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Not All Product Innovation Should Be A Technological One



bus floor

bus seats

Can I ask iris why our buses are falling apart? Between peeling floorboards and deteriorating interiors, travelling on some SBS Transit buses is getting increasingly uncomfortable.  And don’t tell me the floorboard popped out overnight.

The newly-introduced ask iris service is a double-edged sword. Knowing when your bus is going to arrive is a nice-to-have (but not a must-have). In fact, knowing that the next bus is some 30 minutes away is just as frustrating as not knowing when it’ll arrive. I applaud the bus service for the effort, but not all product innovation should be a technological one.

My advice to SBS Transit is – fix and renovate your buses first. Put your money where your mouth is.  Your core business is not information technology. Providing your commuters with a comfortable ride from Point A to Point B is.


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