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TeknoUp, A Gadget And Tech Resource In Indonesian, for Indonesians

Where can you read the latest gadget and tech news in Bahasa Indonesian? TeknoUp fills up that gap and is looking successful. Apparently, the gadget review site is specifically targeted at Indonesian tech lovers.

The Intersect Fund – Small (Business) Is The New Big

The Intersect Fund is a non-profit microlender that aims to provide small businesses in New Jersey with loans - from $500 to $20,000 - to help get them off the ground.

Prova Crowdsources Advertising Designs For Small Business Owners

David Gash, the CEO of San Diego-based advertising design agency Prova Advertising, created his site with the aim of 'putting advertising in the hands of business owners'.

Sunflower – Always Sunny, Always Different!

Contributing writer Ho Sim Yee dropped by Sunflower - a concept store focusing on unique hand-made, environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious merchandise - to find out what makes it bloom.

Craft Breweries Buck Discount Trend With Seasonal Releases

During a season when most large corporations cut prices in order to entice consumers to spend, craft breweries do quite the opposite - creating and releasing their best (often also the priciest) products that excite their consumers.

Enterprise Messaging Comes Of Age With sqoope

Everybody’s on an instant messaging app these days. Fast, convenient and almost idiot-proof, they allow us to communicate quickly with each other via text, photos,...

Shoutreel – Online Discussions In Reel Time

Shoutreel, an online site that allows you create your own forums and discussion groups, was founded in 2009 by Farooq Yousuf, Ammar Yousuf and Amir Sahib, all of whom work in web development and developed Shoutreel in their free time.

Play By Ear Music School Plays A Beautiful Tune

Play By Ear (PBE) Music School is currently the largest pop and jazz keyboard music school in Singapore. Founded in 2003 by Mr Andrew Yau when he was 23, the school has come a long way since in an incredibly short period of time.

Foldees.com – Crowdsourcing Greeting Card Design

Lau Chak Onn and Alvin Yu are crazy over Threadless T-shirts, and between them they own almost 100 Threadless T-shirts. Threadless prints and sells...

ThriftyComputer.com – A Lesson In Overcoming Obstacles

Elchonon Hellinger has tasted the bitter tears of failure. Hellinger, who founded Miami, Florida-based ThriftyComputer (ThriftyComputer.com) at the age of 19, saw that business crash and burn in early 2009 from inexperience.

BarCamp – The New Conference?

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) office was surprisingly crowded on a Saturday morning. A youngish, somewhat geeky crowd has descended here, of all places, and the air is literally buzzing with excitement. Welcome to BarCamp Singapore 4.

Shoplette Till You Drop

Who: Shoplette What: A social networking site for the avid shopper, where you can share about your latest buys to your network or find out...