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Saying No To Your Dream


I just turned down an opportunity to join a start-up company.  I know, it sounds like it goes against what I stand for (especially at a time where I’m looking out for opportunities). But hear me out.

I was approached by a couple of acquaintances who have plans to start a lifestyle consultancy, who believed that my PR and marketing experience (not that I’m overflowing with it) would stand the company in good stead.  The business sounds promising – the concept is good, and the owners have the requisite experience to carry the company’s growth for at least the next two years.

So why did I turn them down?

One reason I – painfully – pointed out to them that they really don’t need me at this stage when the company is in its infancy. Some starting entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to get too many parties on board at the start.  Many heads may be better than one, but too many cooks also spoil the broth. In addition, the business can comfortably support two at the start, but three may have been a stretch.

Another reason was that, for personal reasons, I need job security and steady finances at this point of time.

Thankfully, they fully understood.

I’ll be taking up an advisory role instead.


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