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Geek Terminal: A Hub for Technopreneurs


geek terminal

Where? Geek Terminal, 55 Market Street, #01-01 Singapore 048941.

What? A cafe that combines the latest technology, free wireless and great coffee, perfect for the travelling road warrior or business executive looking for internet connectivity and cappucino. The latest Cisco Systems‘ Unified Communications System – featuring IP phones with voice and video call capability, integrated firewalls and VPN – generates major geek envy. Co-owner and trained barista Danny Pang brews up some excellent espressos as well.

Why? The preferred gathering place for Singapore’s techopreneurs and bloggers, it resembles a coffee place not unlike one along Silicon Valley’s Sand Hill Road. Spotted during a recent visit: Twinity‘s Andrew Peters, Podfire Podcast Network‘s Michael Cheng, and Thymos Capital and SG Entrepreneurs‘ Bernard Leong. The crazily-fun Tech65 gang also records their podcasts here every Saturday morning. Geek Terminal has even been featured on CNN.

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