all the newer forms of “lesser” technology. :p

YUP: If there’s one thing you can change in this world, what would that be and how do you think Tech65 can help you achieve that change?

Daniel: As they say, love makes the world go round. There aren’t enough people out there that understand the power of love. Not just that romance stuff you see on TV, but also love life and things you do. Tech65 is driven purely by love. Love for what we do, that is. I believe the Tech65 I see today, no matter how small, is a testimony of that love. Many people have difficulty understanding why we spend so much time and effort to do this despite our other commitments and the amount of tangible rewards we actually receive from doing this. The truth is getting to do what we do is the best reward we can get, and if it wasn’t for that passion, Tech65 wouldn’t have lasted more than a month. I hope that through the success of Tech65, people will realise that the most important thing you need to succeed is actually love.

Jerrick: I believe that my impact on the world may be on a stage that is bigger than me as a person. I aspire to leave a legacy, and Tech65 is all about creating something for posterity. Even if it means making a bit of a fool of myself sometimes, its all in the name of entertainment and informing the masses. I think Tech65 can go some way in helping me achieve that goal, it has given me some confidence when speaking to a mike, it has made me aware of the various intricacies of dealing with media in any form, and mostly it has given me the opportunity to work with and interact with some of Singapore’s foremost bloggers, and local industry insiders.

Farinelli: I think there are too many yes-men and no-men in this world – people who accept everything, and people who cynically shun everything. Some people say that having too many why-men would put the world in a perpetual state of argument, but I think leaders who will move these situations along will rise. People have to be more inquisitive about their surroundings. And after that has been satisfied, be more accepting about them. I hope that as people watch the gang and I jump comfortably from cars to couches, or from soldering to soldiering, they will be motivated to question the world more, in order to better understand it better. And also listen to better music, for goodness’ sake. 😛

NTT: I think there is a lot of confusion and fear about technology with the people in general. Many people are afraid of using and playing with the technological gadgets and equipment they come in contact with everyday. There is this widespread belief that technology is complicated and difficult to understand. I absolutely disagree – I believe technology can be appreciated and understood by everyone as easily as it is for us. A greater understanding and knowledge about technology would allow people to use their equipment and gadgets easily and with great efficiency. The wonder of automation and conveniences that technology has provided for us are not that difficult to bring into our lives, and I believe Tech65 can achieve just that. We want to make technology accessible to people, something they can understand and use to their benefits. We want to make everyone enjoy technology and it’s use just like we do. That’s something we are looking forward to doing at Tech65, by creating content that is consumable by everyone and anyone to give them better idea and understanding of technology.