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Zweena Aggregates Your Medical Records For Easy Management

Zweena (www.zweenahealth.com) is an online Personal Health Record (PHR) service for consumers to manage and protect their health records.

SOCIALICO – In A League Of Its Own

Can you put a price on fame? Singapore social application startup SOCIALICO certainly thinks so, with its Facebook game FAME League.

Insync Keeps Your Google Stuff In Sync

Not to be confused with the boy band N'Sync, Manila-based Insync is a synchronization platform for Gmail and Google Apps users that keep files in sync between computers, friends, coworkers and clients.

[Brazil] The Startup Samba: Internet Ventures Boom in “Brasilicon Valley”

There is a new generation of Brazilian tech innovators that is making Silicon Valley sit up and take notice.

How Would You Invest S$10,000?

It's not a very big amount, but I asked three people - an entrepreneur and two investors - what they would do with $10,000...

How An Alumni Helped Unigo.com Get Off The Ground

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but for a student entrepreneur, things can get immeasurably harder. With no money and armed only with an idea,...

EntrepreneurFinder.com – Helping Entrepreneurs Find Talent, Investors And Each Other

Entrepreneur Finder (www.EntrepreneurFinder.com) is a free interactive resource for entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, students and investors to find each other and designed to help startup companies grow.

Why Niche Start-Ups Are Making Waves In 2020

Success in business is all about finding your niche and finding ways to serve it in the best way possible. We look at a few of the innovative start-ups making waves in 2020.

Manage Wedding Invitations With Glö

Taryn Westberg is the founder and CEO of online wedding management site Glö (www.glosite.com), which offers online wedding invitations and streamlined guest communications tools for the modern wedding.

[Infographic] 5 Security Threats You Shouldn’t Worry About (And 5 You Should)

From passwords and the Internet of Everything to nation state cyber warfare and jumping mobile malware, this infographic from WatchGuard helps you gain some security perspective for 2015.

pepperconn’s Groupware Manages Your Social Media From End-To-End

One of the exhibiting startups at Echelon 2010 was pepperconn. We talk to Adrian Teo, founder of pepperconn, about his startup, entrepreneurship and his thoughts on the burgeoning social media scene.

Friendgiftr.com Reinvents The Gift Card Economy

Tinseltown is better known for producing movie stars, but there may be another star in the making in Hollywood, California-based startup Friendgiftr.com.

Om Republic – Apparel That Makes You Go Ommm…

What do people do when they are retrenched from their jobs during the financial crisis? Some, like ex-investment banker turned designer-entrepreneur Min Sim, chose to start their own businesses.

Getting Roound.com Your Mobile Social Profiles

Singapore-based Roound is a mobile social profile management service, if you like, that combines your contacts database and social media information into a single online identity that can be shared online and on mobile devices.

Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC) On Dealing With Data Loss

Contributing writer Caroline Yeung speaks to Felix Chang, managing director of data recovery company Adroit Data Recovery Centre (ADRC), about data recovery and loss.

Autumn Dynasty – A (Brush) Stroke Of Success

Singapore-based Touch Dimensions's Autumn Dynasty is a real-time strategy (RTS) game for iOS and BlackBerry 10 set in a fantasy world heavily influenced by China's Three Kingdoms period.

Run A Bar Or Restaurant? Make Review Sites Work in Your Favor

At first pass, review sites can seem overwhelming, especially if you notice negative feedback about your bar or restaurant. With a little time and effort, however, you can turn these sites into a great tool for getting more customers in the door.

Muecs: Boy Scout Meets Foursquare

echelon 2010 is right round the corner, and we take the chance to catch up with Muecs, one of the technology companies that will feature at the upcoming web technology event.

Washing Stuffed Toys Made Easy With Teddy Needs A Bath!

Founded by mompreneur Nicole Townend, Teddy Needs A Bath! is a first-of-its-kind washer and dryer bag for stuffed toys, allowing you to safely wash them yet keep them protected.

Giift.com – Playing The Right Cards

Touted as the world's largest loyalty and card program network, Giift.com allows users to combine many of the card programs available globally onto one platform, and keep track and manage their accumulated rewards such as points or air miles in one place.

Yoursphere – Safe Online Spheres Of Influence For Kids

Yoursphere is an online social network that is centred around safe and fun rewards-based interactive content and activities for children and young people up to the age of 18, with features dedicated to guarding youth privacy and safety.

Build Your Personalized Travel Journals With Qiito.com

Singapore-based travel startup, Qiito (www.qiito.com) lets its users compile and build a personalized travel journal, complete with images and location. Users can also peruse and "adopt" travelogues compiled by others, making the sharing of travel experiences a lot more social.

RIAH – Hair Today, Help Tomorrow

Melbourne, Australia-based architect Sue Lee Seng may spend her formal hours designing buildings, but she puts some of her free time into RIAH, her hairdressing "business" that contributes 10 percent of revenue towards the non-profit organization Operation Stitches.

A Love for Books Actually

Kenny and Karen have a common, and almost obsessive, passion for books. The couple's first date was spent at the National Library, later followed...

Manga Castle – Online Social Games For Manga Fans

Sylvia Yao and Wu Di are such intense manga and gaming enthusiasts that they decided to start Manga Castle, a social gaming company based on the Japanese style of comics and print cartoons.

All Deals Asia – Aggregating The Best Deals Across Asia

All Deals Asia scouts all the best shopping, entertainment and lifestyle deals available in Southeast Asia and aggregates them on one single website.

PriceArea Is A Price Comparison Search Engine

PriceArea.com is a price comparison start-up that helps Indonesians find and compare products better and faster.

Taiwan’s Tech Start-ups And Culture

When we talked about Asia and Chinese Internet start-ups, we definitely cannot miss Taiwan. If you haven’t already known, renown tech brands like HTC, BenQ and Asus all originated from the country.

The Nübox Way To Computer Retail

Computer retail is big business in Singapore. That's what personal computer retail chain Newstead Technologies is counting on for its growth, especially with its new Apple-focused Nübox concept stores.

AppSumo – Big Deal On Web Tools For Entrepreneurs

Appsumo.com (www.appsumo.com) is a daily deals site that offers deals on software and applications targeted at small businesses.