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5 Hidden Costs Office Tenants Should Be Aware of

If you own a small business and are looking to upgrade your workspace from the kitchen table to an actual office, it’s time to asses your budget and start looking at space. Keep these five hidden costs in mind as you research spaces and read through potential contracts.

Eight Subscription Companies Worth Watching:  Why They Are Growing And What They’re Doing Right 

The best subscription companies don't just thrive; they excel at solving an ongoing problem for subscribers and help them achieve their goals. Membership Economy expert Robbie Kellman Baxter weighs in on some of the most interesting subscription brands today and shares insights on why they are successful.

Love And Giving Aren’t Green: Startups & Corporate Social Impact

CEO of Talk Session Melissa Thompson says an important lesson she learned and continue to develop is the need to establish process and foundation for social impact early on in companies - no matter the stage of the venture.

Prima Deli Gets No Favours From Local Press

  Not only does Prima Deli continues to remain shut throughout this lucrative festive season as it cleans up over the salmonella poisoning incident, the...

When Professional Becomes Personal

  It's true and I found it out the hard way - that Singaporeans don't take kindly to criticism, however well-intended. One of my colleagues, who...

5 Tips For Turning Your Inventions Into Marketable Products 

An invention without a market is worth the price of rocks. Why spend time and money developing something and getting all the kinks out of it if nobody wants to buy it, argues Nigel Parker, founder and CEO of RashEndZ Inc.

Apple Pay Brings Promise of POS Security for Some Businesses, Doubt for Others

America is becoming all too weary of the lack of safety and reliability of both credit cards and POS systems — and for good reason. Some experts, however, think Apple’s new “Apple Pay” feature may put an end to such system intrusions.

The Psychology Of Receiving Money

By shifting people’s mindsets from what is wrong with them to what is right, they are able to identify and create income streams they were never able to see before and increase their earnings. Susanna Mittermaier, author of "Pragmatic Psychology", explains.

4 Ways Learning A New Language Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Maloy Burman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Premier Genie identifies the four ways mastering another language will help you run your business more efficiently and for you to be a better entrepreneur overall.

Faster, Smaller, Cheaper: A Time Of Great Change (Or Not)?

We are not today living in a period of rapid change, but we may be in the near future. Are our businesses ready, or will they end up like the buggy whip manufacturer’s after the car replaced the horse-drawn wagon, asks Jim Dewald, author of "Achieving Longevity: How Great Firms Prosper Through Entrepreneurial Thinking" .

What Marketers Can Learn From Road Safety Campaigns

Great campaigns have one thing in common — it's the way their stories are told. Marketers can be great storytellers. If people can relate well to your core message, the material becomes significant, unforgettable, and becomes a source of inspiration, says Pierre de Braux of Spiralytics, Inc.

5 Signs Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

Entrepreneurship is an expensive ticket to unbelievably high highs, ridiculous low lows, and you must have blue steel nerves to handle both extremes. Angela Civitella, founder of INTINDE shares the five signs that entrepreneurship is not for you.

5 Ways To Boost Holiday Sales This Season

As consumers continue to shift their holiday shopping from the Friday to the Monday after Thanksgiving, it is obviously extremely important for small businesses to strategize how they are going to capitalize on this potential influx of buy-happy consumers. Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO and founder of Blue Fountain Media offers 5 strategies small businesses can take to take advantage of the holiday shopping opportunity.

How Not To Kill A Good Idea: 4 Secrets From Inside Improv Comedy  

Norm Laviolette, author of "The Art of Making Sh!t Up" shares some ways to apply the techniques of improv to successfully come up with good ideas that can lead to innovation.

Entrepreneurial Evolution Will Occur During Long-Term Economic Environment

Entrepreneurs who are serious about their commitment to capitalistic self-drive need to recognize the correlation between the economy of today and tomorrow, and the natural world, says Kevin Kaiser of Startup Biz Blog

How To Grow A Company Without Venture Capital

Taking VC money is a dangerous game and can be addictive. Sure, VC cash can boost your business to new heights, but it also reduces your equity in the company, forces you to focus on company valuation, and provides a false sense of financial security, warns Keith Smith, co-founder and CEO of Payability.

An Introduction To The Importance Of E-Learning

Everyone learns in different ways. There’s an important role for elearning to play in helping employees participate in additional learning opportunities and essentially, get better at their jobs. Ryan O’Connell, Director of GLAD Solutions shares more.

Leadership Failure! What Will It Cost You?

by Keith Martino, head of CMI and author of "Expect Leadership" Mediocre Mike was a card shark. He lived for the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays were the...

The Worst Ways To Build A New Brand On Social Media

Building up a reputation and presence as a new brand is difficult. However, there is a right way to do this and a wrong way, says Manish Dudharejia, President and Founder of E2M Solutions Inc.

3 Ways To “Share Local” And Make Your Business Stronger

Local businesses are stronger together than alone.As you forge relationships with other local businesses, you all grow stronger by gaining access to the collective knowledge and power of each other, says Eric Groves, CEO and co-founder of Alignable.

The Smallest Things Can Kill Your Business

It's amazing how the smallest, totally unexpected thing can lead to a minor catastrophe like the one we almost experienced today. Things were humming along...

Disconnect From Email And Enjoy The Summer Season

Summer should be spent outdoors with friends and family - not in front of computer screens or glued to mobile phones, insists Aye Moah, Chief of Product at Boomerang.

What A Document Management Tool Can Do For You In 2018

Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet explores how a document management system can help automate workflow in the office, and a few of the key benefits this remarkable office asset offers.

A Smarter Planet? We Need Smarter People Too.

In November 2008 IBM announced its Smarter Planet initiative - how world leaders, change-makers and citizens can leverage information technology to improve the world's systems and processes.

3 Ways Health Insurers Can Win Over Millennial Small Business Owners

The health insurance industry has a long way to go in terms of gaining Millennials' business and trust. Sally Poblete, CEO of Wellthie shares three factors they should consider to appeal to convince Millennial decision-makers that health insurance is an important purchase.

Doom And Gloom For Small Businesses In Singapore; Buggered By Greedy Landlords And Hypocritical...

According to a Straits Times story, 131 small businesses in Singapore closed down last year - an increase of almost 25 percent over 2007, with...

Champing At The Bit: Can You Pay Your Workers In Bitcoin?

The single biggest advantage of bitcoin is its ease of use, but there are downsides and foundational problems to consider if you are interested in making bitcoin payment part of your compensation structure. Rich Meneghello, Adam Bridgers, and Benjamin Ebbink of Fisher Phillips looks at the issues.

The New Brainstorming: Six Principles To Redeem Group Ideation

When it comes to generating new ideas, here are six principles supported by what we know from research, as provided by from Stephanie Gioia, Director of Consulting at XPLANE.

Dishes To Make You Happy and Comfortable!

Strange English notwithstanding, the Japanese company that makes these stainless steel dishes do have their focus on the right thing. If you can't read...

Preparing For The Future Of Work

When it comes to the future of work, embrace digital transformation and remote work when they make sense for your company. But also focus on enabling human capital, says Louis Lehot.