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3 Ways To Build Philanthropy Into Your Culture

Creating a culture of giving back doesn’t require a big gesture. It’s about fostering an environment that encourages tiny touchpoints of charity, insists Jason McCann, founder and CEO of VARIDESK.

5 Companies That Could Become The Next Apple

Lewis Robinson looks at the five companies he believes are expected to become the next Apple in the near future.

Hot Desking: The Musical Chairs Of The Creative

Imagine sharing a space with other like-minded individuals who come from all walks of life, who are interested in different professions but are all starting out or even working alone on a freelance basis? If that sounds like an environment that would help you thrive creatively, then hot desking in a collaborative space could be for you.

Valuable Tips For Creating Effective Video Advertising

Video viewing popularity isn’t going to go away anytime soon, which makes it that much more important that companies consider their advertising expenses. Now is the time to make decisions that will bring in more results, especially when it comes to advertising online.

Steve Jobs Managed From The Heart

While Steve Jobs is a business hero of mine whom I admire much, I think it is idiotic for anyone in business to deify...

The Truth About ‘Zero-Hour Contracts’

Whether we would like to acknowledge it or not, zero-hours contracts have an undeniable presence in the working world. But Chloe Hashemi, marketing consultant for film and video production company LAMBDA Films, thinks such arrangements can be exploitative.

Bartering For The Purpose Of Growing One’s Business

The cashless barter system - where goods and services are traded without the need for cash - is an option for business owners looking to grow their business.

Middle-East-Meets-West Provides An Edge For B2B Tech Companies

San Francisco and Tel Aviv are two of the greatest cities in the world for tech, each with a distinct culture and unique benefits to offer. Melissa Lincoln, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Leadspace, explores the similarities and differences.

The Developer Is Everybody’s New Best Friend

I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Roberto of Friendster over lunch today, along with Ben Koe of JamiQ, Howie Chang from TDM, Michael...

Five Unrealistic Expectations We Have Of “Smart” Phones And Other Devices

Our smartphones, tablets, and other devices are technological marvels, but unfortunately, they’ve diverted our attention away from what people can accomplish in conversations. Geoffrey Tumlin shares five unrealistic expectations we have for our digital devices.

Why Active Management Will Prevail Over The Annual Performance Review

The most significant reason is that the annual performance review is simply unable to sustain, measure, or improve employee productivity in the workplace in a way that is effective or engaging for employees.

#GIRLBOSS – Do You Have What It Needs To Be The One?

Women have made great progress in the workplace, but inequality still continues. Vartika Kashyap, Marketing Manager at ProofHub shares

Champing At The Bit: Can You Pay Your Workers In Bitcoin?

The single biggest advantage of bitcoin is its ease of use, but there are downsides and foundational problems to consider if you are interested in making bitcoin payment part of your compensation structure. Rich Meneghello, Adam Bridgers, and Benjamin Ebbink of Fisher Phillips looks at the issues.

Kicking Ass In A Corset: The Jane Austen Toolkit For Every Entrepreneur In A...

Andrea Kayne shares the principles of Austen’s six heroines that every entrepreneur should keep in her toolkit.

3 Simple Ways Productivity Leads To Your Best Self

Improving your productivity is a simple place to begin — and with World Productivity Day upon us, there’s no better time than now to start discovering your best self! Johan Gunnars, CEO and cofounder of Simpliday shares 3 ways to do it.

11 Tips To Help Reluctant Networkers Survive, Connect, And Thrive At Holiday Parties

The holidays are a great time to rekindle old professional relationships and make new ones — but if you’re not a natural connector, you may be resigning yourself to another season of nursing a glass of punch in the corner. Here, Alaina G. Levine shares 11 tips to help you network productively and (relatively) painlessly during this year’s holiday events.

Intuition Is Your Superpower

When you’re in touch with your intuition, you’re more effective — and you’re less stressed, insists Sue Hawkes, CEO of YESS! and author of "Chasing Perfection".

Will NFC Technology Take Off In Singapore?

Nokia in Singapore recently announced various initiatives that showcased interesting applications of NFC technology.

You Lead You – Great Leadership Starts With Yourself

To be a great leader, you need to recognize and embrace your own faults. Minter Dial shares three reasons why great leadership starts with you.

Survival Tips From A Seasoned Digital Nomad Who Made It Out The Other Side

Martin Hunter and his wife Jinky, quit their jobs, sold their belongings and embarked on a 5 year adventure in 13 different countries in Asia. While on the road they founded an IT company, which they have since sold, and a New York based event finding platform Free Event Finder. He shares that experience.

Rejecting The New Normal

Rejecting the new normal is about finding a balance - and then letting your employees find their best path forward to renewed collaboration, says Rohan Thambrahalli, the Founder and President at UpstartWorks.

Every Woman Needs To Feel Empowered

An empowered woman seeks out her passions and purpose, serves her community as a leader and role model and her self-care is a main priority, says Cheryl Wood, CEO of Personal Power Enterprises and author of "The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship".

[INTERVIEW] Richard Lipman, Montreal Psychologist On Why Entrepreneurs Should Look After Their Mental Health

Richard Lipman, a psychologist in private practice in Montreal, says studies have found that entrepreneurs self-report on mental health conditions like depression, substance abuse and anxiety disorders more than the general population.

How To Be Successful By Turning Away Customers

Just being a better version of a competitor isn't enough. Instead, a company must differentiate. According to freelance marketer and co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks, Fred Perrotta, you must turn away some customers.

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Business Diversity

The employment of women and minorities still lags well behind the proportion of the population in many key industries. Heather Landau, founder of Start An American shares a few methods businesses can use to improve the diversity of their staff, and work towards greater long-term gains and a more accepting and comfortable work environment.

Going Global: Five Tips For Singapore Startups Looking To Market Beyond Local Shores

What are the secret ingredients needed to take your company beyond Singapore’s shores? With the acceleration of globalisation, it is unlikely that the ingredients in the recipe that may have been have used just 10 years ago would be the right ones required for international expansion today, asserts Jason Humphries, co-founder of Suu Balm

Are You Living For The Weekends? Tactics to Help You Turn TGIF into TGIM

If you're one of the many Americans who live for the weekends and dread Mondays, you may think that it'll always be this way. Peter K. Studner begs to differ. Here, he shares proven tactics to help you breathe new life into your career and (yes!) thank God for Mondays.

Three Advertising Techniques With The Power Of Change

The sheer number of marketing techniques available to the modern company can be overwhelming. Here are three methods with proven results.

3 Reasons Leaders Can’t Keep An Open Mind

Keeping an open mind unfortunately is a concept utterly disregarded by many individuals in leadership positions throughout the corporate world today, asserts business and management consultant Brian Ray, who is the author of "Revelations Incorporated".

Six Ways Retailers Can Perform Spring Cleaning

Retailers can greatly benefit from spring cleaning - “Out with the old, and in with the new” - ensuring they shift their offerings to provide their customers something new while addressing consumers’ needs for the upcoming season as well. Nikole Haiar, Director of Marketing at Hostway Services, Inc. shares some ways to do so.