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5 Things All Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Success from Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure: all entrepreneurs can all learn a few things about success and leadership from Donald Trump, says Steve Siebold, author of “How Rich People Think“. He looks at some ways Trump’s thought process, attitude and no holds barred style is a learning lesson for everyone in business.

“Belligerently Benign” Is Not An Oxymoron

While the history of belligerence is loaded with negativity the world would be a worse place if it were not for those few individuals and businesses who belligerently fought against the tide to achieve because they believed in better, argues Dr Geoff Crook, co-author of "The Dream Cafe: Lessons in the Art of Radical Innovation".

How To Motivate Your Employees To Save On Business Travel

Dan Ruch, founder and CEO of Rocketrip believes that consciously affecting positive change on a company's travel culture will help save more money and make employees happier. He offers these five steps to motivate cost-conscious travel.

Building A Culture Of Diversity In The Workplace

Company culture is a key factor in the talent selection process and plays an important part in the success and growth of major firms; but is 'culture fit' really the right answer to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, asks Patricia Reed, founder of Reed Estate.

Entrepreneurial Creativity

How does one begin to navigate problem-solving as an entrepreneur? Doug Patton, author of "Conquering the Chaos of Creativity", discusses the challenges of entrepreneurial creativity.

How Millennial Drive For Self-Improvement Supports Entrepreneurial Success

Whatever means you take on your journey, self-improvement makes a difference to your success as an entrepreneur because of the intuitive understanding that it’s about more than the business you’ve started.

How Learning A New Language Will Enhance Your Career Success

If you feel like your career growth has plateaued, take action by mastering a foreign language. Ray Blakney explains why you should do it.

The Power to Transform – Overcoming The Enemies of Learning

There are forces at work that are committed to making sure that you never learn. Chris Majer, author of "The Power to Transform: 90 Days to a New You", exposes a few of the more important ones along with strategies on how to deal with them.

How The Economic ‘Reset’ Can Work In Your Favor

The future of a “new economy” in the post-COVID world can be bright, opening doors for entrepreneurs, working professionals and small-to-medium business owners, argues Rod Robertson, Managing Partner of Briggs Capital.

Steve Jobs Managed From The Heart

While Steve Jobs is a business hero of mine whom I admire much, I think it is idiotic for anyone in business to deify...

Entrepreneurs: Tap Into The Golden Years For Golden Opportunities

One in seven Americans are at or older than retirement age. By 2060, the total number will climb to around 98 million — more than twice the number in 2013. This aging population should be seen as a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs.

What’s Old Is New: The Secret Of Innovation

How do you get a creative idea? This question matters more and more in the modern world, as things change fast and you adapt to new problems or see new opportunities.

Mentoring: Successful People Ask For It

A mentor is someone who shortens your professional learning curve by sharing advice based on their experience facing situations you are facing or will face down the road.

5 Tips For Marketing Your Store For Small Business Saturday

Now in its sixth year, Small Business Saturday, the holiday shopping day that falls between seasonal icons Black Friday and Cyber-Monday, is finally coming into its own. Nicole Larrauri, President of The EGC Group shares 5 tips for making the most of the Small Business Saturday, the day consumers are focused on supporting Main Street outlets like yours.

How To End Your Dependence On Credit Cards And Spend Wisely For The Holidays

George Williams III, founder and president of Williams Financial Group offers tips to avoid getting into debt – or more debt – during the holidays.

Finding Talent? Don’t Come To A Laser Beam Fight With A Shotgun

The sudden surge of people chomping at the bit to go out on their own provides an unprecedented opportunity for vertical talent marketplaces to grow exponentially over the next five years. 

Miracle-Minded Start-Ups: A Test Of Faith

Every entrepreneur faces a variety of “Yeah, buts.” There never seems to be the right time. John J. Murphy, author of The Miracle-Minded Manager" shares why what he calls miracle-minded management can lead to success.

Is Your Lack Of Discipline Costing You Money? 

Most people struggle to focus at work and pay the price with lower salaries. But successful businessman Paul G. Krasnow says when you cultivate self-discipline, there's no limit to your earning potential. Here's how to get started.

4 Tips For Blending 5 Generations Into The Same Workplace

Sue Hawkes, CEO of YESS! and author of "Chasing Perfection: Shatter The Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success" shares four tips on how business leaders can get employees in a multi-generational company to work well together through effective communication:

Will Smart Robots Take Your Job?

Artificial intelligence is the biggest discovery since fire according to Professor Edward D. Hess. As technology advances, more and more American jobs are in danger of being eliminated. Is your job at risk? Hess explains what you can do to become more employable as smart machines and robots become more prevalent in today's companies.

5 Benefits Leaders Will See With A New Mindset About Employee Accountability 

An accountability mindset change on the part of leaders is needed, insists Jennifer Long. She shares the benefits of adopting a relationships-first accountability mindset.

Why You Should Run Your City Like A Startup

City officials aren’t the only leaders that can benefit from an entrepreneurial approach, says Below are three reasons we run our city like a startup, and how your business can be successful doing the same

When Small Businesses Meet Big Opportunities

While SMEs may be driving economic growth, they’re doing it mainly from within their own borders. Could it be that exporting overseas is simply not worthwhile? Or is there actually a significant reservoir of untapped growth potential for SMEs? Raj Subramaniam, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, FedEx Services, ponders.

5 Companies That Could Become The Next Apple

Lewis Robinson looks at the five companies he believes are expected to become the next Apple in the near future.

These Seven Employee Behaviors May Well Predict Your Company’s Odds Of Survival

Too many companies keep their people trapped in the “old way” of working. If yours is one of them, you might not be around much longer. Ed Hess reveals seven key behaviors that are mission-critical for organizational success in the Digital Age — and a few red flags that show you might be in trouble.

How I Work Is As Important As What I Do. This Has Helped Me...

Building work spaces that honor living processes and relationships is essential to successful outcomes, says Libby Hoffman.

Why Diversifying Your Income Gives You More Opportunities In The Long Run

Henry Ma discuss several ways you can diversify your income and use it to unlock a greater number of future opportunities.

$4 Per Gallon Gas = Energy Innovation

Long lines at the gas pump weren’t the only product of the twin energy crises of the 1970s. A legislative push toward energy conservation and innovation were also born as a result. And that’s why Robert Brands believes the skyrocketing price of oil will do the same in 2011.

The Year Of The Quitter: Seven Things To Stop Doing In 2021

Instead of making new resolutions to add (and later discard) in the new year, Steve Cook says we should be focusing on what we want to subtract.

Soulful Leadership: Reimagining Leadership’s Purpose

The story of leadership today is one of serial crises with the meltdown occurring in virtually all organizations of civic society, ranging from government to education to healthcare, NGOs, and even religion. Dr. Gaurav Bhalla, CEO of Knowledge Kinetics and author of "Awakening a Leader's Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems" proposes a new narrative for reimagining leadership’s purpose - soulful leadership.