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Ogywawa – Sending A Pint Your Way!



I’ll let you in on the latest idea if you buy me a drink.

Ogywawa, one of the latest startups brewed up in Singapore, lets you order a drink for your friend anywhere around the world. You simply log onto the site, order and pay for a drink for someone you know. The person will receive an SMS and can claim the drink from participating outlets anywhere around the world. What an amazingly simple idea!

ogywawa message

Ogywawa is started by Sunil Coushik and Ray Koh. If their names don’t ring a bell, they also happen to be founders of Bubble Motion – the only Singapore-based company to be funded by US-based venture capital heavyweight Sequoia Capital. Talk about serial entrepreneurs – Ogywawa is Sunil’s third startup.

I think Ogywawa is a fun, social idea that has incredible potential (especially since it revolves around friendship and alcohol!). I can see how people will Ogywawa as an excuse for a pickup line…

OK, you can send me a drink now.

Thanks to Bernard Leong and Preetam Rai for inviting me to the beta launch at Le Noir in Clarke Quay! You can also read about Bernard’s view on Ogywawa.