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BooksActually – A Local Bookstore That Thrives In A Digital World

BooksActually is an independently run bookstore tucked away far from the madding crowd at 9 Yong Siak Street. It is the result of two individuals united by their passion for the written and printed word – Karen Wai and Kenny Leck.

Top 9 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Australia

There has been a rapid increase in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Australia over the past five years.

Shiroube.com Finds Local Guides For Travelers

Shiroube (www.shiroube.com) is a site that connects intrepid travelers to local residents anywhere in the world.

VoteForArt.com – Art on College Tees

24-year old Jeremy Parker, president and founder of VoteforArt.com, has always been interested in the idea of creating something out of nothing.

Belly Bandit – Selling Confidence To After-Birth Moms

If necessity was the mother of invention, Lori Caden invented something - out of her own need - that most new mothers would thank her for.

ThoughtBuzz – Measuring Social Media Buzz in Real-Time

How do we measure social media? That question may seem simple, but startup ThoughtBuzz was founded just to answer that question.

Neff Headwear Makes Headway In Fashion And Culture

Shaun Neff started Neff Headwear in 2002 as a clothing company selling shirts and hats - he would buy 99-cent headbands and take a paint pen to them, and giving those to friends to help promote the brand.

LogoMyWay – Designers Do It Their Way

Columbus, Ohio-based LogoMyWay.com is a community site that revolves around client-commissioned contests for crowd-sourced professional logo designs.

MyTimeWall.com – Collaborating Memories On A Timeline

Would you leave a high-paying consultancy job to run a startup? Shawn Cheong and Joseph Chua did, and founded an online social networking and life-blogging service mashup, myTimeWall.com.

TradeHero – Making And Following Stock Market Champions

TradeHero is a stock market simulation app for mobile devices that draws real-time data from 14 stock exchanges, 45,000 global securities and 1,300 currency pairs and allows users to simulate trades in game form.

ELOHIM: God-Inspired Fashion

Early this year during the Audi Fashion Festival, featured alongside fashion heavyweights Gareth Pugh, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix and Marc Jacobs was a little known local label called ELOHIM.

Post Bounties for Work And Feedback On BountyIt.com

Los Angeles, California-based BountyIt (www.bountyit.com) is an online service which lets you post a bounty to crowdsource work, as well as for comments and feedback.

Rochor Beancurd – Bean There, Done That?

30 year-old Singaporean Jason Koh did something totally unthinkable to many in his generation - he eschewed his very respectable IT degree from Queensland University of Technology and a systems engineer job to sell beancurd.

There’s Something Abuzz With GoodBuzz

Mawuna Koutonin is the founder of London-based GoodBuzz, and his story is the stuff of dreams.

Make And Save Your OwnSkin

OwnSkin.com is a website that allows users to customize their mobile phones by making their own mobile phone content such as themes (also known as skins) and wallpapers.

TeknoUp, A Gadget And Tech Resource In Indonesian, for Indonesians

Where can you read the latest gadget and tech news in Bahasa Indonesian? TeknoUp fills up that gap and is looking successful. Apparently, the gadget review site is specifically targeted at Indonesian tech lovers.

Towards An Intel-ligent Future

We recently got a glimpse at what chip maker Intel has been up to - an "intelligent future", if you like - and here we recap some of what we saw.

Zweena Aggregates Your Medical Records For Easy Management

Zweena (www.zweenahealth.com) is an online Personal Health Record (PHR) service for consumers to manage and protect their health records.

LittleLives – A Social Network For The Little Ones

LittleLives is a social networking site that brings kids together to build global friendships and ignite collaboration, and aims to be one-stop shop for all things education and for children.

Gygan Lets You Store And Transfer Gygan-tic Files

For those of us who use file transfer services like RapidShare.com, YouSendIt.com or 4shared.com, here comes Oakville, Ontario-based Gygan.com.

Singapore Startup AFTERSHOCK PC Guns For Gaming Laptop Market

A new Singapore hardware startup, AFTERSHOCK PC, believes it can compete in the laptop market with its range of custom laptops wholly dedicated for gaming.

Right Skills, Right Time With Skillendar

Ever encountered the frustration of trying to look for a service provider, but unable to find a suitable one based on locality and the availability of the service provider? Skillendar (http://www.skillendar.com) may be able to help.

Footsy – Socking It To Ya Online

Footsy (www.footsy.in) is an e-commerce startup from India that focuses on all kinds of colorful socks. We talk to founders Seema Seth and Pooja Mehta.

Geek Terminal: A Hub for Technopreneurs

Where? Geek Terminal, 55 Market Street, #01-01 Singapore 048941. What? A cafe that combines the latest technology, free wireless and great coffee, perfect for the...

Status Search – Searching Within A Social Network

Lior Levin, who hails from the troubled country of Israel, is one of the co-founders of Status Search, a social status search engine currently in beta that allows users to perform searches within Twitter and Facebook status updates.

TANGS In Second Life, Makes Virtual Worlds Fashionable

Virtual TANGS You don't usually expect fashion retailers to be online trailblazers, yet local retail giant TANGS announced this week that it will be opening...

Storably.com – Peer-to-Peer Marketplace For Renting Storage Or Carpark Space

Storably.com (www.storably.com) is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for parking and storage.

Advice On How To Deliver Excellent Customer Experience

Customer experience might have its roots in the origins of bartering and business, but it remains the most important aspect of commercial success in the digital age.

Castlewood Group – Build It, And They Will Come And Invest.

Castlewood Group offers investors an opportunity to own a part of Nikki Beach Hotel & Spa in Phuket that's due to officially open in early 2015 as the first of its five projects here in Asia.

Psydex – Making Data Psyng

Atlanta-based Psydex believes its online news service Psyng can monitor web chatter to derive useful, coherent data.