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Lessons From Dr. Dre And Apple’s Collaboration

You might not be Dr. Dre or a mega-company like Apple creating $3.2 billion dollar collaborations, but there are some very valuable lessons to be learned from this for any entrepreneur or business owner, says Topher Morrison, author of "Collaboration Economy".

Are Marketing Agencies Going To Survive The Freelancer Wave

The future of marketing agencies is uncertain as basic-marketing tasks are being carried out by business owners. With freelancers on the rise, it is difficult to say if the influx of marketing agencies is sustainable for years to come.

When Your Boss Is… Your Dad: 6 Tips For Navigating Fine Line Between Personal...

Phuong Uyen Tran, author of “Competing With Giants” offers 6 tips for cultivating relationships with family in business, whether your boss is your dad, your mom, your sibling or any other relative.

30 Ways To Be A More Engaged Citizen

Quint Studer, author of Building a Vibrant Community, says only citizen-powered change can fix struggling communities. Here are some ways you can do your part. 

The ABC Process For Ranking Team Players

Leveraging the “people piece” is essential to enhance a company’s performance advantage. Bruce Hodes, author of "Front Line Heroes", shares his “ABC” process designed to give your company both a people and a performance edge.

Why Today’s New Workers Lack Soft Skills

As youth grow into adults and start entering the workplace, basic life skills like face-to-face communication has not been in their repertoire. Warren Wright, author of "Second Wave Millennials: Tapping the Potential of America's Youth", believes this lack of soft skills is a problem.

Do Well By Doing Good

Bill Novelli, author of "Good Business" argues that one can do well - creating economic and financial success for yourself and your company or organization - by doing good.

When It Rains, It Pours: The State Of Start Up And Expansion Capital In...

With banks are growing more risk averse, and friends and family less motivated to make initial supporting investments during this difficult period, raising start up capital has gotten more challenging. Galiano Tiramani, co-founder of Boxabl shares his thoughts.

Assessing Growth Disconnects: Why 90 Percent Of Startups Fail

How do you prepare for the unexpected and avoid the common strategy-to-execution disconnects that stand as an obstacle between where you are and where you want to be?

Punishment In The Workplace: When, Why, And How?

If you want to achieve at the highest level, if you want to make the upside unlimited or nearly so, if you don’t want to put a cap on people’s performance, you have to find a way to reward them for it. If you need a minimum standard, negative reinforcement can get you there, but you’re creating a ceiling, says Mackenzie Kyle, author of "The Performance Principle".

What Will The Post-Pandemic Leader Look Like?

As the economy moves into recovery, your leadership muscles will be taxed in ways they never have been before, says Ed Hess. Here are nine skills you’d better start honing now.

Six Simple Ways To Master Inner Peace In 2021

Hang on, leaders: 2021 plans to be a wild ride. If you’re to operate at the top of your game, Ed Hess says you need to cultivate Inner Peace. Here are a few tips for getting started.

Putting People First Can Help You Discover What’s Possible

Ross Morel, CEO of Frogslayer - a custom software development and digital innovation firm - shares his experience of building his company around people.

How Audience Testing Can Help Ensure The Success Of Your Business Name

Audience testing is a great way to see beyond your own mind and get an idea of how others respond to your ideas. This invaluable feedback can grant peace of mind and help you choose a business name with confidence, shares Grant Polachek, Director of Marketing at

Here To ‘Stay’: Business Lodging Sector Finds New Life During Pandemic

Extended stays have not only established themselves as a fantastic option for safety-concerned travelers but have shown potential for profit and growth while much of the hospitality industry have been struggling. 

Entrepreneurial Creativity

How does one begin to navigate problem-solving as an entrepreneur? Doug Patton, author of "Conquering the Chaos of Creativity", discusses the challenges of entrepreneurial creativity.

[Interview] Thomas Kane, Chicago Executive, Managing Director at Merrill Private Wealth Management

As a supporter of a number of local causes, Thomas Kane helps advocate and raise money for organizations around Chicago. He shares why one’s contributions really do matter.

3 Reasons High Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

It’s time for high schools to catch up to the needs of their students and make entrepreneurship part of the curriculum. Entrepreneurial consultant and speaker Wheeler del Torro explains why.

Are You Bringing Your Best Self To Work?

What does your Best Self at work look like? Edward D. Hess, author of “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change“ highlights the seven behaviors that exemplify your Best Self.

Three Ways To Make The 4AM Club Work For You

The benefits of an extremely early morning routine have been touted by so many self-made celebrities that the “4 AM Club” has become a part of the public vernacular. Judith Nowlin, Chief Growth Officer with Babyscripts says it's worked for her.

A Message To Covidpreneurs: No, They Won’t Steal Your Idea

The chance of someone stealing your idea is so low it's almost the same percentage as the chance you will win an Oscar, insists Samuel Sanders, author of "Your Next Big Idea".

The Characteristics Of A Global Leader

Global business leaders need to provide conscious leadership that is supported by courage and compassion for the well-being of their company and the world.

Evaluating The Viability Of AI In The Workplace

Leaders should deploy AI in the workplace when they feel confident that the systems reflect their organizations’ cultural beliefs, add value to the customer, employee experiences and productivity.

How Remote Work Lends Itself To Reshaping The Back Office

Nobody had a plan for the entire accounts processing team to be out of the office indefinitely, muses Kim Lockett, Vice President of Customer Success and Services for Nvoicepay. She looks at how AP teams have adjusted during this period.

Sustainable Commerce: 3 Ways To Reinvent Your Business

Retailers have come to realize that sustainability measures are unavoidable as they will be imposed by new regulations and a growing number of eco-conscious consumers, argues Ivan Kot, Customer Acquisition Director and IT Solution Manager at Itransition.

Groupon’s Business Model From A Different Angle

Contributor Rama Muamaya of ponders on how a startup’s business model should be flexible and how it relates to a customer’s and your own company’s profit.

Eleven Elements That Must Intersect To Create A Vibrant Community 

Why local government and smart planning are just the beginning.

A Timeless Lesson You Can Learn From Benjamin Franklin

Mladen Pupovac, founder and CEO of Web Marketing Hub, looks some 300 years into the past in an attempt to learn from Benjamin Franklin, an author, businessman, scientist, inventor, activist and politician widely regarded as one of the most colorful and influential characters in American history.

Not Just A Buzz Phrase: How Disney’s Mission Drives Its Continuing Success

The strength of an organization rests not only on the power of its mission but also its mission statement — to bring everyone together around common objectives. That’s something Disney’s leadership understands well, argue Michael G. Goldsby and Rob Mathews, authors of "Entrepreneurship the Disney Way".

3 Reasons The Remote Work Trend Is Here To Stay

Remote work is here to stay and will be a key differentiator for organizations who want to build the best teams with the best talent from around the world, says Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs, co-founders of Gig Talent.