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Guest Blogger Finder – Bloggers Finding Bloggers


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Tom Schmitz recently dropped me an email to announce his newly launched Guest Blogger Finder, a directory or database that matches bloggers with guest blogging opportunities. Not sure what that means? Essentially it is a free service that matches bloggers with blogging opportunities, and designed to help people find talented bloggers that readers want to read.

There are two aspects to Guest Blogger Finder. If you’re a blogger looking for blogging opportunities, you can sign up as a guest blogger and join the email list of writers. On the other hand if you’re looking for guest bloggers, you sign up with guest blogging opportunities to submit an opportunity to be added to the email blast. Tom emails available opportunities periodically to the guest blogger database.

“I started Guest Blogger Finder after trading a couple emails with Peter Shankman of Help a Reporter Out. Being a social media consultant, I know that lots of people want to include guest blogging on their own sites but are not sure how to reach beyond their personal networks to find experts. I realized that the HARO model could help,” Tom explains.

Personally, I think that Help a Reporter Out is a lot useful than Guest Blogger Finder. Maybe it’s my PR background, but I reckon there are far more reporters and publicists trying to reach one another as opposed to bloggers looking for opportunities (or vice versa). This tedious manual process can also be simplified by some talented code monkey, making the search for guest bloggers or blogging opportunities a lot easier.

However if you’re looking out for bloggers or blogging opportunities, do check it out.

To find out more, do contact Tom at tom at guestbloggerfinder dot com.