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Ten Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Like Sex



This is the companion list to “Ten Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Like Marriage”, for some lazy and light-hearted weekend reading.

Ten Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Like Sex

1. Protection is important. Poor planning can lead to potential problems.

2. You come away from it utterly exhausted, and (some of the time, at least) satisfied.

3. You need a smoke after.

4. You need to experiment a lot before finding the best way to keep everyone happy.

5. Bad experiences can leave a sour taste in your mouth.  In some cases, in more ways than one.

6. The Singapore government tells you the right way to do it.  In fact, it fines you if you do it wrong.

7. There are heaps of guide books out there, but nothing beats theory as much as practice.

8. Both are driven by passion. Occasionally, it is driven by money.

9. Once you’ve done it, you’re no longer a virgin.

10. You want to do it again and again. And again.

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